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Friday, July 10, 2020

Archive for the 'Instagram Marketing' Category

How to Use Instagram Tagging for More Exposure [Video]

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram are the leading platforms with growing audience. With an effective promotional strategy and techniques, you can grow your online sales.Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Use Instagram Tagging for More Exposure’ featuring Jenn Herman.The SME team says, “Want your Instagram posts to be seen by more people? Are you using Instagram tags effectively? Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman explains how to strategically use three types of tags to create more exposure on Instagram.You’ll discover... [...]

How to Use Instagram as a Sales Funnel Without Ads [Podcast]

With right Instagram images and videos, you can create a strong marketing message and boost your sales.Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner  has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Use Instagram as a Sales Funnel Without Ads’ featuring Elise Darma.Stelzner says, “Wondering how to use Instagram for sales? Looking for ways to promote your products without using ads?To explore how to use Instagram as an organic sales funnel, I interview Elise Darma on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.Elise is an Instagram marketing expert who specializes in helping business... [...]

SociBot: new vigor for your Facebook and Instagram promotions #ad

SociBot is an automated social traffic and sales system for promoting your product or an affiliate product on Facebook and Instagram.It allows you to create highly profitable promotional contests on both platforms, and it automates a lot of the work. It helps you to engage, automate, convert, retarget and monetize your social media traffic, turning social media users into paying customers.SociBot is an advanced social media automation tool. If you’ve ever wanted to generate leads and sales passively, then this software is for you.It works by combining the power of engagement and automation,... [...]

How to Enhance Your Instagram Stories Video: Two Apps [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ”How to Enhance Your Instagram Stories Video: Two Apps’ featuring Instagram Stories expert Alex Beadon.The SME team says, “Want more editing options for your Instagram Stories video? Looking for apps to edit and produce creative Instagram Stories video?Instagram Stories expert Alex Beadon shares two third-party apps you can use to enhance Instagram Stories video.You’ll discover how to change the playback of speed of your video, add transitions between clips, apply effect filters, change the aspect ratio, and more.You’ll also... [...]

Instagram Algorithm And Your Content [Video]

By cultivating an in-depth understanding of the Instagram algorithm, you can create successful marketing campaigns.Sue B. Zimmerman has published a new video ‘Instagram Algorithm And Your Content (Hacks to Boost Your Posts)’ to help you improve your Instagram marketing performance.Zimmerman says, “The Instagram algorithm can be a great source of frustration when you are posting.You might be thinking, why do I get only get X amount of likes per post or only X views on my videos? One of the reasons might be that you are not working with the algorithm.When you take advantage... [...]

Free traffic sources with 3.5+ billion audience #ad

It warms a marketer’s heart to find good free traffic that has a sizeable portion of buyers.Neil Napier knows that feeling and has worked on a solution that pulls in traffic from the two top free traffic sources available.Here are the details: SociBot.With a pool of 3.5+ Billion users, Facebook™ and Instagram™ still remain the most productive free traffic source for marketers.Napier plans a webinar on Tuesday to share with you what he has found to work well in pulling in free traffic from these two behemoths.✓ How to attract more customers to grow your business without costly... [...]

Strategies to Convert More Instagram Traffic

Instagram is one of the most popular social platform that enables you to extend your reach and promote your products and services. With a strong Instagram marketing strategy, you can grow your traffic and convert more customers.Social Media Examiner’s Ann Smarty has shared three tips to help you increase your web traffic from Instagram.Smarty says, “Are you marketing products or services on Instagram? Are you looking for ways to improve your conversions from Instagram?In this article, you’ll discover three tips to improve the chances that people on Instagram will convert into... [...]

Three Ways to Get More Leads Using Instagram Stories

With  constantly rising user base, Instagram offers you an opportunity to grow your business online. With right Instagram Stories campaigns, you can enhance your sales.Social Media Examiner’s Alex Beadon has shared three ways to help you convert more leads using Instagram Stories.Beadon says, “Want to add an email signup link to your Instagram stories? Wondering how to access the swipe-up feature, even without having 10K followers?In this article, you’ll discover how to reach, warm up, and convert new leads into becoming email subscribers via Instagram Stories.#1: Leverage Your... [...]

How to Tag and Manage Instagram Branded Content [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Tag and Manage Instagram Branded Content’ featuring Jenn Herman to help you improve your Instagram marketing performance.The SME team says, “Want to partner with influencers and brands to create content on Instagram? Wondering how to best manage and assess your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram?Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman shows you how to set up Branded Content posts on Instagram and how to use Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager.You’ll learn the difference between Branded Content and Sponsored posts,... [...]

Five Tactics to Improve Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement rate represents the sum of the likes and comments that you receive per post, divided by the number of followers. According to Icon Square, the average Instagram engagement rate is 4.7%.Jeff Bullas has shared five Instagram marketing tips to improve your engagement rate.Bullas says, “In this blog, discover 5 top Instagram marketing tips to boost your strategy; you’ll find out:When and how to post on InstagramWhat to post for maximum engagementHow to leverage videos on InstagramHow to keep improving and optimizing your strategyWhen and how to post... [...]