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Monday, March 1, 2021

Archive for the 'email marketing' Category

3 Key Principles for Leveraging Cold Email Outreach [Video]

Entrepreneur magazine has published a new video ‘3 Key Principles for Leveraging Cold Email Outreach for Capital Fundraising’ featuring James McKinney. The Entrepreneur team says, “In this video, James McKinney sits down with Thomas Fairey, the founder of Stakester, to break down three important lessons you can learn to improve your cold email outreach. It’s fairly (no pun intended) simple: Make it interesting. Make it credible. Offer a clear call to action. You can listen to the complete interview here“. 3 Key Principles for Leveraging Cold Email Outreach Entrepreneur... [...]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email [Video]

MOZ has published the latest episode of the Whiteboard Friday video episode ‘The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email’ featuring Amanda Milligan. The MOZ team says, “If you need to get backlinks and generate brand awareness for clients, a great way to start is by creating original research and then pitching that research to writers. But the promotion of your work is probably the trickiest part, and a lot of it comes down to the pitch email you send to a writer. To make this task a bit less daunting, in this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Amanda Milligan of Fractl walks you through... [...]

14 Tips to Create Effective Email Campaigns

Well-planned email marketing campaigns can help you to grow your business exponentially. With persuasive email campaigns, you can win customers’ trust. 99 Firms has published an article highlighting 14 useful tips to create effective email campaigns. The 99 Firms team says, “To provide you with the most accurate email marketing tips and help you get the most out of your email marketing campaign, we’ve created the infographic below to provide you with the most efficient hacks, supported by case studies. Tips and Techniques to Create Effective Email Campaigns 1. Subject Line Usually,... [...]

Mastering Email Marketing: Here’s What’s Working NOW [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Mastering Email Marketing: Here’s What’s Working NOW’ as a part of Email Marketing Unlocked course. He says, “Hopefully you’ve been implementing the stuff that you’ve been learning over the last two weeks as this is the last lesson where I’m recapping everything. And by now you should be seeing more growth in your email list. Probably not at 50,000 subscribers, that’s unrealistic within two weeks but your numbers should be growing and you should be on your way to 50,000 subscribers”. Watch the video. Neil... [...]

Start your own Marketing Agency with Email Videos Pro #ad

Earlier this week, Mario Brown released Email Videos Pro, a powerful new marketing tool for small- and medium-size businesses. It is a full-featured Video Email Marketing Suite (the first-ever launched on the JVZoo marketing platform.) It lets you play videos right inside emails, videos that can drive traffic, conversions, and sales for you and for your clients. There’s never been anything like this, priced for the small business market, before. Why is Email Videos Pro a massive consulting and agency opportunity? Video is becoming a necessity for attracting and engaging visitors. On websites,... [...]

Email Videos Pro: Embed complete videos in your emails #ad

We have been able to insert graphics in our emails for a long time. That includes GIFs, graphics with motion. But now, Email Videos Pro lets you do even more. This new software, being released today, allows you to insert entire videos into your emails, instantly raising the bar for email persuasion. No longer are you limited to using written words. Now you can use movies to tell your story in your emails. Now you can get maximum engagement, more click-throughs and more sales, using the power of using the power of whiteboard videos, explainer videos, Powerpoint videos and more. Email Videos Pro... [...]

11 Email Design Trends for 2021

To achieve marketing success in 2021 you need to be using all the tools that offer you an extended reach. Email remains one of the best performing marketing technology. Uplers has shared an infographic highlighting email design trends for 2021. The Uplers team says, “A lot has happened and unexpectedly changed over the past year. No wonder brands have been playing it safe with tried and tested email designs. Will the trend change in 2021 or will brands continue to make the most of the old favorites like minimalism, pastels and static images? We think it will be a superb medley. While simple... [...]

7 Steps to Creating a Great Email Opt-in Page

A well-designed email opt-in page is necessary to attract more subscribers for growing your business. Copyblogger’s Brian Clark has shared seven steps to creating an email opt-in page that works. He says, “I’m about to show you how to win the trust and interest of the right prospective subscribers, so that they naturally want to join your list. Let’s jump right in. Step #1: Who do you want? The first step is crucial, and yet time and again I see people plow ahead without a clear understanding of exactly the type of person they want on their email list. Without a clear and detailed... [...]

Email Marketing for Beginners – From 0 to 100 subscribers [Video]

Noah Kagan has published a video ‘Email Marketing for Beginners – From 0 to 100 subscribers’ to help marketers get new subscribers for enhanced email marketing. He says, “The #1 REGRET I’ve heard from anyone building their business or personal brand is they wish they would have started building an email list sooner. Don’t be that person. So let’s start this today! This video kicks off number 1 of an email growth series. I teach you: 1) The reasons why email marketing kicks butt 2) My personal dashboard and stats that you can MODEL and COPY! 3) How to get... [...]

How Many Email Marketing Campaigns Should I Send a Month? [Answered]

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Paul L. Gunn, Jr has published an article ‘How Many Email Marketing Campaigns Should I Send a Month?’ answering the same critical question reflected in the title. He says, “Are you respecting the inboxes of your subscribers and potential customers? How often are you sending them emails? Do you respect their time and have data on when the best time is to send them an email? From my own experience, after reading so many different ways, you can have customers opt-in and subscribe. Having one marketing campaign sent once a month for promotions... [...]