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Monday, September 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Chatbots for Marketing' Category

Have you observed these benefits of chatbots?

Chatbots have brought in more flexibility and freedom to the online businesses. With them marketers are able to stay in constant touch with their visitors and customers. Copyblogger columnist Sonia Simone has listed three benefits of using Chatbots. Simone says, “Maybe the creators of messaging platforms learned a few things from email, because the chat environment is amazingly resistant to spam. Chat users must explicitly agree to receive messages — which makes the chat environment look a lot less painful than the Hellmouth that is my email inbox at the moment. Even the father of permission... [...]

Using chatbots? Avoid these things.

Chatbots have been into the mainstream as most sites feature the technology to stay connected with their visitors. While using any technology to support communication, we should restrict the usage to a certain extent and chatbots are not exception. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared eight things your chatbot should never do. Gilliland says, “Chatbots have been massively hyped up over the past couple of years. Some people have suggested the technology will eradicate the use of apps, while others have claimed they will entirely eliminate customer service jobs. 1. Pretend to be... [...]

HubSpot shares results from a bot-managed Instagram account

Chatbots are evolving fast and those who are into social media marketing are trying to cash on them. Having a chatbot manage your social presence is a cheap and effortless way. HubSpot columnist Elijah Masek-Kelly has shared an experiment based on an Instagram account managed by a chatbot. Elijah says, “Doesn’t it feel like most people are falling a little too much in love with automation just because it’s faster and easier? Sure, automation can save you time and mitigate the grind associated with repetitive tasks. But does it produce better results? Can a bot truly be effective... [...]

Here’s something you should know about AI for marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved the marketing domains in a great manner. It helps marketers build personalized experiences and grow their business. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Stephen Upstone has published an article sharing useful information on leveraging AI for marketing. Upstone says, “Whenever artificial intelligence (AI) is mentioned in a business context, the conversation inevitably turns to the subject of chatbots. Chatbots are great business tools, from an ecommerce standpoint. Those developed by Fluid and North Face, for instance, can be used to replicate in-store... [...]

Why 2017 us the year of bots [HubSpot Video]

HubSpot team has posted a video interview with David Nelson focusing the popularity of bots in marketing domain.       Sophia Bernazzani says, “Before 2017, my notion of bots — and chatbots, specifically — was that they could only provide canned, basic responses before escalating to a human being. In short, I thought chatbots seemed, well, robotic, and they couldn’t get me the help I needed with a human touch. Now, of course, I know that chatbots are the future of marketing, and you might feel the same. More brands have started using chatbots for marketing,... [...]

Learn to build a Chatbot with this MOZ guide

In the recently popular marketing technologies chatbots have secured a strong place. Chatbots help marketers stay consistent in their social media marketing. If you are a social-savvy marketer, you should seriously consider chatbots to reach out more customers and expand your business. MOZ columnist Robin Lord has published a comprehensive guide to build chatbots. He has shared the complete code to help marketers build their own chatbots. Lord says, “Ever since I started investigating chat bots, I was particularly interested in finding out the answer to one question: What does it take for... [...]

7 Ways to increase engagement using chatbots

Chatbots are helping marketers automate their communications with the prospects and customers. Now you can also improve your social engagement using chatbots. Entrepreneur columnist Myrray Newlands has shared seven ways to use chatbots for boosting your engagement. Newlands says, “Once you’ve chosen your chatbot-building solution and have created your virtual assistant, you can start driving engagement. Engaging with your audience boils down to attracting their attention by providing something useful or amusing. Most of the time, you’ll want to aim for functionality, as it helps... [...]

Here’s HubSpot’s guide to designing Chatbot conversation

Chatbots are helping marketers and brands stay in touch with their prospects and customers and enhance their businesses. HubSpot’s Megan Conley has published a guide to designing a chatbot conversation that can help marketers converse with their customers.  Conley says, “No matter the amount of headlines you read proclaiming that it’s the “Year of Chatbots”, natural language processing technology is still early, and there will still be those bots that make you want to sling your phone against the wall. Besides, an entire lifetime of conversations has taught us to expect... [...]

11 Advantages of using chatbots for marketing

Chatbots are used extensively in marketing for staying in touch with prospects and customers on the social media. Within a short time of its introduction, chatbots have become quite popular. Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Murray Newlands has shared eleven advantages of using chatbots for marketing. Newlands says, “Chatbots are a valuable resource which can boost your overall sales and conversion metrics, yet implementing them into your strategy may not always be straightforward. Because of this, I’ve created an article to help you understand how chatbots can help increase your... [...]

Eight tips to build and use chatbots for marketing

If you use Facebook for marketing you are well aware of the power of chatbots. Building chatbots is one of the ways to enhance your social media marketing. HubSpot columnist Amanda Zantal-Wiener has shared eight ways to build and use chatbots. Amanda says, “There’s a vast range of chatbots. They can be rule-based, or powered by artificial intelligence (AI), both of which will drastically change the process of developing one. And if you’re looking to formulate your own chatbot strategy — from building the bot from scratch to promoting it and getting customers to use it — we’ve... [...]