If you have a best-selling game for iPhone or Android, you can do quite well financially. But when getting started, you may want help from someone ho has been there, done that.

Max Vysochanskyy fits that bill. He’s the creator of Angry Tank, a top 50 iPhone family game. He wants to show you how it’s done, and give you some software to help you.

He describes his offer this way: “In my crash course you will learn my super tricks and awesome methods to make and market applications.” He calls it Treasurecoach GameApps. He includes:
1. 6 weeks of “underground training”

2. “Special software”
• Music & Sound Collection – This is like 3 Gigs of music and sound files for creating game apps
• The Admin Panel which he used inside Angry Tank for sending push notifications and other things

3. Source code for several top games that you can use as the basis for your own games, like:
• Angry Birds
• Fruit Ninja
• Doodle Jump
and his own games:
• Angry Tank
• Armageddon 2012
• Crazy Lines

He explains all of his training and software, and offers it for your purchase here: Treasurecoach GameApps

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