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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Steven O ‘Dea just announced his “Zero Cost System” for new marketers #ad

He describes his Zero Cost System as a “Weird Business Trick Generates Fast Income Even For Beginners.” His system is designed to bring traffic to your website, lots of traffic. With traffic like this, if you make a reasonably attractive offer to your visitors, you can build a steady business. With traffic like this, you can use it with just about anything you’ve ever wanted to do online, from affiliate marketing to CPA marketing to selling your own products. You should check out the whole story here.  [...]

The “Viral Buyer Plugin” for WordPress increases sales using Facebook’s “Like” #ad

Give people a discount if they will “Like” your page. They want the discount so they “like” you, which attracts their friends to come and see what their friends liked. This plugin makes it easy. People share your story with their friends even before the become your customers. The word is spread to the people who know them and respect them. They become the best kind of ambassadors for your product. You also get help in building an attractive page for the “likers” to see since one of the bonuses contains hundreds of call to action buttons that you could use with... [...]

“Instant Affiliate Commissions Network” builds your own affiliate network #ad

You could promote your products on Clickbank, Digital River or other affiliate networks. They will take a chunk out of your profits, but that’s OK because you are a generous person. Aren’t you? But suppose you could build your own affiliate network and not have to go to one of the big companies to find affiliates. In fact, suppose you could compete with these big networks. You could sell your own products through your own network, and even more, you could let others sell their products through your network. That way, you could keep more of your own profits and you can make a lot more... [...]

Amanda Craven’s “Cash in a Flash” uncovers instant affiliate commissions #ad

Clickbank is slow; CPA networks are even slower, but there is an alternative. No more waiting for weeks or months for payment. You can get instant affiliate payments if you know where to look. In Cash in a Flash you get everything you need to start earning those instant affiliate payments today: A no holds-barred, 77 page guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through from the “why” to the “buy” Where to find those instant-paying affiliate marketplaces… When to use Direct Linking and when a squeeze page works far better A YouTube secret weapon… just ONE of... [...]

Build professional websites for your clients with these Business Themes #ad

Get three beautiful, professional business themes for peanuts. Use them for your own sites or for your clients. These themes have flexibility, ease of use and charm all built in. Stir in a few choice words and a knock-out product and you’re dome. You choose the colors, the layout, the widgets and the graphics. Make it uniquely yours. Learn more here.  [...]

How to build an email list that wants to buy from you #ad

Your “Personal ATM” shows you how to understand your customers’ thinking, to pull them into your marketing funnel. How to create landing pages that draw people to opt in How to create a river of traffic, using the six traffic methods included How to create emails that persuade people to buy Personal ATM intends to get your business up and running quickly and successfully.Find out more here.  [...]

Learn how he got 27 first page rankings with “SEO Simplified” #ad

SEO Simplified is a complete SEO guide, suitable for beginners. In it, you are going to discover everything that you need to know in order to achieve page one rankings fast. Everything is completely white hat. Don’t try to fool Google; go along with their rules and just do what makes sense to make sure they notice you and understand your content, so they will like it. HP Jeschke and Benny (“the volcano”) put together this guide that leads you through the white hat way to earn Google’s love: Things you may not know about; sites that can help you with useful backlinks; plus... [...]

Earning WSO Commissions can be easy with Ken Reno’s new plugin #ad

Ken Reno, a well-known internet marketer, has released his latest project,, a source for ads for people who want to promote Warrior Special Offers and earn a commission. He has built a WP plugin which will automatically receive the ad text he creates and insert those ads into your blog. His goal with every WSO promo added to the plugin is to earn $1 or more per click for his clients who install the plugin on their blogs. If he succeeds in this goal, his clients will do well. To use the plugin, you have to be a registered affiliate in the WSO Pro system and... [...]

The “Time Money Converter” shows how to build a website and get paid for your effort in 3 days #ad

Rodrigo Werner has found a way to quickly build a website that can be “flipped” on Flippa for a fast profit. His process works for most niches so your options are wide open. You’ll never run out of opportunities. You can start today, with no experience and no established reputation. You can do the work on the weekends while you keep your job. You can even outsource most of the work. The Time Money Converter includes a fast-start guide and videos so you can watch Rodrigo build a site and sell it. Learn all about it here.  [...]

End your dependency on Google for your traffic with New Article Marketing Method #ad

Rob Howard has released The Content Money Miracle, the new way to do article marketing that doesn’t risk your business success on keeping Google happy. Google changes its mind a lot; you don’t want to be tied down by its whims. Howard shows you how one article submitted to free traffic sources can make the impact you need for business success. Instead of trusting Google to bring traffic to Google, you take your article to nine places where there is already traffic. When you do, you create “traffic magnets” that pull readers to your site. Get all the details here.  [...]