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Friday, April 23, 2021

Archive for the 'Content Creation Tips' Category

How to Create Better Content by Conducting Better Interviews [Podcast]

MarketingProfs has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Create Better Content by Conducting Better Interviews’ featuring Jay Acunzo. Kerry O’Shea Gorgone says, “In this episode of “Marketing Smarts,” Jay turns the tables on me and analyzes 3 clips from my interview with actor and author Alan Alda (of M*A*S*H fame). We cover research and preparation, rolling with audio issues, and timing your questions just right. (Sometimes you need to warm guests up before you dive too deep!) We also cover how (and why) to avoid getting starstruck by celebrity guests, and... [...]

How to Create Winning SEO Content

Your SEO performance depends on the kind of content you publish. Quality content boosts the possibility of getting more web traffic. Bruce Clay has shared five steps to create winning SEO content that gets more visibility in the search results. The Bruce Clay team says, 5 Steps to Create Winning SEO Content That Gets More Visibility in the Search Results Bruce Clay  [...]

How to Resolve Duplicate Content [Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘How to Resolve Duplicate Content’ featuring Meghan Pahinui. The MOZ team says, “What is duplicate content, and why is it a concern for your website? Better yet, how can you find it and fix it? In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Moz Learn Team specialist, Meghan, walks through some handy (and hunger-inducing) analogies to help you answer these questions”. How to Resolve Duplicate Content MOZ  [...]

How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic’ to help you get more website traffic with quality content. He says, “There’s so many topics that you can be blogging on, but how can you pick blog post topics that consistently generate more traffic? Today, I’m going to break down how to come up with blog topic ideas that consistently generate traffic”. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Seven Tips to Improve Your Content’s SEO Fitness

The quality of your content is the key that helps you to grow your website. It enables you to improve your SEO rankings and get more customers. Yoast contributor Marieke van de Rakt has shared seven tips to help you improve your website’s content fitness for better SEO results. She says, “The way you structure your website, the way you link from pages to other pages is really important. It’s like a guide that helps Google figure out what the most important content on your website is and how pages are related to each other. 1. Improve the internal linking of your cornerstone articles Make... [...]

The SEO Content Creation Process [Guide]

Allie Bhutani of Spotlight Conductor has published a comprehensive guide titled ‘The SEO Content Creation Process’. It provides a nine-step path to create content for better SEO. She says, “Changing the way your team approaches content creation can feel a bit daunting. But we’ve found when you bring together all key stakeholders from the beginning–including SEO–everyone works together better and creates an overall better product. Take the following steps to establish a repeatable process for success. Step 1: SEO Team Structure It all starts with bringing your SEOs and designers... [...]

14 Tips to Improve Website Content

Your website’s performance depends on the content you publish and the way it helps the visitors. By creating publishing fresh and useful content, you can continue to generate more leads. Content Marketing Institute’s Lisa Dougherty has shared 14 useful tips to help you improve your website content for the screen readers. She says, “Is your blog functionally inclusive? I’m working with the CMI team to improve this blog. Recently, Melissa Eggleston pointed out some problem areas that make the blog hard to read for people who are visually impaired. Though the fixes have been on... [...]

Find Out Whether You Need to Rewrite Your Web Content

Well-written quality content is the key to persuade people to take an action. Your content also helps you to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Business 2 Community contributor Amanda Clark has shared an article highlighting six signs of whether you need to rewrite your content. She says, “Web content isn’t meant to last forever. On the contrary, it’s a good idea to revise your copywriting every two or three years. This gives you a chance to offer fresh content to the Google algorithms, and also to refine or update your company’s messaging. Beyond that, there are a few... [...]

How To Write and Order Different Types of Content [Guide]

SEMrush contributor Irina Zeleneva has published a comprehensive guide called ‘Content Writing: How To Write and Order Different Types of Content’. It covers the following: What Is Content Writing? Types of Content  Content Writing Basics Research Planning  Writing Content Writing Tips Articles  Product Content Website Сontent  Email Newsletters Press Releases  Ebooks Outsourcing Content Final Thoughts  Content Writing: How To Write and Order Different Types of Content SEMrush  [...]

Five Steps to Edit Your Content

Copyblogger contributor Stefanie Flaxman has shared a five-step guide to help you edito and improve your content. She says, “Here are five smart self-editing strategies that help turn your drafts into memorable content. 1. Locate your goal You should be able to succinctly state why you’re going to publish the piece of content you’re editing. Reference your content calendar to identify how the article serves both your audience and your business. That statement won’t go directly in your text most of the time, but it helps influence the message you’ll communicate. Your introduction... [...]