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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Archive for the 'Email List Building' Category

How To Build An Email List Fast [Video]

To achieve email marketing success, you need a list that helps you reach out and target a large audience. HubSpot has published a new video ‘8 Expert Tips To Build An Email List Fast’ to help you build an email list. The HubSpot team says, “An email list is one of the most important assets an online marketer can have. In this video, you will learn eight tips on how to build an email list that will help you grow your business.” HubSpot  [...]

Automated List Building Software: Everything You Need to Know

Automated list-building software is a type of marketing automation tool that allows you to create lists of audience members. HubSpot contributor Kristen Baker has published an article explaining what is automated list building software and why marketing teams need it. She says, “Here are some examples of the many benefits that you’ll get from using automated list building software. Segment customers into groups for targeting. Identify your most qualified leads and personas. Personalize customer experiences to help you retain more customers. Offer your customers the information and... [...]

Using Online Quiz to Grow Your Email List

When it comes to email marketing, having a big subscriber list is one of the most important things. You need to adopt a variety of tactics to attract subscribers. Blogging Wizard contributor Jessica Pereira has published an in-depth article on growing your email list with an online quiz. She says, “Online quizzes are a not-so-secret strategy to attracting more website visitors and boosting your email list. In this guide, we’ll show you how quizzes work and five steps to creating your own! How can an online quiz increase email subscribers? 1. Quizzes are engaging Interactive content—quizzes,... [...]

Kyza builds landing pages, opt-in forms, pop-ups #ad

Kyza is an all-in-one growth suite for your online business. It automates your marketing campaigns with a pre-built library of landing pages, opt-in forms, and AI-enabled notification pop-ups. Now, you can capture emails, collect leads, and mail them your offers with this one suite of SaaS software. As soon as you logon to Kyza, you are able to use its streamlined capabilities with the help of easy-to-understand HD video training. Plus, if you have any trouble, the Customer Support team is available to guide you at every step, 24*7. With Kyza, you save complexity and you also save expenses: ❎No... [...]

IntelliSqueeze builds GDPR-compliant squeeze pages online #ad

IntelliSqueeze allows you to create GDPR-friendly squeeze pages (a.k.a. landing pages) in just a few minutes, with everything you need, from easy-to-use online SaaS software. There’s nothing like it at anywhere near this price. It was created by Alessandro Zamboni and Dirk Wagner, who were the creators of the popular Cheatsheet Generator SaaS software. As you may know the European Union is a stickler for having websites adhere exactly to the General Date Privacy Regulation. This new compliance tool assures your visitors understand and agree to your privacy protection policies by placing the... [...]

NinjaLeads: Gather good leads with lead magnet system #ad

NinjaLeads, just released by Satish Gaire is a cloud-based SAAS product that allows you to build your list by capturing real leads. You can start building leads within minutes of getting access. That’s important since if you are not generating fresh new leads for your business, natural mailing list attrition will cause it to gradually shrivel and die. We know, that sounds really harsh, but people change their goals and interests. People on your list will eventually move on to something else. You need to continually replace them with new people. What if you could generate fresh leads for your... [...]

How to Create Your Own Money Magnets #ad

Amanda Craven just released Money Magnets. You have probably heard the term “lead magnet”, which refers to a gift marketers offer to people who sign up to join their email list. Craven says they worked well in the past, but in the highly competitive world today, we need to up our game. The gifts that attracted sign-ups to your list no longer have the magnetism they once had. That’s why she created Money Magnets. To show you how to create new link magnets designed for the new age. Craven shares a new improved lead magnet process that attracts not only email addresses, but also... [...]

Gift Machine: Give away gifts to build your business #ad

People love getting something free. WP Gift Machine helps you get sign-ups, by giving them a gift, but also by attracting people to your offer and nudging them to accept it. Historically, marketers have tried using pop-ups to invite people to sign up for a mailing list. Pop-ups are intrusive and annoying. People don’t like them. WP Gift Machine is different. Its icon sits quietly at the side of the screen, with a little animation so that it is noticed, but it doesn’t demand attention. It offers a gift (sometimes called a “lead magnet”) if the user will sign up. The user... [...]

Building An Email List Using Contact Form

Getting more and more email subscribers is a way to enhance your online reach and create more business opportunities. Blogging Wizard’s Adam Connell has shared a step-by-step guide to building an email ist using a contact form. He says, “Why should you use a contact form to build your email list exactly? It’s one of the quickest and easiest to grow your email list. It’s particularly effective for those offering services who are encouraging visitors to use their contact form. Ok, so why should you use Kali Forms? There’s no shortage of WordPress contact form plugins on the market.... [...]

Email Videos Pro: increase opens, clicks, and sales #ad

Email Videos Pro gives you a marketing advantage: Emails with “Video” in the subject line receive 6% more opens than other emails, according to SuperOffice. Now you can include “video” in your subject, but, even better, a live video in your emails. Take a look at just some of Email Videos Pro‘s features: ➤ Works with all your Video content. Select a video from your (or your client’s) YouTube, Dropbox, Vimeo. ➤ Choose from the built-in library of DFY Premium Quality Stock Videos or upload files directly from your desktop ➤ It detects the device and the email... [...]