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Monday, June 1, 2020

Archive for the 'Squeeze Pages' Category

How to Boost Leads by 550% or More #ad

List building is crucial to your business, but it is sometimes hard to do. You need a squeeze page, but not just any squeeze page; it needs to be professional-looking.Sean Donahoe is soon announcing drag and drop software that will make it simple to build pages that will represent your business well. He says they can improve your lead capture by over 5x.Donahoe has created a video that shows you how you can create “Better-Than-Guru” lead pages in just a few clicks. The software, called WP Profit Builder, won’t be available for sale until next week, but he is giving a sneak peek... [...]

“WP Sales Copy” builds squeeze pages, sales pages and more #ad

Derrick VanDyke has just announced his new WP Sales Copy software.It’s for any marketer who wants to sell something (even an affiliate product) or build a mailing list; that includes just about all of us.With this software, you can easily (using point and click actions) build an entire sales funnel for your site.WP Sales Copy builds pages that look great on any device, from desktop computers to cell phones. The screen is automatically adjusted to fit the device the visitor is using.When you see the sales page for this plugin, you are seeing the plugin in action. The sales page was made... [...]

Optin Architect: Sophisticated Optin Pages to capture more leads #ad

Mark Thompson just announced a new optin page (a.k.a. landing page or squeeze page) generator with added features that will assure more optins.A page created by Optin Architect is more than just a pretty face• It detects when someone is about to leave your page without opting in, so you can take action to pull them back into your funnel.• As you would expect, it integrates with all the most-used autoresponders• It has a page design tool that lets you build your page the way you like it.• It lets you customize language, positioning, size, colors, text and more.• It... [...]

Don’t squeeze me till I’m yours #ad

That sign over tomatoes in a grocery store applies to people, too, when they come to your squeeze page.Some people say squeeze pages don’t work anymore. They are partially right. Typical squeeze pages don’t work as well as they used to. Viruses, malware and data center hacks have made people more cautious than ever before.And who can blame them? If you have ever had your identity stolen, you never want it to happen again.So before people will share their contact information, they need to get to know you and trust you. Then, just maybe, they will open up with their name and email.Savvy... [...]

OptinLinks builds better-converting landing pages #ad

They say it was Hippocrates who first said, “Primum non nocere” (First, do no harm.) He was talking to doctors, but his rule also applies to landing pages.The first rule of landing pages (or squeeze pages) is “Don’t scare away the people who land there.” (At least, not the people you are targeting.)When they see an opt-in form as soon as they arrive, their suspicions are activated, and they become very cautious. They don’t know you and they don’t know if they can trust you with their name and email address.It’s that suspicion and fear that OptinLinks... [...]

Ninja Funnel Creation: A 10 part Video Series on list building #ad

Roy Fielding has been online for years. He has coached many new marketers and has built several online businesses. Whenever he builds a business, he starts by building a list of interested people.Now, he shows you how to build your own squeeze page and continues through all the steps to ultimately deliver your product to your new customers.In Ninja Funnel Creation Video Series, Fielding shows you:,br/>• How to build the landing page,• How to find products to offer on your landing page• How to set up an additional page to ask them to confirm via responding to your e-mail•... [...]

WP LeadCapture plugin creates beautiful video landing pages #ad

Ken Sar has just released WP LeadCapture, which can be your answer to creating a suqeeze page that sells your visitor on opting in for your offer.Your page presents a video that attracts people’s attention. The page has no text to distract people from the video you want them to watch. There’s just a button below the video that says “Continue”.Once the visitor watches the video and clicks “Continue”, now they are shown your text that encourage them to opt in, and then the optin form. (There ‘s a live sdample available from the sales page.)This cleaner... [...]

WP Squeeze Buddy: latest technology for WP landing pages #ad

If you are wanting to build high-converting Splash and Squeeze Pages, Heri Rosyadi has you covered with his new WP Squeeze Buddy WordPress theme.If you want to do WP sites that work in today’s environment that is dominated by mobile devices, your theme needs to be responsive to the screen size of the device the visitor is using. And WP Squeeze Buddy looks good on everything from the largest desktop PC down to smartphones.When you can let mobile users opt-in, your results will surely improve, since mobile is about 50% of today’s market.You can customize the look and feel to match... [...]

Mobile Squeeze Page Magic: Stop losing mobile opt-ins #ad

We have heard it over and over; over half the visits to your site come from mobile devices. For local businesses, the percent is especially high.Yes, we have heard it, but why are most of us (and most of our clients) not prepared for these mobile visitors? Too busy to fix their usability problems? Too intimidated to try?Matt Bacak and Alex Safie have just released Mobile Squeeze Page Magic to put an end to all the excuses.This new WordPress plugin does two things when someone comes to your website:1. It checks whether the visitor is using a mobile device. If not, it passes them to your main... [...]

Animated CTAs: More people will push your buttons #ad

Igor Burban‘s new WordPress plugin, Animated CTAs, gives you unforgettable (and almost irresistible) buttons to get people to take action today.These buttons aren’t cheesy butterfly or flower animations. They are strictly business. You can invite people to opt in, to like you on Facebook, buy your product or anything else.These buttons have several action effects:• A message slides out from behind the button (sliding up, down or to the side)• The button itself moves (sideways, up or down) to reveal a message that was hidden behind it.There two ways your visitors cause... [...]