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Saturday, November 27, 2021

SEO and Accessibility: Technical SEO [Series Part 3]

MOZ has published the third video in ‘SEO and Accessibility: Technical SEO’ series featuring Cooper Hollmaier. The MOZ team says, “We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on SEO and accessibility. In the final installment, Cooper shows you how the technical SEO strategies you implement across your site can help make it more perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust”. MOZ  [...]

SEO and Accessibility: Content [Series Part 2]

MOZ has started a new video series on Accessibility and SEO featuring Cooper Hollmaier. The first video was published last week. The second part of the video series has been published today. The MOZ team says, “As SEOs, our goal when we’re creating content is to provide equitable access, which means that content isn’t just available to search engines, but also to people of all abilities. In the second installment of his three-part accessibility series, Cooper shows you how to ensure that your amazing content is accessible by bots AND people”. MOZ  [...]