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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Archive for the 'Squeeze Pages' Category

Business Conspiracy breaker: Beginner’s Guide to Profitable List Building #ad

Loyd McLeod just released Business Conspiracy breaker. His goal is to show you how you can build a list of clients that earns you $1 per person each month.This is a series of 8 videos, intended for beginners to online marketing, explaining the basics of list building and email marketing. It’s not for experienced marketers since these are just the basics, explained for someone who knows nothing about the business of online marketing.Topics include::• Putting your list building in focus; why it is critical• Creating a giveaway item people will want (and be willing to exchange... [...]

Sales Funnel Ninja: List Building Software you can sell #ad

If you are looking for an online business, software is a good thing to consider, because it’s a lucrative niche; just ask Bill Gates. On the other hand, getting started in software isn’t exactly easy, especially if you have to write the software yourself.Coby Wright is offering you a shortcut into the software business, though, in Sales Funnel Ninja. He has created the software and is willing to let you re-brand it and call it your own. Then you can sell it to affiliate marketers needing an easy way to build their “pre-sale” campaigns that lead people to other people’s... [...]

WP Tube Squeeze: Use any YouTube video as the background for your squeeze page #ad

Paul Pavel’s new WP Tube Squeeze lets you make attention-getting squeeze pages, with a real video in the background, so people stay and watch.It’s a WordPress plugin that can be used with your WP themes. It’s easy to use, and the squeeze pages it creates are professional and good-looking. The plugin uses the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding so it will be valuable to you for the long term. And it has a simple dashboard that allows you to customize your squeeze page colors and other features, and paste in your autoresponder code.Your squeeze page is ready for Facebook and supports... [...]

WP SQueezeBar – Double Your Clicks, Conversions & Sales #ad

Most marketers have a problem converting their site visitors into buyers. Mervik Haums has just released aWordPress plugin to deal with this. He calls it WP SQueezeBar.One problem most websites have is known as “banner blindness”– people don’t notice the banner ads on the site, such as (shameless plug) the ones to the right of this post, and the generic optin form isn’t as effective in getting them to opt-in as we would like. We need a way to get the attention of visitors so they actually take action on the offers we make.WP SQueezeBar lets us follow the same approach... [...]

Squeeze Page Supremacy builds high-converting squeeze pages quickly #ad

Ivelin Ivanov has put together a set of squeeze page designs that he says have converted as high as 50% of visitors. He also includes training about how to build your own squeeze pages following his model. You’ll discover things like:• What the critical focus point are in squeeze page design• How to arrange the elements on your page to get the best conversions• The 10 Key Elements that determine whether your squeeze page performs or notYou get a package of over 30 squeeze page designs – designs that have been proven to work- that you can copy. Plus you get a package... [...]

Guru Squeeze Machine Software #ad

If you missed “Lead Rocket” last week, Mark Sandquist has announced similar squeeze page software that is in some ways even better. He calls it his Guru Squeeze Machine.If creates attractive name and address collection forms and, if you like, places the form on a photographic background that attracts attention wherever it is used. The form is HTML so it can be used on any web page you like. It can even be used inside Facebook.Not only does Guru Squeeze Machine create squeeze pages, it also created Thank You pages, Product Download pages and even legal Terms of Service pages. You can... [...]

Last Day for the Lead Rocket Sale #ad

Derek Pierce has had Lead Rocket opt-in forms WP plugin on special sale for a week, now, and today is the last day of the sale.It will still be for sale after today here, but for more than double the price.Lead Rocket is a set of elegant opt-in forms suitable for aWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and Mailchimp. More are planned.Along with the graphics for the opt-in box, Pierce is including scenic background graphics (usable on an HTML site, a WordPress site or on Facebook) that make your opt-in page stand out and look better than the average squeeze page.Using these opt-in boxes will... [...]

Lead Rocket Launched: Effectively get leads for your business #ad

Lead Rocket builds these New Lead Getting Pages in under 3 minutes and easily integrates with all the auto-responder systems!These types of Lead Getting Pages are working well right now. Frank Kern, Eben Pagen, APPSumo, Ryan Deiss, and even President Obama are using them.On the sales page, they show several attractive squeeze pages made by their clients using Lead Rocket. And these clients proclaim how easy and quick the process was.Lead Rocket works with Aweber, Getresponse, Constant Contact and Mailchimp. More are planned.SPECIAL $3,591 BONUS For First 500 Warriors: 1. Get Unlimited Developers... [...]

“SqueezePress WordPress Theme” Create Perfect Video Lead Capture Pages #ad

Noah Whitmore has released SqueezePress WordPress Theme, a tool to quickly create professional Landing Pages (a.k.a. Squeeze pages) in minutes.This new tool bypasses thew need for a programmer. It generates all the needed code automatically. There’s no learning curve. You can create your first page in minutes after you install it.With SqueezePress WordPress Theme, you can create a wide variety of squeeze pages (Whitmore shows five examples on his sales page) and an unlimited number of pages.Works with all autoresponders. Your license lets you use it on as many of your sites... [...]

Squeeze Page Psychic: How to build a squeeze page that works for you #ad

A better squeeze page produces higher earnings. Danny Fikes has released Squeeze Page Psychic, training to make your squeeze page work harder for you. Fikes says that his Squeeze Page Psychic technique has improved his opt-ins more than 28%, And the leads weren’t even qualified leads, just raw PPC traffic.The changes he made to his squeeze page may not apply to every marketplace, but he found they work in the healthy eating/ weight loss niche that Fikes works in, and probably apply in many more.In i>Squeeze Page Psychic, you will discover three things to test on your squeeze page, things... [...]