Derrick VanDyke has just announced his new WP Sales Copy software.

It’s for any marketer who wants to sell something (even an affiliate product) or build a mailing list; that includes just about all of us.

With this software, you can easily (using point and click actions) build an entire sales funnel for your site.

WP Sales Copy builds pages that look great on any device, from desktop computers to cell phones. The screen is automatically adjusted to fit the device the visitor is using.

When you see the sales page for this plugin, you are seeing the plugin in action. The sales page was made with the plugin. The countdown timer, for example, is built into the plugin (By the way, you have until midnight to get the best deal.)

There are many layouts for the pages; use whichever design you choose. All are made with HTML 5 and CSS which ensures your sites will have a long life

Video support is built in, pulling videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Viddler.

Order Buttons are easy to make, and you can insert any label on the button you choose.

This is only the beginning of what this plugin can do. VanDyke takes you through the breadth of its capabilities in his demo video on the sales page.

There are two generous licenses available: Unlimited Personal and Developer. During the sale, there’s little difference in the cost so consider getting the Developer, for greatest flexibility.

The price rises at Midnight, so for the best price go now to get the demo and then get your copy, here: WP Sales Copy.

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