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Monday, September 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Content Creation Tips' Category

How to Create Better Content [Video]

Your content speaks for you and your brand. It helps you persuade your audience to take an action. Your content is the heart of your site. Without good content, you don’t have a good site. So all us webmasters and site owners need to be continually improving our content. Ahrefs has published a video “How to Create Content that’s “Better” than Your Competitor’s” to help you create high-performing content. The Ahrefs team says, “In this video, you’ll learn how to create content that’s better than your competitor’s by focusing on the four attributes... [...]

10 Ways to Produce High-Quality Content

Quality content enables you to reach your conversion goals. It can help you expand your network, persuade your audience and improve sales. Search Engine Journal contributor Danny Goodwin has shared 10 useful tips for creating high-quality content. He says, “Once you’ve set the parameters necessary to analyze the success or failure of your content marketing strategy, it’s time to start producing. Here are 10 tips to keep you on track. 1. Know Your Search Intent and Call to Action Search intent is the reason behind someone seeking out information online. They may be searching for general... [...]

Semrush Shares 5 Tips on Article Writing

Quality content helps you grow your website audience. By publishing useful articles, you can continue to get the return visitors improving your site rankings in the Google Search. Semrush contributor Connor Lahey has shared five useful tips to write great articles. He says, “We’ve compiled our top five tips for good SEO article writing, as well as our top recommended tools that can help you research and learn how to write an article.​​​ 1. Use a Research Tool to Find Great Topics The first step to learning how to write an article is deciding on a good topic. If your head is spinning... [...]

How to Resolve Duplicate Content [Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘How to Resolve Duplicate Content’ featuring Meghan Pahinui. The MOZ team says, “What is duplicate content, and why is it a concern for your website? Better yet, how can you find it and fix it? In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Moz Learn Team specialist, Meghan, walks through some handy (and hunger-inducing) analogies to help you answer these questions”. How to Resolve Duplicate Content MOZ  [...]

Guide to Creating Winning Content

High-quality content enables you to reach a wider audience and make more sales online. Elements such as persuasiveness make your content stand out and perform well. Search Engine Journal and Semrush have published a guide called ‘7 Winning Content Writing Tips for 2021’. The Semrush team says, “We’ll take you through seven top tips for writing impactful content in 2021. 1. Start with Your Goals No matter how skilled a content writer or creator you are, if you don’t have a clear set of objectives, you’re bound to fail. Firstly, without goals, you have nothing to measure... [...]

Useful Proofreading and Editing Tips

To produce quality content, you need to learn how to proofread and edit it. By removing grammatical errors and making your content easy to follow, you can make it more reader-friendly. Content Marketing Institute’s Ann Gynn has shared some useful content proofreading and editing tips. She says, “With your editor’s hat on, follow this five-step process: Make sure you understand the overall purpose of the piece of content for the audience and  the brand before you read the first word. TIP: Require content creators to write one or two sentences at the top of the content to explain... [...]

Entrepreneur Magazine Shares 6 Skills Required for Online Content Creation

By creating quality content online, you can grow your reach and promote products and services for making more sales. Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Bhavik Sarkhedi has shared six skills you need to become a successful online content creator. He says, “If you follow the principles below, you’ll quickly establish yourself as a creation leader, drawing qualified prospects ready to solve their problems. Search engine optimization You must make your content appealing to search engines in today’s marketing square. Hone your writing abilities helps, certainly, but also use SEO tools... [...]

How to Make Newsworthy Content [Video]

MOZ has published a new video ‘How to Make Newsworthy Content’ featuring Amanda Milligan. The MOZ team says, “Ahead of her MozCon Virtual 2021 presentation, Amanda Milligan walks through three components that can make your content newsworthy enough to attract links: data, emotion, and impact. Don’t forget to grab your ticket to see Amanda’s full presentation — A Live Guide to Finding & Filling the Gaps in Your Link Strategy — along with our other incredible speakers!”. MOZ  [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Evergreen Content [Guide]

Quality content can help you attract more customers and close more sales. What you also need apart from content is – consistency. Digital Marketing Institute has published ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Evergreen Content’. The DMI team says, “Here are some specific tips for writing evergreen content: Choose the right keywords. We briefly mentioned already that longtail keywords may be best. Even the most lasting evergreen piece isn’t worth much if people aren’t searching for that topic, so do your keyword research. Optimize for SEO. Once you have your keywords (one per... [...]

7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need [Video]

Content is the king but it still needs novelty to grab the attention of your target audience. In his new videoo’7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need’, Neil Patel shares his insights on the kind of skills that can help you become a better content creator. He says, “What you need to do as a writer is, you need to have concise statements. So if you’re a writer, you’re writing to either draw more attention in and eventually convert those eyeballs and that attention into leads, customers, right? Google analytics tells you what content they like, what they don’t,... [...]