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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Archive for the 'Google News' Category

Seer Interactive Shares Post-Google Algorithm Update Action Plan

Every Google search update aims at offering a better search experience to its users. And it brings newer challenges to optimize your content for the SERPs.Seer Interactive contributor Emily Goss has published an article highlighting a post-Google algorithm update action plan.Goss says, “Whenever there’s an update of any capacity, it’s important to have a plan of action. It’s imperative that you understand the steps to diagnose whether or not your site has been affected, and come up with a strategy to either mitigate losses or capitalize on gains. Here’s a simple 3-step process... [...]

Is Google E-A-T Actually a Ranking Factor? [Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video titled ‘Is Google E-A-T Actually a Ranking Factor?’ featuring Cyrus Shepard.In this video Shepad talks about the Google ranking factors and how the new E-A-T update has affected them.The MOZ team says, “Many SEOs agree that showing expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in your site content is important to ranking well. But why is that, exactly? Is it because Google E-A-T is an actual ranking factor, or is it something else? In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus Shepard explores whether it can be considered a true ranking... [...]

BuzzFeed on The Future of AMP and What to Consider Before Google Lifts the Top Stories Requirement, June 18 [Live Session]

Search Engine Land is hosting a live event titled ‘BuzzFeed on the future of AMP and what to consider before Google lifts the Top Stories requirement’ featuring Matt Dorville, SEO manager at BuzzFeed on Thursday, June 18, 2020.Kathy Bushman says, “The conversation will cover the factors to consider before making any changes to your AMP strategy, challenges and opportunities that publishers may face when the switch occurs, and whether the framework itself will survive the change.The chat will take place at 1 p.m. EDT and we will allow up to 100 people into the meeting to experience... [...]

Is Google PageRank Still Important?

PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. Quality and authentic content helps you to achieve higher PageRank and grow your SEO ranking.SEMrush contributor Erika Varagouli has published an article citing the reasons why Google PageRank matters in 2020.Varagouli says, “Step back in time ten years, and PageRank was the SEO metric that everyone talked about.If you have been working in the industry for more than a few years, you will undoubtedly remember the excitement that came when you heard that there had been an update to the PageRank... [...]

Understanding ‘Sessions’ in Google Analytics [Article]

Google Analytics platform helps you to analyze your website performance and take required measure to improve its performance.Practical Ecommerce contributor Armando Roggio has published an article titled ‘Understanding ‘Sessions’ in Google Analytics’ to help you understand ‘sessions’ element in Google Analytics.Roggio says, “The word “session” in an English dictionary reads something like “a period of time devoted to a particular activity.” It could be, for example, an individual working on a specific task or goal.Google Analytics uses the term “session”... [...]

How to Use Advanced Features in Google Analytics [Video]

By correctly using Google Analytics platform you can learn about the performance of your marketing campaigns and make required changes for better results.Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How to Use Advanced Features in Google Analytics’ to help you enhance your marketing with advanced Google Analytics features.He says, “Today in SEO Unlocked we’re going to be going over Google Analytics part two. In other words, I’m going to help you master Google Analytics and got into some of the nitty-gritty details that you need to know to really succeed”.Watch the... [...]

Google Smart Shopping: How It’s Different from Standard Shopping Campaigns [Video]

Search Engine Land has published a new video ‘Google Smart Shopping: How it’s different from standard Shopping campaigns’ featuring Mike Ryan.says, “During our Google Shopping session of Live with Search Engine Land, Ryan shared some of the pros and cons of the newer Smart Shopping campaign type compared to Google’s standard Shopping campaigns.Smart Shopping campaigns use machine learning to automate bidding and serve product listing ads across the Google Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail, making it a good option for newer advertisers or those that don’t... [...]

SEO for Amazon & the Future of Non-Traditional Search

Conductor Blog contributor AJ Kieffer has published a new article titled ‘SEO for Amazon & the Future of Non-Traditional Search’.In this article, Kieffer highlights how Amazon is rising as the go-to search engine for product searches and how it is gaining on Google in search.He says, “Will Amazon replace Google as the go-to search engine? Not yet. But the e-tailing giant has seen a dramatic rise in search volume in recent years. In 2015, Google accounted for 54 percent of product-focused searches, compared with 46 percent on Amazon. By 2018, customer behavior evolved and... [...]

Google Merchant Center Tips: Supplemental Feeds and Feed Rules [Video]

Search Engine Land’s George Nguyen has published a new video ‘Google Merchant Center tips: Supplemental feeds and feed rules’ featuring Ginny Marvin.Watch this video to maximize your visibility in Google Shopping by.Nguyen says, “The closure of non-essential businesses has driven consumers online for their retail needs, resulting in Black Friday-levels of traffic as well as double and triple-digit sales growth in April in some sectors. During that same month, Google opened up its Shopping search results to free listing after eight years as an ads-only product, giving... [...]

‘Employee Advocacy is Out, Employee Influencer Is In’ Webinar July 9 [Webinar]

Creating and securing new influencers who can promote your business is a great way to grow your business. Strong influencers can help you to drive more business revenue.PostBeyond is hosting a webinar ‘Employee Advocacy is Out, Employee Influencer Is In’ on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 2.00 pm ET.The PostBeyond says, “In today’s digital world, your brand’s best influencers are your own employees.Employees are an extension of your brand identity and a powerful source for engagement and influence. While employee advocacy programs have emerged, the concept of employee influencers... [...]