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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Archive for the 'Facebook List Building' Category

SocIgnitor: Automated Facebook Messenger marketing #ad

SocIgnitor is an brand new ‘all in one’ tool for: ► Facebook Fan Engagement, ► Lead Generation, ► Marketing and ► Messenger management. It allows you to collect leads directly from Facebook and then send bulk messages to these leads and to all your Facebook Fan Page Members. SocIgnitor is online Software as a Service(SaaS), so you don’t have to download and configure anything. It includes many tools to automate your Facebook marketing: ■ A Facebook Messenger ‘autoresponder’ that allows you to send messages and automated responses to your leads and your fans... [...]

ListGrow software builds strong lists 5 ways #ad

Many online marketers have seen the value of ListGrow. Although it was only released a few days ago, over 1000 copies have been sold. It contains 5 kinds of tools that aid you in building your mailing list ► An Automated Social Media tool ► Facebook Ad Creatives, ready-made for your campaign ► Email Swipes For Solo ads ► Lead Capture Pages ► Thank You Pages ListGrow. will allow you build highly responsive email lists across multiple niches to sell your products and affiliate products. It comes loaded with 100+ DFY list building funnels as well as an inbuilt traffic generation software. You... [...]

Powerful Facebook Leads2List system just released #ad

With billions of users, Facebook can be the online marketer’s best friend. It lets you target people with pinpoint accuracy by using with all the targeting options it offers you. If you aren’t getting good results with your Facebook ads, you may be running into a common problem: People may close your landing page within the first 4 seconds without being tempted by what you are offering.Here’s why: A lot of people don’t like to enter their email address and share it with merchants. Small consolation I know, but it’s an industry-wide problem; you’re just one of the... [...]

Integrate Facebook with webinar managers, autoresponders, etc #ad

Andrew Darius has just released SyncLeads, software that can change the way you do Facebook marketing. Darius says this new software is “3rd Generation Lead Ads Tech [that is] Facebook Approved”. If you invest a lot of energy in Facebook marketing, this new application is for you. All your Facebook marketing operations can become synchronized for the first time. Marketers who are heavy users of Facebook marketing collect a lot of contact information through Facebook. They have multiple uses for that information. It has been a difficult task to share that contact information with other... [...]

PageFlame: Instant Viral Traffic from Facebook #ad

Lee Pennington and Danny Ade just released PageFlame, software that can transform your Facebook marketing. To successfully sell on Facebook, you need to get your message in front of the right people. This requires getting it into the news feed where they will actually see it, not depending on their decision to visit your fan page. Let your ad in the news feed drive them to your fan page; don’t leave it to chance. Of course, when they get to your fan page, they need to find professional-quality content. PageFlame meets both of these needs. In fact, it: • Builds drag & drop eCommerce,... [...]

A Proven Formula for Generating 500 Leads per Day #ad

New York Times Best Selling Author, Ron Douglas has been using $5 Facebook ads to get over 500 leads daily. He reports how he did it in Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training. Follow his process and you may have similar success. Douglas says Facebook has been a gravy train for him. Douglas gets his opt-ins and his sales for a real bargain price, and he wants to share this profitable information with you. One advantage of Facebook ads is that, unlike AdWords, you can drive traffic to landing pages (if you’re careful) so you can capture contact information for your list. This makes the click... [...]

Social Lead Chief: pre-sold leads from Facebook #ad

The important thing about marketing messages, however well crafted, is that they need to be presented to people who have a need and a desire for what you are selling. Otherwise the effort (and expense) is wasted. New software, called Social Lead Chief 2.0, helps you find Facebook members who are looking for what you are selling, so that your sales message can be presented to them. It finds these people by inserting quizzes, surveys and polls in the Facebook newsfeed. In a nutshell, here is what it can do for you: ■ Run Viral quizzes in people’s Newsfeed. ■ Use the lead capture form for any... [...]

Social Lead Chief 2.0: a bridge to Facebook buyers #ad

There’s a recent marketing concept called bridge marketing. The idea is that you build a bridge leading the customer from their current problem situation to the product that can solve the problem they face. It’s a bit of educational activity, You are “priming the pump” so that the customer understands why they need a solution and what a solution should look like, so that when you show them the product you recommend, they see that it is the solution they have been looking for. Today, there’s a new tool being released by Devin Zander and Stefan van der Vlag, called Social Lead Chief 2.0.... [...]

Are you engaged with potential clients on Facebook? #ad

You need to have an ongoing conversation with your followers if you want them to remain interested. The best way to do that is with helpful, periodic emails. Now you can collect email leads right inside your Facebook news feed using the new advanced social marketing technology in Social Engage. This new software, which goes live on Feb 9, allows you to embed high performance opt-in forms right inside its social video player inside Facebook. Social Engage works in Facebook News feeds, Fan pages, Groups, Event Pages. It is Facebook TOS Compliant; that’s important; you don’t want to get banned.... [...]

The final chance to grab a lifetime License to FanBoom #ad

This week, in a Black Friday sale, Tom Murray and his partner, Stuart Frank are making a lifetime license for FanBoom 3.0 available This is a web-based service that lets you create remarkable • Contests, • Optin Pages, • Promotions, • Stores • Surveys, • And more on Facebook fan pages. Now, in version 3, FanBoom is fully responsive to mobile devices. And it has 40 themes (all responsive) you can use to customize your fan pages to look spectacularly attractive. You can get a version for your own Facebook pages or you can get an agency license so you can make attractive pages for your... [...]