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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Archive for the 'Google News' Category

Google Announces New Predictive Capabilities for Google Analytics

Steve Ganem, Senior Product Manager, Google Analytics has announced the availability of new predictive capabilities in the Google Analytics platform.The new Google Analytics features will enable webmasters to analyze customer activity with predictive metrics and reach predictive audiences in Google Ads.Ganem says, “Google Analytics helps you measure the actions people take across your app and website. By applying Google’s machine learning models, Analytics can analyze your data and predict future actions people may take. Today we are introducing two new predictive metrics to App + Web... [...]

Google Analytics for Small Businesses [Podcast]

John Jantsch has published a new episode of Duct Tape Marketing podcast ‘Google Analytics for Small Businesses’. Listen to this episode to learn how you can use Google Analytics to improve your business decisions.He says, “Today’s topic is Google Analytics, one of my favorite items to talk about. It isn’t the sexiest topic, I know. But it’s an important one. Closing the loop on your marketing investment, on your channels, on your customer engagement, those are important. This allows you to focus, to spend less money, and to invest in what really works”.Listen and... [...]

Google’s Rich Results Test is Out of Beta

Google has announced that its Rich Results Test is out of beta now and it fully supports all Google Search rich result features.According to Google, Rich results are experiences on Google Search that go beyond the standard blue link. They’re powered by structured data and can include carousels, images, or other non-textual elements.The Google Webmaster team says, “Here are some reasons the new tool will serve you better:It shows which Search feature enhancements are valid for the markup you are providingIt handles dynamically loaded structured data markup more effectivelyIt... [...]

‘Employee Advocacy is Out, Employee Influencer Is In’ Webinar July 9 [Webinar]

Creating and securing new influencers who can promote your business is a great way to grow your business. Strong influencers can help you to drive more business revenue.PostBeyond is hosting a webinar ‘Employee Advocacy is Out, Employee Influencer Is In’ on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 2.00 pm ET.The PostBeyond says, “In today’s digital world, your brand’s best influencers are your own employees.Employees are an extension of your brand identity and a powerful source for engagement and influence. While employee advocacy programs have emerged, the concept of employee influencers... [...]

Bill Slawski on How Google Might Rank Image Search Results

Google continues to update its search engine algorithm for providing better search experience to its users. The recurring changes bring variation in how the search engine would rank your content.SEO by the Sea’s Bill Slawski has published an article titled ‘How Google Might Rank Image Search Results’.Slawski says, “As I was going through a new patent application from Google on ranking image search results, I decided that it was worth including what I used to look at when trying to rank images.Images can rank highly in image search, and they can also help pages that they... [...]

How Google creates human-first mobile experiences [Video]

The Think with Google team has published a new video titled ‘How Google creates human-first mobile experiences’ to share how the company treats data.The TWG team says, “In this episode of our video series The Update, Natalie Zmuda, global executive editor of Think with Google, talks to Marvin Chow, VP of consumer apps marketing at Google, about how brands can put their customers first and deliver great mobile experiences. They talk about how Google balances data with empathy to deliver relevant, helpful experiences across channels”.Watch the video here.Think with Google [...]

Rand Fishkin Shares Three Google Ranking Secrets

By achieving higher ranking in Google search, you can grow your chances to boost your business success. Rand Fishkin has shared three secrets to achieving higher ranking in Google search.Fishkin says, “Years ago, one might reasonably separate the elements of Google’s results into distinct entities: Google News, Books, Videos, Images, Local… But today it’s near-impossible. The list of elements Google might show for a given query are so vast and varied that at the macro-level there’s really only three kinds of search results that matter:1) Google-owned properties and answers (where... [...]

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Google Penalty’

Google continues to update its algorithms for the past few years. These algorithm updates are aimed at giving users the best possible answers to their search queries and provide good user experience (UX).Google penalizes the websites that violate Google’s guidelines.Rank Ranger contributor Liraz Postan has shared an article on Google Penalty and how to recover if you have received a penalty.Postan says, “If you know anything about Google as a search engine, you know that it’s anything but static. Over the years, Google has consistently made changes to its platform to give users... [...]

Guide to Linking Google Ads and Analytics in Different Accounts

Hallam’s Jack Brown has published a step-by-step guide to linking Google ads and analytics in different accounts.Brown says, “Google Ads conversion tracking allows you to see how your campaign is performing in line with your business goals, but by linking Google Ads to Analytics you will be able to import Goals configured in Analytics as a conversion.In addition, it becomes possible to see how many people have visited your site from your adverts, which pages they visited, the amount of time they spent on your website, and where they exited your website. This will paint a better picture... [...]

Mining Google Patents for SEO Gems [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new In Search podcast episode ‘Mining Google Patents for SEO Gems’ featuring Bill Slawski.Mordy Oberstein says, “SEO legend Bill Slawski joins us today for a sweeping look at what patents tell us about Search! We’re getting into:How to approach a Google patentWhy the information within patents is incredibly important to doing SEOWhat trends the patents have revealed about what Google is looking for”.Listen to this podcast and learn:How Google is Making It Tougher Than Ever to Reach Broad AudiencesHow to Analyze Google Patents to Unlock... [...]