Mobile marketing is growing dramatically. And one of the hot segments is mobile apps. Providing an app that offers useful information in a particular niche is a good way to bring sales through mentioning niche-related products in your app.

Your app could simply be an information product, an e-book, placed inside the software structure that turns it into an app. Using the app is actually just reading the e-book.

Now, a Clickbank Apex member has started a service for creating these  E-book Apps done for you.

You just need to pick a name for your ebook app, give him the name and your CLickbank affiliate link. He will do the rest: write the e-book, insert ads for the Clickbank product, and place it inside an app and send it to you. Then, you just upload it to Googleplay, where it will have long-term potential for earnings.

If you prefer, he will insert a CPA ad in the book, instead of a Clickbank ad. Get your own e-book app built for you here (for under $10): E-book Apps done for you

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