Building conversations with your prospects is the best way to convert them into your customers. Today we have chatbots to automatically engage the site visitors and answer their queries.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Syed Balkhi has shared four ways to integrate chatbots into the conversation marketing strategy.

Balkhi says, “If you’re ready to start making sales day and night, here are the leading ways to integrate chatbots into your conversion strategy.

Improve customer service.

Even if you don’t implement chatbots for any other reason, you need to implement them for customer service. Consumers these days are used to instant gratification; with the advanced technology that’s available to them 24/7, they’re accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it.

So, your customer service needs to be available  at all times. Furthermore, according to research in the Harvard Business Review, people are willing to pay higher prices for faster customer service. In the study, customers who received customer service in five minutes or less were willing to pay almost $20 more for the same service”.

How to Integrate Chatbots Into Your Conversion Strategy


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