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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Archive for the 'Marketing Automation' Category

If your customers are business people, sell on LinkedIn #ad

Some marketers says it is almost impossible to market on LinkedIn. Why? Well it’s primarily due to limitations that the LinkedIn managers have placed on what marketers can do with their premium membership capabilities and the costs of using that platform.But you can’t afford to just walk away from it. LinkedIn is made for professionals, people who are getting along well in the business world. As a result, almost everyone on LinkedIn can afford to consider buying your clients’ product or service.However, this is an issue for small marketers, who provide their services to small and... [...]

3 types of campaigns big brands (and IM gurus) use to get customers #ad

Learn from marketing legend Frank Kern as he shares his 3 favorite campaigns for selling products online.In Kern’s new video, you’ll see the three types of campaigns that all big brands (and big names) use to bring in customers. Kern’s Top Three Campaigns.There are really only three types that make a difference in your online success. This video shows you exactly how to deploy them in your own business.Here’s a hint about how these campaigns are deployed by the big companies:• Have you ever waited in line to get something from Apple? Then you have experienced this... [...]

Improve your Twitter marketing with CinchTweet, just released #ad

Cindy Donovan has just released an Artificial Intelligence Twitter marketing tool called CinchTweet.Your Twitter account has the potential to be a powerful free marketing tool because it lets you build your audience. Now, with Donovan’s new software, you can connect with that audience in an automated way, but without looking like a robot.CinchTweet offers you:■ Relationship Building @Conversation Starters■ Simple Call to Action Tweets■ Location Based Tweets■ Smart Personalised Follow Suggestions■ Personalised Messages to each audience member■ Custom Search Dates, so you... [...]

Fast Traffic Bot brings in free traffic & subscribers #ad

Automation is a key ingredient for a growing business. For the next 3 days, you have an opportunity to automate the process of building traffic to your website.After all, your most precious resource is your time. Automating work tyou would otherwise need to spend time on is the key to increasing your effectiveness.And since better traffic is the key to increasing your sales, that’s a good place to starting your automation.Jeff Alderson and Eric Holmlund have developed Fast Traffic Bot to assist in increasing the traffic to your site.Fast Traffic Bot uses the power of safelists to build... [...]

Last-min invite: Marketing Automation Success Summit today #ad

It’s just a few hours (maybe, just minutes) until kick-off for theMarketing Automation Success Summit at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.Claim your spot right now so you don’t miss a thing. Grab your free ticket here​: ​Marketing Automation Success Summit.The summit host, Liam Austin, has a track record of producing some informative summits, and this is not going to be an exception…Liam has handpicked the 30+ speakers to make sure he only shares the very best teaching with us. These are the automation strategies that have helped build multimillion dollar companies. You’ll be learning... [...]

Maximize your marketing productivity with automation #ad

The Marketing Automation Success Summit, hosted by Liam Austin, starts tomorrow. The agenda is now final and the list of speakers is impressive.In the Summit, 30+ proven entrepreneurs and experts will share their step-by-step marketing automation strategies. They are sharing the very blueprints that have ​ ​grown their businesses into some of the best in the world.This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from names like:■ Neil Patel,■ Greg Smith,■ Megan Harrison,■ David Darmanin,■ Yariv Dror, and■ Heather Porter.If you google their names, you will see what... [...]

Marketing Automation Success Summit, Mar 14-17, 2017 #ad

The Entrepreneurs HQ team has hand-picked 30+ world class entrepreneurs and marketing automation experts to share with you what’s working now at the Marketing Automation Success Summit. These speakers represent some of the sharpest marketing automation and business minds on the planet.These speakers have been featured in major publications such as Business Week, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, and many more. They are recognized experts in the business world. You won’t want to miss any of the sessions in this 4 day conference. And no travel is required. You can enjoy it from the comfort... [...]

Marketing Automation Summit delayed; guide still available #ad

We were notified by Liam Austin of Entrepreneurs HQ, that his free online event on marketing automation, the Marketing Automation Success Summit will be delayed for one week to allow time to expanding and enhancing the content. It will now be held on March 14-17.As before, the Summit will contain training sessions by over 30 marketers experienced in improving marketing success through automation.And, to let you get started in your automation training, he is holding open his offer for his e-book on marketing automation. It’s a remarkable 32 page PDF called The Ultimate Marketing Automation... [...]

Marketing automation feels overwhelming? This free guide is for you #ad

Not that interested in automating your marketing?Think automation software and tools will cost you too much money? Require a lot of effort and time you can’t spare?A lot of people feel that way. Unfortunately, not keeping up to date with new technology and new ways to market your business, will lead to you falling behind your competitors.It’s inevitable in this day and age. Automation is the only way to keep up.Liam Austin from EntrepreneursHQ, is hosting a free online event on marketing automation, the Marketing Automation Success Summit on March 7-10.Among the 30+ speakers are marketing... [...]

Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide, free for limited time #ad

If you’re not automating your marketing, you’re leaving money on the table by wasting time you could be using more productively.The folks at Entrepreneurs HQ know this and are kindly offering to share their insights in a helpful PDF guide they call The Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide.This week only, they e offering you a copy of the guide for free. We downloaded a copy and found it has some helpful information. For example, on page 21, you will find “1 2 Marketing Automation Tools You Need to Know About.”Marketing automation can feel overwhelming. If you google the term “marketing... [...]