Chatbots are here to revolutionize the ways brands communicate with their customers. This autonomous form of communication enables brands to improve their customer loyalty too.

Small Business Trends columnist Larry Kim has shared fifteen clues to helps businesses find out whether business is ready for chatbots.

Kim says, “Maybe you’re wondering if the time is right for chatbots for your business.

Is it Time to Look at Chatbots for Small Business?

Here, 15 signs it’s time to invest in a chatbot.

1. You have a Blog

A chatbot can function as a blog RSS blaster, giving your posts high visibility.

You can deliver them with push notifications on Facebook Messenger and get 8x the open rate of email!

2. You have an Email Marketing List

Chat blast in the same way you always have with the same benefits as email blasting — but in a more natural, familiar and engaging way”.

The 15 Biggest Clues Your Business is Ready for Chatbots

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