SmartPhone apps are big business (about 30 Billion downloads of Apple iPhone/iPad apps and Android apps and growing daily). The definition of a smart phone app is rather broad. It could refer to a sophisticated Java program that takes months to create, or it could be a simple HTML or PDF document converted to run as an app. The main criterion for a successful app is that it be useful and that it be available from the major app stores (and choosing a clever name couldn’t hurt.) These simple apps could be, for example, a cookbook, a training guide, a restaurant’s menu or a work of fiction.

Mobile App Revolution shows you how to create these simple information apps and then market them to bring in income.

You may already know what app you want to build, but if not, Mobile App Revolution starts with how to research the apps that are selling well and how to choose a niche for building your own app.

It takes years of training to create the Java apps, but the informational app is simple to create, even for non-technical people.

Once you have the information that you want to release as an app (that is, after you write it, you hire someone to write it, or you use existing public domain or PLR material), you can follow the steps in Mobile App Revolution to create your Android app. You don’t need to buy any software to do the conversion; free tools are available and are identified in this training.

You can sell your app or give it away. In either case, you can include links to related products for people who want more information. And these can be affiliate links to earn commissions for you.

The amount of detail of the training in this guide is impressive. It’s virtually impossible to get lost or confused about what to do next.

This is a wide-open growing market. You can get started with the process taught in this training, and you can probably stay busy for a year or more by just repeating the process over and over for new informational apps.

You can get your copy (for under $10, but the price is rising) here: Mobile App Revolution

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