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Monday, January 27, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Strategies to Use Headings for Better SEO

There are several elements that play important role in helping you to achieve better search rankings. Your web page heading is one such element that tells the search engine about your page. Search Engine Journal contributor Roger Montti has shared some useful tips on using headings for improved SEO based on insights shared by Google’s […]

Looking Back at SEO in 2019 [Podcast]

SEO keeps changing with Google algorithm updates. In 2019, Google announced several changes to its algorithms which required improvements in your strategies. Rank Ranger team has published a new podcast episode ‘Looking Back at SEO in 2019’ featuring Ross Tavendale of Type A Media. Rank Ranger team says, “Ross Tavendale of Type A Media joins us to reflect […]

Building and Assessing a SEO Holiday Keyword List [Podcast]

Your holiday marketing efforts need a strong SEO strategy for reaching more people online. And for better SEO performance you need an ability to perform effective keyword research. Searchmetrics contributor Jordan Koene has published a new podcast episode ‘Building and Assessing a SEO Holiday Keyword List’ featuring Tyson Stockton. Koene says, “Santa is always making […]

Are You Making These SEO Mistakes?

You need a well-planned SEO strategy to get more web traffic from search engines. To achieve your search engine marketing goals, you should avoid any kind of mistakes. Authority Labs contributor Ashley Segura has shared eight things that might be hurting your SEO strategy. Segura says, “Decoding the mysteries of search engine optimization can be […]

Four Tips to Writing Title Tags for Improved SEO

A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of your web page. Title tags appear on search engine result pages in response to search queries. Tags also appear in social media posts and browser tabs. According to Moz “title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content”. Title tags […]

Your Guide to Robots Meta Tag & X‑Robots-Tag

The robots meta tags and the x‑robots-tag intimate the search engines to crawl and index your website. You need comprehensive knowledge of both these SEO elements to use them in best possible manner. Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecánek has published a short guide on Robots Meta Tag & X‑Robots-Tag to help you understand and use these tags […]

Common Mistakes with Technical SEO [Podcast]

A strong SEO strategy helps you to improve your website’s overall searchability and visibility which results into better business performance. You have to be very careful in crafting your search engine marketing strategy that can help you to influence the search engines and achieve better results. Craig Campbell has published a new podcast ‘Common Mistakes […]

How To Write Perfect Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for SEO [Video]

Quality content, targeted keywords, meta title, meta description, backlinks and social media are the ingredients of a strong SEO strategy. To make sure that your site makes it to the Google search result pages, you need to keep your strategies in congruence with the algorithms. Exposure Ninja’s Tim Cameron has published a YouTube video showing […]

Search Engines and Marketing Success

It may be hard to believe, but search engine have been around for 25 years, helping internet users find what they are looking for. In the early days, an army of humans collected data and made it available. Yahoo was the best-known search engine taking that approach. They have tried various user interfaces, including an […]

How to Rank a Local Business Website

We found this infographic through the Huffington Post. Source: 99 MediaLab 99 MediaLab