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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Content Creation Tips ’ Category

Seven Strategies to Create Effective Content

Your content needs to be easy to understand and persuasive. It should help your readers rather than confusing them. Content Marketing Institute contributor Gina Balarin has shared seven tips to create content that your audience would like. Balarin says, “The only way to get over that raised barrier – and regain the trust of buyers […]

Copyblogger’s Two Strategies for Creating Better Content

Quality content makes a long lasting impact on your audience. It helps you to establish yourself in their mindsets for a longer period and think of your company when they are in need of a particular product or service. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has highlighted two factors that define satisfying content and its marketing impact. Flaxman […]

Six tips to create SEO-friendly content

Your content should have the qualities that are being looked for by the search engines. When the content syncs with the search engine algorithm you get desired results. The Search Engine Journal contributor Ashley Ward has shared six tips to create SEO-friendly content. Ward says, “Put aside your Excel sheets, keyword research, and optimization guides […]

Improve your writing with free tools

I am frequently dismayed by the poor writing in the promotional emails I receive. There are a lot of grammar errors and misspellings. There are also sentences that don’t make sense. I have wondered if there would be a market for having sales pages, emails, etc. reviewed for good English prior to release. The errors […]

Four Ways to Choose Right Images for Your Content

Graphics are very important for making your content presentable. Pictures that sync with the ideation of your content help you easily and closely connect with the audiences. The Search Engine Journal contributor Brad Smith has shared four ways to help you choose right images for your next blog post. Smith says, “Before starting to add […]

Tips to creatively use your content

Content marketing is doing wonders for most businesses. It can do so only when you have produced fresh and creative piece of content. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has shared some useful tips to help you turn your contend ideas into a series of publication. Flaxman says, “If you produce one piece of content a week, the installments […]

Content Comprehensiveness [MOZ Video]

Search engine prefer the content that makes sense, easy to digest and helpful to the Internet surfers. Creating a piece of content that gets high credit in search engines is a challenging job. The MOZ team has published the Whiteboard Friday video featuring Kameron Jenkins on ‘Content Comprehensiveness’. Jenkins in this video shares some useful ideas to make […]

Tips to utilize old blog posts

Content marketing requires constant creation of quality content which is a challenging job. Continuously creating fresh content requires persistent efforts. We need to consider remaking our content – from blog posts to video and from video to emails for better conversions. MOZ columnist Laurel Taylor has shared an useful article on how marketers can use […]

7 Invaluable Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content [POdcast]

The Buffer team has published a new podcast featuring Brian Peters on ‘7 Invaluable Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content’. Peters says, “Marketing skills and career growth don’t come easy in a field that moves at the speed of light. It seems like every week companies are demanding an evolved skill set out of […]

Econsultancy shares 5 ways to optimise content for voice in 2019

Econsultancy columnist Ben Wood has shared five ways to help marketers optimise their content for voice search in 2019. Wood says, “Here are five tips for optimising your content for voice in 2019 and beyond. 1. Answer customer questions with featured snippets Also referred to as “position zero” due to its prominent location at the […]