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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Content Marketing ’ Category

Tips to write better headlines for your blog posts

In content marketing what matters is the first thing that your visitors and the search engines see. Yes, it is the headlines of your blog posts. It has to be reflective in the way that it tells people about what is inside for them. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flexman has shared three questions that can help bloggers […]

Copyblogger introduces ‘Content Confidence Checklist’

Copyblogger has introduced the ‘Content Confidence Checklist’ to help content marketers produce quality content and strengthen their marketing efforts. Sonia Simone says, “You can pick up the Content Confidence Checklist here for 7 bucks. Not free, but … pretty close. Listen to the audio walkthrough (it’s just like a quick podcast episode) and you can start implementing […]

HubSpot’s five step guide to content creation

Content marketing is the big in thing that has been adopted by every brand today. With content marketing it becomes easier for the brands to influence more people by establishing a context. HubSpot’s Christina Perricone has published a five step guide to creating great content. It highlights important phases such as: Content Planning and Strategy The […]

Strategies to create videos from your existing content

Creating video content is an essential part of your marketing initiatives. But at the same time it requires quality content and creativity to build an useful and attractive video. Here creativity does not have an alternative, but when it comes to content, you can have some readily available source. You can use the content that […]

Four ways to create quality content

When it comes to content marketing, the authenticity and quality matter the most. You need to gain the trust of the readers by the way of providing high rated content. There is competition in the content marketing domain. But remember, it is among the ones who produce quality content. Copyblogger columnist Sonia Simone has shared […]

Six strategies to balance creativity and SEO in you content

Content marketing is all about reaching out the right mass and converting the prospects into customers. Also it helps you continue to be in touch with your customers. Along with this your content is well optimized for the search engines, helps you get more leads to your website. Balancing the creativity and SEO in your […]

Improve your content creation with these tools

Content creation requires creativity and the technology that helps you utilize that creativity in a way so that the desired content is produced. Small Business Trend contributor Larry Kim has shared information about ten tools that can simplify the content creation process. Kim says, “Every digital marketer understands the importance of content for their success. The top 3 […]

Get new content marketing ideas from these sources

Content marketing is a creative job and it requires constant thinking and experiments. One of the ways you can strengthen your content marketing is by observing the successful campaigns. Content Marketing Institute columnist Michelle Park Lazette has shared five sources from where you can get fresh content ideas. Lazette says, “It was probably 4 in […]

Three ways to create content from the existing assets

Content creation is a continuous process that requires you to showcase your creativity and keep the clients updated with the fresh content. With rising social media usages, you can create content from multiple sources such as your own social content or the user generated content. Content Marketing Institute columnist Ann Smarty has shared three ways to […]

Avoid these mistakes to improve your content consumption

The content marketing success lies in the way your customers consume it. It has to flow among them and make them feel that the content is making is difference to them. Copyblogger columnist Nick Usborne has shared five reasons your customers are not reading your content. Avoiding them can help you improve your content performance. […]