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Saturday, March 28, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Ads ’ Category

Ryan Milligan releases “The Ultimate Facebook List-Builder” #ad

Milligan has made a good living from marketing on Facebook for some time now. He found methods of marketing both affiliate products and his own on Facebook that pay him well. Apparently, others haven’t noticed this process. He says his students and the only others he has seen apply them. Facebook makes an ideal marketing […]

“WP Easy Fan Pages” Creates Professional Fan Pages For Your Products or For Your Clients #ad

WP Easy Fan Pages is a plugin that makes creating a Facebook Fan Page so easy you or I could do it, even if we have no tech skills. If you are looking for a way to build (or make changes to) a fan page whenever you like and not have to upload files every […]

Alex Jeffreys dramatically lowers the price on his “Marketing with Alex” course #ad

For years Alex Jeffreys has been a millionaire marketer. He has coached many others how to become successful marketers along with him. His recorded coaching program normally sells for $997. But for a short time, he is offering it at only $27. Each year he opens up membership for a few days, at the $997 […]

$3,000 a Month in 30 Minutes a Day… for the rest of your life #ad

Igor Kheifets says it is possible. He says he is doing it and will show you how. However, there are some “catches”: You need to have a mailing list available to you You need to invest some money to start, about $300 You need to have 30 minutes a day to work on the business […]

New WordPress theme designed for Niche Marketers #ad

If your blog is used for marketing, check out Tantan’s new theme for a professional and unique blog look in a package that is flexible and easy to use. You have many options that go way beyond changing colors and header images. This flexibility will make you fall in love with this theme. Your site […]

How Alex Jeffreys Builds his Mailing List and Uses it to Drive his Business #ad

In this recorded Interview with a Millionaire, Alex Jeffreys explains the secrets of building a mailing list so you can build your business. The care and feeding of your customer list is critical to the maintenance of your business. You don’t want to over-market to your list, but you don’t want them to feel lonely […]

Rob Maggs announces “Power Ping FM Poster”-puts your site into Google’s First Page Rankings #ad is a free site that distributes your posts to up to 30 various web 2.0 platforms. Rob Maggs’s new tool automates your work with Ping.FM. You do the work once. His tool spins it and posts to Ping.FM, which then forwards it to the major properties it works with. PingFM Poster is easy to […]

Why outdated methods of attracting customers are costing local businesses time, money and lost sales #ad

Businesses that exploit the power of QR Codes can dominate their local market. Mark Geisler introduces The QR Factor to show how. QR Codes are the leading edge in Sales and Customer Generation. The odds are that no one in your Community is offering this to Local Business In The QR Factor you’ll learn exactly […]

Dani Wija releases his new, powerful Amazon Review WordPress Theme, the “Cinemax” theme #ad

This theme makes it easy to display Amazon products on your affiliate blog. It’s particularly suited for DVDs and home movie equipment. Use it on as many sites as you like and even use it to build sites to sell. Learn all about The Cinemax Theme here.

You’ve never seen a site builder like this- csvSiteBuilderPRO #ad

With csvSiteBuilderPRO you build your website by creating a spreadsheet. Huh? That’s right, you just fill in some fields in a spreadsheet and the system automatically builds your site. It couldn’t be easier. Here is what you get in csvSiteBuilderPRO: An easy to follow hands-on guide that walks you through each step. Complete “website in […]