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Friday, November 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Local Marketing' Category

40 local business website templates; a consultant’s treasure chest #ad

Website Barato has been creating local websites for years. Now they are releasing their templates for 40 local niches, called WB 40 Professional Templates, to other consultants so you can quickly deliver professional sites to your local market. These 40 niches were selected based on their historic desire for a high-quality site and a willingness to pay for top quality. Here are some of the local businesses you could bring online: ➤ Coffee Shops ➤ Real Estate Agencies ➤ Fast Food ➤ Wedding Planner ➤ Charity ➤ Carpenter ➤ Plumber and 33 more. You need to see the slick animation and... [...]

Videoz Agency: 100+ Customizable Videos for Marketing Agencies #ad

Videoz Agency was created specifically for Agencies, by Mario Brown and his team. It goes live at 11am EDT But if you are in time, you can join the preview webinar Mario is doing at 10:30 EDT. He will do a full demo and walkthrough of the app, with some other helpful information. Videoz Agency PreLaunch Webinar Registration As marketers always do, he will have some optional upgrades you might be interested in. On the webinar, he will reveal the full funnel, all upgrades and be available for questions. This way you can see exactly what the app does and how it works. Just to give you a preview... [...]

Pizza Money: Local Restaurants need this service #ad

Dr. Ben Adkins just released Pizza Money. It shows you how to create your own SMS marketing service for restaurants in less than 25 minutes. Just show restaurants why they need it and offer it for a monthly fee. It takes only a few minutes a month to support a client, but the service will be a real blessing to them, and for that value, they should be willing to sign up as a long-term client. Don’t let the name fool you. Adkins started doing it for pizzerias, but it isn’t limited to pizza. This system works for all kinds of restaurants, including bars, steakhouses, sushi, Mexican, etc. The... [...]

Build websites for local businesses from one-click templates #ad

Jack Hopman‘s team has built a collection of websites for local businesses that you can upload, customize, and sell to local clients (or use yourself). The Rapify Local collection is so well designed that you can install a site, Hopman says, with just one click. CNN reports that 45% of local businesses still do not have a website. They need you to build a site for them. Rapify Local is just the tool to help you do that: ► Easier than any other platform ► Quickest site building ever ► Full-featured drag & drop builder ► 12 in-demand local niche websites included in the base package ►... [...]

Luther Landro’s 20 minute workday on LinkedIn #ad

Luther Landro, online marketing trainer, reports he was able to earn $105,000 in a year on LinkedIn, working 20 Minutes a day, offering services to other LinkedIn members. As you may know, LinkedIn is popular with business owners, unlike Facebook, which caters to all kinds of people, including many (probably the majority) who are not in business. He contacts business owners, offers his services to improve their business results by sending them more leads and more customers. When they accept his offer, he outsources the work to Fiverr, for about $10 per job. Since every business in the world wants... [...]

Design Agency Business: Consultant’s Done-For-You Bundle #ad

If you are in business (or want to be) to help other businesses build a profitable online presence, there is a new done-for-you package of digital assets to let you build a new consultant offering, starting from scratch or adding it to your current capabilities. Actually, as you will see, these tools will be a big help in managing your own website and marketing materials, even if you don’t have clients you work for. It’s just that your license allows you to sell your creations to other business, in addition. The DesignBundle Local Edition was released a week ago by Ifiok NK, John Gibb,... [...]

Local Business Consultants: New PLR marketing aids #ad

Most local businesses don’t know the power of press releases. Also, even if they know the value of press releases, they, for the most part, don’t know how to create one and distribute it to the press. That creates a business opportunity fo a marketing consultant. P.D. Laughlin has created a complete Consultant’s Press Release Marketing Kit to set you up in this business. For example, to bring clients to you, he includes what he calls “a powerful, professionally written 1,700+ word lead-gen report, ‘5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Press Releases!'”. You... [...]

45% of small businesses still don’t have a website

The small business world is slowly catching up with the new digital reality: a business without a website is losing sales. But a poll by CNBC in conjunction with Survey Monkey reveals that there is still a large group of businesses that are hesitant to invest in a site. Barriers include fear of the expected high cost, a feeling that the process is too complicated for the average business person, and concern that the investment won’t pay off. Website building software(such as WordPress) and hosting providers (such as Wix) with special site building tools are making it easier for business owners... [...]

Flaxie WP theme builds websites for local businesses #ad

Flaxie WP Theme is a new premium WordPress theme, with a developer’s license that allows you to build as many sites as you want. It was primarily built for marketing agencies, so it comes with: ► 15 Done For You Local Demo Site Templates ► 15 Social Media Cover Designs ► 15 Local Business Card Designs ► 15 Local Flyer Designs This theme is more than just a design for your agency website. You can just as easily use your developer’s license to build customer sites, because this theme is so flexible. It’s not just responsive; that’s a given these days. It also has: ■... [...]

Help local businesses improve their website results #ad

As an experienced marketer online, you probably know that the ‘Google’s Speed Update’ to their ranking algorithm rolled out July 9 2018. If you are a consultant to local businesses, that provides a new business opportunity for you. And it could be a start of a long-term relationship with local businesses. This new Google algorithm uses Mobile loading speed to help determine a site’s ranking in the search results. You may know that already, but most local businesses don’t, and even if they did know it: 1. They don’t know how their site performs 2. They don’t... [...]