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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archive for the 'App Development' Category

“Android App Invasion” shows how a typical marketer can become an app developer #ad

If you keep up with tech trends, you know Android is the first alternative to give Apple’s iPhone a serious “run for the money.” This has created a sizable market for applications (or “apps”) that run on the Android platform. Savvy marketers have rushed to this new marketplace and are creating apps for fill this market need. Even marketers without any technical knowledge can become a winner in this gold rush. Over 15 Billion apps have been created for Android. You don’t have to be a programmer to create apps. There are planty of programmers you can outsource... [...]

Android App Invasion: Making money from Android apps #ad

Android phones have made great headway on iPhones. Along with more phones comes a growing market for Android apps. So many are being sold that three major markets have arisen for them: Amazon, Google Play and AppBrain. Android App Invasion has over 40 training modules to show you how to become a successful seller of Android apps to promote your clients’ businesses. Android App Invasion comes with 20 easy-to-customize, local business apps to start your on the right foot. Using these to build credibility, you can offer your app building services to other businesses. In this new, step-by-step,... [...]