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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Search Engine Optimization' Category

Yoast’s Linguistic Approach to Creating High Ranking Content

Yoast SEO expert Fleur Heesen has published an article highlighting a linguistic approach to creating content that ranks. Heesen says, “Before we can go into the linguistic approach to SEO, we first have to understand what language is. Language consists of many different aspects. Think about it: we make speech sounds or write letters, which together form words. We put these words in a specific order, so they form sentences and phrases. And these sentences mean something to us. Sometimes we also want to achieve something with language. For example, when we say “it’s cold in here,” we... [...]

URL Structure: 13 Questions Answered

A secure and accessible website, a quick page load speed, the website’s mobile friendliness, the descriptiveness of the URL and keyword-optimized content are the elements that help you to form an effective SEO strategy. Your website is an online resource. As with all online resources, it has a URL (that is, a Uniform Resource Locator). With an SEO optimized URL structure you can improve your website traffic. Cognitive SEO contributor Adrian Cojocariu has shared a comprehensive guide on URL structure answering 13 important questions. Cojocariu says, “Servers and browsers use URLs... [...]

A Fresh Take on FAQs for SEO

Rank Ranger has published a new podcast episode ‘A Fresh Take on FAQs for SEO’ featuring Ashley Segura. Mordy Oberstein and Sapir Karabello say, “Ashley Segura the mad hatter of Top Hat Rank joins the podcast to offer a fresh look at FAQs for SEO! Why a good FAQ is super helpful for your SEO One massive FAQ? Multiple categorized FAQs? How to craft your FAQs! From markup to media, how to enhance, track, and judge the effectiveness of your FAQs! Plus, we look at CTR on the SERP when ranking above the fold vs below the fold”. A Fresh Take on FAQs for SEO Rank Ranger  [...]

ContentKing’s Lessons from SEO Fails

SEO is an experimental process. You need to try different tactics and practice the one that deliver desired results. ContentKing’s Ondřej Koraba has shared some useful lessons from the real world SEO fails from 2020. Koraba says, “SEO can be rather tricky. One bad click or a rogue character can ruin everything. Learning from mistakes does wonders. That’s why we’ve covered quite a few SEO disasters in the past. We thought it was time for another edition, so we’ve compiled the top five SEO fails that took place in 2020. Let’s see what major companies did wrong and how you... [...]

The Importance of an SEO Audit [Podcast]

An SEO audit is the process of analyzing how well your SEO strategy working. It helps you to identify the issues affecting organic search performance of your site. Search Engine Journal‘s Brent Csutoras has published a new podcast episode ‘The Importance of an SEO Audit’ featuring Brian Harnish. Csutoras says, “For episode 199 of The Search Engine Journal Show, I had the opportunity to interview Brian Harnish, Sr. SEO Analyst at Bruce Clay, Inc. Harnish talks about the common problem areas he encounters when conducting SEO audits, how to deliver an audit that drives... [...]

Impact of Semantic Search on SEO

Semantic search helps search engines to return the most relevant search results. It focuses on the meaning behind search queries instead of the traditional keyword matching. Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecánek has published an article on Semantic Search and how it affects SEO process. Pecánek says, “Although there are countless variables at play, the principles of semantic search, why it’s needed, and how it’s influenced are easy to understand. Users often don’t use the same language as the desired content Many searches are unintentionally ambiguous The need to understand lexical... [...]

Botify Shares Five Post-COVID SEO & CX Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected businesses around the world. As the world enters into the new normal, it is the time to discover the kind of SEO and customer experience trends we may face. Botify‘s Petra Kis-Herczegh has shared five SEO and CX trends that would be seen post COVID-19. Kis-Herczegh says, “Today’s uncertain climate makes it harder to anticipate and plan for seasonal dynamics and customer response, but we’ve detected five trends that emerged due to COVID-19 that we think are here to stay. Online shopping isn’t going anywhere Promotions will draw... [...]

6-Step Guide to Balancing Paid & Organic Search

Search is an integral part of your business promotion strategy today. An effective SEO strategy enables you to grow your traffic from search engines and make more sales. iPullRank‘s Mujahid Robinson has shared a six-step guide to help you balance your paid and organic search efforts in the wake of COVID-19. Robinson says, “To understand why your Paid and Organic Search strategies are so essential right now, let’s take a look at the facts. A recent survey found that consumers believe that the Coronavirus outbreak has already changed their shopping behavior. With malls and shopping... [...]

5 Common Objections to SEO (& How to Respond)

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘5 Common Objections to SEO (& How to Respond)’ featuring Kameron Jenkins. The MOZ Team says, “With marketing budgets taking a hit under the economic strain of COVID-19, advocating for the value SEO can bring to a struggling business is a new take on an old battle. This popular Whiteboard Friday episode by Kameron Jenkins covers five common objections you’ll hear to SEO and how to counter them with smart, researched, fact-based responses — an important skill to brush up on now more than ever”. MOZ  [...]

Nine-Step Guide to Creating SEO-Friendly URLs

URLs that are designed to meet the needs of users and searchers are known as SEO friendly URLs. Such URLs make it easier for search engines to find your content. Ahrefs contributor Joshua Hardwick has published a nine-step guide to help you create SEO-friendly URLs. Hardwick says, “There’s rarely much point changing existing URL slugs as it takes too much time. You’re also likely to do more harm than good. So let’s focus on new posts and pages. If you did keyword research and created content around that keyword, jump to step 6. If you created your page without doing keyword research... [...]