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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Source Code Gold Mine 14: 10 hot products to call your own #ad

Jeremy Burnshas been creating PLR products for nearly 10 years. He releases a new product about once a month. Every five or six months, he releases a package of products he calls a Source Code Gold Mine.. It’s a robust package of 10 products that he offers for you to resell as your own. You place you name on the product, change the covers or anything else you want to change. Then you sell it and keep all the profits. Now, he has released the 14th collection of PLR products in the series. As usual, he includes a mix of software, e-books and multi-media products in this collection. Check... [...]

Source Code Gold Mine v. 14 Sneak Preview now open #ad

For 6 or 7 years, Jeremy Burns has been creating content for other people to sell. About twice a year he offers 10 or so PLR packages bundled into what he calls a Source Code Gold Mine. He just announced his 14th edition of this perennial favorite. As in the past, in Source Code Gold Mine v. 14, you get 10 products you can put your name on and sell. Plus, you get complete websites with which to sell them. On Monday, it goes on sale for $197. Then it goes up another $50 four days later, and five days after that it goes up another $50 to $297. But, as readers of IM NewsWatch, you are invited to a... [...]

Do you need an information product to sell? #ad

Jeremy Burns is famous for creating high-quality products for other people to sell. For about 7 years, he has been creating bundles of products he calls his Source Code Goldmine or SCGM for short. Each time he releases a new SCGM, people flock to it because they know the products in it are high-quality and will be something they would like to resell. They don’t mind having their name associated with anything Burns creates. He is about to announce his 13th SCGM on September 13, for $197. But IM NewsWatch has gotten early access to SCGM 13, and we are making this access available to you, as... [...]

Jeremy Burns’s Latest Marketer’s PLR Pack #ad

Burns has selected four niches that are evergreen and has produced outstanding PLR packages for each  Jeremy Burns’s Latest Marketer’s PLR Pack For each niche, you get: + A report that averages 10,000+ words to sell or give away + 25 Articles for the niche, between 400 and 700 words per article + A research report for you, that gives you sample headlines and sub-Headlines, bullet points and swipe copy for your salesletter or squeeze page. Plus competitive research The four niches in this package are: *Building a home swimming pool * Catching a cheating spouse or lover * Advertising... [...]

‘The Greatest Copywriting Secret Of All Time’ by Jeremy Burns

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Jeremy Burns’s latest blog post is titled “The Greatest Copywriting Secret Of All Time”. [Jeremy Burns’s Blog] […]  [...]

Jeremy Burns Launches ‘SCGoldMine v6’

Jeremy Burns has launched ‘SCGoldMine v6’. According to Jeremy , ‘SCGoldMine v6’ contains 10 PLR products and fast action bonuses like 2 copies of double binder ‘SEO Home Immersion Course’ with rights. [‘SCGoldMine v6’] […]  [...]

‘SCGoldMine v6’ Launches June 10

Jeremy Burns is launching ‘SCGoldMine v6’ on Tuesday, June 10 at 9.00 am EST. According to Jeremy, ‘SCGoldMine v6’ will contain 10 PLR products and 2 fast action bonuses. [SCGoldMine v6] […]  [...]

’35 Camtasia Cash Secrets Pre-Release’ Jeremy Burns’ Video

Jeremy Burns’ latest blog post is titled “35 Camtasia Cash Secrets Pre-Release sets available.” According to Jeremy, only 35 people can grab a pre-release copy of Camtasia Cash Secrets. [Free Video Training] […]  [...]

‘SCGoldMine v5’ Update: 84 Copies Left

There are 84 copies of Jeremy Burns’ ‘SCGoldMine v5’ left. [SCGoldMine v5 Update] […]  [...]

‘SCGoldMine v5’ Update: 277 Copies Left

There are 277 copies of Jeremy Burns’ ‘SCGoldMine v5’ left. [SCGoldMine v5 Update] […]  [...]