Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and with the entry of chatbots to the web applications, the company-client communication has become even smoother.

ReadWrite contributor Vikash Kumar has published an in-depth article on how the AI-Chatbots are performing in different business environments.

Kumar says, “A salesperson, in general, requires performing several tasks at a time starting from offering a full-proof presentation to reporting for presales. Basically, it’s a time-consuming but necessary responsibility. Making use of digital assistance can drive short sale cycles. Sales can simply extract the most important details from the transcript and fire off a few short emails and move on to the next high-level task.

Chatbots & AI – Chocolate and Peanut butter

Chatbots are nothing but dedicated programs that employ machine learning and virtual intelligence (AI). Advancements in both fields, AI-powered virtual assistants can now learn independently and provide assistance to consumers without any additional human intervention. Also used as fantastic internal-facing tools, a high-end chatbot can help your business to a great extent.

One can easily speed up their internal business processes and create an efficient communication network for all professionals. Just by using an internal-facing bot. It is a safe bet to say that investing in AI-chatbots means there is no need to hire a professional. Other than this, chatbots can be integrated into a huge variety of channels, including Facebook Messenger and Slack”.

Meet the AI-Chatbot Bandwagon Which Shows no Sign of Slowing Down

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