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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Archive for the 'iPhone App Development' Category

Zapable, so ordinary people can build & sell phone apps #ad

With so many people using smart phones these days, any business online needs to adjust its marketing plan. You need to meet your clients where they are; that is, on their phones. You need a way to place your information and offers in front of them, on their phone, in a way that requires very little effort on their part. The way to do that is with a phone app. A while back, Chris Fox and Andrew Fox developed software that lets anyone build an app without knowledge of XML, JavaScript or any of that technical stuff. They called their software Zapable. This week they have released a new, improved version... [...]

This may be the best way to monetize video in 2015 #ad

When we consider the fact that 55% of video traffic will be mobile in 2015, we realize that any website using video (and most are) needs to be sure that its videos are easily accessed on mobile devices. But a second question arises once you accept the need for mobile video: What is the easiest way to monetize this traffic? The best way to use mobile video for earning income is through mobile apps that support video. You can use apps to interact with the users as they are engaging with the content you make available in the app. The Fox brothers, Andrew Fox and Chris Fox, have created new software... [...]

Zapable builds mobile apps for local businesses, more #ad

Zapable was launched yesterday by Andrew Fox and his brother Chris Fox. It’s the latest, and arguably the best, app builder software available to marketers. It builds a wide range of apps that can be used for many marketing purposes, but one opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked is building apps for local merchants. These merchants, including professionals such as doctors, dentists and lawyers, need to get their name and their business identity in front of clients and potential clients. Android and Apple apps are an ideal way of doing this, since you can update the app at any time and automatically... [...]

How to cash in on Amazon & Facebook (hint: use Zapable) #ad

Amazon did over $74 Billion in revenues in 2014. And they are still growing. In December, over 60% of Amazon’s sales were made from mobile devices. Affiliates who ride this wave can grow with them. So savvy affiliates will take advantage of this massive and growing opportunity. Andrew Fox and his brother Chris Fox have created a series of videos they are sharing with marketers who want to get their share of this Amazon opportunity (and other opportunities, too; see below). The latest one is How to cash in on Amazon & Facebook with Zapable. Besides Amazon stores, you can build: • Local... [...]

Appsmoment Flipping Video Course: How to start a business selling iPhone apps #ad

Apps for mobile phones are big business. Apple’s iStore and Google’s Android store sell thousands of apps every day. You may have thought that you have to be a computer whiz to sell apps and earn a good living. But that’s no longer true. Now, you can discover how to get apps built even if you don’t know a script from a DLL and then flip them to marketers who want to sell them to phone users. It’s all explained in Appsmoment Flipping Video Course.. This training is centered around 9 videos detailing the whole process of building and selling apps, from start to finish.... [...]

‘Digital Ads: How Facebook, Google, And Twitter Target Us’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “Digital Ads: How Facebook, Google, And Twitter Target Us”. Kelly Cooper says, “The promise of digital media in online advertising is the ability to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all jockeying for the hearts and minds of customers and advertisers alike. But there are big differences in what they’re doing and how useful their understanding of their users may be to advertisers. First, some background. Brands, which have long dreamed of advertising only to the people... [...]

‘How Tech Is Driving The Business Of Instant Gratification’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “How Tech Is Driving The Business Of Instant Gratification”. Selena Larson says, “Instant gratification can’t come soon enough. In 2013, the runaway success of Uber, the service that lets you call a car by tapping your smartphone, has gotten consumers, retailers, and investors thinking about a world where just about any good or service is available on demand. Increasingly, in urban areas, that thought is becoming a reality. This has been a long time coming. You could buy a pizza online in 1994—though you had to disconnect from... [...]

‘The Most Important Apps That Shaped Mobile In 2013’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “The Most Important Apps That Shaped Mobile In 2013”. Taylor Hatmaker says, “As the explosive trajectory of smartphones adoption approaches an asymptote, mobile apps are riding high. Once an unassuming term for a curious, smallish sort of phone program, the app is now king. It’s almost impossible to now imagine otherwise. In this mobile-first era, apps make headlines, precipitate stock slumps and altogether define an industry that didn’t see them coming a mere six years ago when Apple released the App Store. Here is our list of the... [...]

Mobile Cash Formula: Create Mobile Apps in 30 minutes or less #ad

Mobile apps, whether for Google Android or for Apple iPad and iPhone, are big sellers.. And when they are built well, they have long shelf life, so you can sell them for a long time to come, which provides you with a passive income stream. If you only had a simple way to create mobile apps, you could create them one after another and profit from all of them for years. Bob Beckett has created Mobile Cash Formula to show you how to create apps and make them available for Android systems and Apple systems all at the same time. He is so confident of his training that he says, “Mobile Cash Formula... [...]

Treasurecoach GameApps 2.0: Get started in the mobile games industry #ad

If you have a best-selling game for iPhone or Android, you can do quite well financially. But when getting started, you may want help from someone ho has been there, done that. Max Vysochanskyy fits that bill. He’s the creator of Angry Tank, a top 50 iPhone family game. He wants to show you how it’s done, and give you some software to help you. He describes his offer this way: “In my crash course you will learn my super tricks and awesome methods to make and market applications.” He calls it Treasurecoach GameApps. He includes: 1. 6 weeks of “underground training” 2.... [...]