Major companies are turning to Android to build their customer relationships. Small internet marketers need to be doing the same since more and more traffic is coming from Android smartphones and tablets.

The rise of Android devices is creating a marketplace bigger than Facebook, Twitter Pinterest or even YouTube. Smart marketers aren’t ignoring this “sleeping giant,” they are changing their strategy and focusing more energy on the Android market.

Warrior Faraaz has just announced Android List Building, which is designed to start gathering customers from Android.

IN this new training, Faraaz shows you how to build an Android app in just minutes without any complicated coding. He took his cues from the actions of major companies, but added his own twist to make it easier and better.

You may not a very techie person. If so, you may shy away from any mobile marketing/list-building and app development, afraid that it will be beyond your skills. But with Android List Building, you will gain the knowledge to bypass your lack of software skills and build an app to attract users and bring in sign-ups to your list.

Use this new knowledge not just for your own sites, but also for client sites. Use it for any niche, any locale, any language.

Faraaz guides you every step of the way, with screenshots and descriptions that make it clear what is happening in each step.

Now, even if you are a beginner,you can create real Android apps for building your list on autopilot. Get the whole story here: Android List Building

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