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Monday, February 24, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Trends ’ Category

Intent Marketing, Then and Now [Article]

Business 2 Community contributor Brett House has published an article ‘Intent Marketing, Then and Now’ highlighting how Internet marketing has changed over time. Brett says, “Marketing practices have always been determined by technology. Printing technology enabled the rise of popular newspapers in the mid-19th century, which allowed advertisers to target consumer audiences based on their […]

The Growing Connection between Social Media and SEO

Even though we’re halfway through 2019, many businesses are still looking for the right strategy to get ahead of the competition and reach more customers. Over the past few months (even years), digital marketing has shown no signs of stopping or slowing down. In addition to businesses that are run completely online, offline businesses are […]

9 Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2019 [On Demand Webinar]

The IBM team has made available the ‘9 Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2019’ webinar on demand. The following are the webinar speakers: Loren McDonald, Program Director, Marketing Research, IBM Watson Marketing Jae Lee, Global Product Marketing, IBM Watson Marketing Jonathan Chang, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Watson Marketing Alexandra Sardarian, Worldwide Product Marketing, IBM […]

2019’s Important Marketing Trends

The new year is here and most of us have already prepared our strategies to win more in the coming time. Learning about what may happen around can always help us plan out our marketing campaigns. Entrepreneur contributor Chidike Samuelson has shared three important marketing trends we may expect in the coming days. One of […]

What will happen to ‘voice’ in 2019?

“Hey Siri,” “Alexa!” and “Okay, Google” which were once some kind of amazement, have become a part of several people’s lives today.  The voice technology has changed the way we access information today. A HubSpot report has analyzed the present use of voice search and has tried to put together some statistics to tell us what […]

Forbes’ list of marketing trends For CMOs & entrepreneurs in 2019

The Forbes contributor Billee Howard has shared a list of five marketing trends for the CMOs and entrepreneurs for the year 2019. Howard says, “As plans get underway for 2019, what follows are the top 5 things senior marketers and entrepreneurs should be aware of as we inch closer to the new year:  We have […]

HubSpot’s Guide to Marketing Trends in 2018

HubSpot’s Allie Decker has published the Guide to Marketing Trends in 2018 highlighting  the most important marketing trends of 2018. The guide focuses on general marketing trends, content marketing trends, search marketing trends and technology in marketing trends. Decker says, “Marketing refers to a wide range of activities that promote and advocate for a brand, so the […]

Forbes shares 5 marketing trends for 2019

Forbes contributor John Hall has shared five marketing trends to watch in 2019. Hall says, “At each of my last three keynote addresses, I was asked this simple question: “What do you think is going to happen with marketing in 2019?” It’s still only summer, but people are already trying to look ahead and see what’s around […]

Entrepreneur mag shares 2018’s trending marketing tactics

Entrepreneur contributor David Petersson has shared 3 trending marketing tactics in 2018. They are voice search, artificial intelligence (AI) and live video. Petersson says, “In January, Facebook’s algorithm update slammed brands that relied too much on the social media platform. And with the emergence of the GDPR, things are even harder for smaller publishers. Businesses must […]

Econsultancy lists marketing trends for Asia-Pacific in 2018

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has listed three marketing trends for Asia-Pacific in 2018. Rajeck says, “For many years, ecommerce in Asia-Pacific has languished behind the West. While regional consumers heard of the amazing benefits offered by Amazon Prime and the unparalleled customer service of Zappos, the experience with online retailers in Asia-Pacific seemed to be stuck […]