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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Archive for the 'Chatbots for Marketing' Category

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing [Guide]

Facebook Messenger has approximately 1.3 billion active users. This big number creates a big marketing opportunity in digital marketing. You can enhance your customer base by connecting to the Messenger users.Medium contributor Larry Kim has published a free guide called ‘Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing’ to help you improve your social media marketing. Kim says, “If you want to supercharge your marketing and accelerate growth and revenue, you’ll love this guide.Let’s get started.What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?Messenger marketing is the act of marketing to your... [...]

‘Top 10 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Hacks of 2019’ Webinar 1.00 PM EDT [Webinar]

The MobileMonkey team is hosting a webinar on ‘Top 10 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Hacks of 2019’ on Thursday, June 6 at 1.00 PM EDT. Attend this training to learn the following:How to build uber-engaging Facebook Messenger blasts that get 70% open ratesHow to create drip automation for Messenger chat that gets 20% click-through ratesHow to massively grow your Facebook Messenger list and lead volumeHow to design a simple website chatbot that can increase conversions +50%How to use the new click-to-Messenger Ad format to decrease Facebook Ad costs and increase... [...]

Four Ways To Improve Your Marketing With Chatbots

Building conversations with your prospects is the best way to convert them into your customers. Today we have chatbots to automatically engage the site visitors and answer their queries. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Syed Balkhi has shared four ways to integrate chatbots into the conversation marketing strategy. Balkhi says, “If you’re ready to start making sales day and night, here are the leading ways to integrate chatbots into your conversion strategy.Improve customer service.Even if you don’t implement chatbots for any other reason, you need to implement them for customer... [...]

Four ways chatbots are making space in customer service

The chatbots have proved to be immensely useful to the brands as they have been able to stay in constant touch with their customers online. With advanced programming initiatives these bots are able to deliver the quality customer service to the customers in an effective manner.ReadWrite contributor Akansha De has shared four ways the chatbots are putting their mark in the customer service domain.De says, “The wonder of the chatbots allow us to remove expensive, cranky humans from customer interaction platforms and substitute them with perpetually enthusiastic robot friends. These friends... [...]

Strengthen your small business with these chatbots

Most brands have started using chatbots to improve their connections with the prospects and customers. Today chatbots play a vital role in delivering effective customer service, enhancing sales, offering details explanation to multiple clients at a time and so on.The Small Business Trends contributor Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead has listed eight chatbots that can help you improve your business performance.Gabrielle says, “Dubbed as a “unicorn hack” in marketing strategies, automated chatbots provide a number of marketing, operational efficiency and lead generation benefits to small... [...]

Learn how the AI-Chatbots are boosting the businesses

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and with the entry of chatbots to the web applications, the company-client communication has become even smoother.ReadWrite contributor Vikash Kumar has published an in-depth article on how the AI-Chatbots are performing in different business environments.Kumar says, “A salesperson, in general, requires performing several tasks at a time starting from offering a full-proof presentation to reporting for presales. Basically, it’s a time-consuming but necessary responsibility. Making use of digital assistance can drive short sale cycles. Sales can simply... [...]

Find out whether your business is ready for chatbots

Chatbots are here to revolutionize the ways brands communicate with their customers. This autonomous form of communication enables brands to improve their customer loyalty too.Small Business Trends columnist Larry Kim has shared fifteen clues to helps businesses find out whether business is ready for chatbots.Kim says, “Maybe you’re wondering if the time is right for chatbots for your business.Is it Time to Look at Chatbots for Small Business?Here, 15 signs it’s time to invest in a chatbot.1. You have a BlogA chatbot can function as a blog RSS blaster, giving your posts high... [...]

Have you observed these benefits of chatbots?

Chatbots have brought in more flexibility and freedom to the online businesses. With them marketers are able to stay in constant touch with their visitors and customers.Copyblogger columnist Sonia Simone has listed three benefits of using Chatbots.Simone says, “Maybe the creators of messaging platforms learned a few things from email, because the chat environment is amazingly resistant to spam.Chat users must explicitly agree to receive messages — which makes the chat environment look a lot less painful than the Hellmouth that is my email inbox at the moment.Even the father of permission... [...]

Using chatbots? Avoid these things.

Chatbots have been into the mainstream as most sites feature the technology to stay connected with their visitors. While using any technology to support communication, we should restrict the usage to a certain extent and chatbots are not exception.Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared eight things your chatbot should never do.Gilliland says, “Chatbots have been massively hyped up over the past couple of years. Some people have suggested the technology will eradicate the use of apps, while others have claimed they will entirely eliminate customer service jobs.1. Pretend to be... [...]

HubSpot shares results from a bot-managed Instagram account

Chatbots are evolving fast and those who are into social media marketing are trying to cash on them. Having a chatbot manage your social presence is a cheap and effortless way.HubSpot columnist Elijah Masek-Kelly has shared an experiment based on an Instagram account managed by a chatbot.Elijah says, “Doesn’t it feel like most people are falling a little too much in love with automation just because it’s faster and easier?Sure, automation can save you time and mitigate the grind associated with repetitive tasks. But does it produce better results?Can a bot truly be effective... [...]