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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Archive for the 'Business Management' Category

Seven Ways to Build A Loyal Customer Base

Building a loyal customer base requires more detailed work than complex work. It takes time to learn what your customers want and bring it to life in your business. Equally important for improving customer loyalty is ensuring your approach is rooted in genuineness, appreciation, and honesty. Earning consumer trust and confidence can impact all things in your business, but it’s not a simple feat. People aren’t prone to giving companies a second chance when they have a bad experience at any point in their customer journey. Focusing on building loyalty from introduction to purchase and beyond... [...]

Unlimited Cloud Storage with PrimeDrive #ad

Too bad we didn’t have PrimeDrive when we lost a hard drive full of data during what we thought was a safe backup. We ran out of hard drive space, bought a 2TB flash drive to save our data on, to free up space on the hard drive. But the flash drive was a fake [too bad; we didn’t see this video until later:]; it only held a few MB, not 2 TB. When it filled the space, it wrapped around to the beginning and wrote our data on top of the previous data. In the end, we lost over 90% of important data. With PrimeDrive, it’s different. It is... [...]

How Customer Experience (CX) Impacts Remote Business Mgt. Strategy

Consider this scenario. You are building a remote workforce, perhaps scattered around the world. And you are committed to doing everything in your power to help your remote staff thrive. As part of your efforts, you need to reassess your customer experience (“CX”) initiatives. Internal communication between your remote workers and you (and with each other) can impact how well you meet your customers’ needs. That review of your customer interactions can show you misalignments between these initiatives and your remote business management strategy.  Understanding the Relationship... [...]

The Crypto Underworld: Insider’s guide to crypto business #ad

The Crypto Underworld Webinar is at 10:00 EST. You can attend the webinar at no cost. If you haven’t reserved your spot, don’t wait; do it now; the webinar is this morning, and spots are filling up fast. Register here now to ensure you have a spot for this no cost webinar: The Crypto Underworld Webinar. You’re going to learn a lot about crypto and get your hands on a special bonus just for attending. Unfortunately, when most people think of crypto, they think about Bitcoin and believe they need a massive investment to get into the ‘crypto game,’ but that’s just not the case. This... [...]

Five Marketing “Must Haves” for Success

Maybe you’ve been online a long time, or maybe you are new in this profession. Either way, avoiding mistakes (either rookie mistakes or careless mistakes) will improve your results. Keep your eye on the ball. What is your mission? What is the purpose of your activity? Of course, it is likely to ultimately be to earn a living, but that can be done in many ways. Why are you publishing your newsletter or updating your website? The answer, to be effective, needs to be user-focused. What are you trying to help your readers/ users/ customers accomplish? That’s the key to successful online... [...]

Will your business survive you? Create your business continuity plan #ad

You Need Business Continuity Plan ContentSparks, a company dedicated to producing training content for marketers and consultants everywhere, has a new training package called Create Your Business Continuity Plan. This is an important program for every company owner in every market, no matter what size the company is. Because you never can predict when a life-changing crisis will occur – a family member’s emergency, power interruption, death or incapacity of the leader, even a pandemic – it will occur sometime; the time to prepare is now. If you aren’t prepared, everyone... [...]

What is VidProposals? #ad

VidProposals is your all-in-one secure business proposal and contract management suite that helps you create professional video proposals, which include legal contracts for your clients to sign and seal the deal, all from one place. Here is what you can do with it: ➤ Create custom business proposals from dozens of included templates or from scratch ➤ Add graphics, text, and video that can be recorded right in the app ➤ Include a legal, secure contract for clients to sign with an E-Signature ​​​​​​​➤ Be notified when your client opens the contract and signs it ➤ Review returned... [...]

Robert Plank’s new Kindle book: Course Correct

Robert Plank is giving away copies of his new Kindle book, hoping for reviews from early readers. We got a copy today. It will be free for another day or two. Here is the note he sent us: Quick question… if you continue with the same course of action that led you to this point, will you experience the same results? Is that good or bad? So, don’t you think you could perhaps “use” a new set of tools to get a handle on your income, your mindset, emotional control, productivity, then this book will be the most important thing you read today: Course Correct: Lessons, Principles & Strategies... [...]

Working from home with pets in the house

Many online marketers and solo entrepreneurs have been working from home for years. During the last year or so, the number has grown as many offices were locked down. Surveys report that having tasted the freedom of movement and relaxed atmosphere of working from home, many of these “johnnies-come-lately” want to stay where they are, thank you. No more crowded cubicle life for them. But working at home can have its complications. For example, working at home when there is a pet in the house can be “interesting.”   Dogs are probably the most challenging of the typical pets... [...]

Four Questions to Ask Before Partnering with Someone

Bizwomen Contributor Lindsay Mueller has published an article highlighting 4 questions to ask before you bring in a business partner. She says, “Due to the quickly evolving pandemic business landscape, many business owners have explored new options to sustain and pivot their business model within the past year. For some business owners, this has meant bringing in a business partner for the first time. While a new partnership can help enhance your current operations, bringing on a business partner is not similar to hiring a new employee. The decision to bring another party into your business... [...]