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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'WordPress Plugins' Category

Ultimate Banner Plugin for pro-quality banners and pop-ups #ad

The Ultimate Banner Plugin lets you create professional looking banners. When people click on these banners, you can send the traffic wherever you choose or show pop up with an opt-in form or, for that matter, display any HTML you choose. Now, you can create banners for any activity, event, service or product (your own or an affiliate products) you want to promote. This software lets you build your banners in seconds, and customize them quickly from the extensive template collection that is included. You can manage all this capability in one convenient admin area inside your WordPress dashboard. You... [...]

‘7 Keys to Creating a Successful WordPress Plugin’ – Copyblogger

Sonia Simone says, “If you want to build a software business, there are a lot of advantages to the world of WordPress plugins. To begin with, you have a built-in audience of committed users. That audience is massive — around a quarter of the planet’s websites use WordPress. And that number is growing every day. But we all know that “Build it and they will come” is a myth — for software or any other business. There are tens of thousands of plugins with just a few downloads, and a few successful standouts. Here’s how to put your awesome plugin in the second category.”. 7 Keys... [...]

Have a WordPress site? You need to back it up-now #ad

IM NewsWatch had server problems a couple of weeks ago. We were down for a week. It was a miserable 10 days. Why the long delay in getting it back running after the break-down? Well, we had out data backed up, but our software that runs the site had not been backed up and it it had to be re-built. We learned our lesson. Your whole site needs to be backed up. If you are one of the 76% of WordPress users who don’t back up your site, you are courting disaster. There are many ways your site can fail: • Hard disks fail. • Your site can get hacked. • You can install incompatible... [...]

Perfect Storm Of SEO Traffic, Viral Traffic & Cash Generation #ad

Cindy Donovan Bettye has been hard at work, turning out useful software for people and companies who market their goods and services online. One of her latest and best is StickyPost. This is a new WordPress plugin that any person can use. It lets you pull into your posts, graphics that will illustrate them, making them more attractive, more “sticky”. In summary, StickyPost lets you turn any post into an image-rich, fully monetized slideshow divided into compelling bite-sized mini-posts. Three steps: 1. Write your post 2. Decide how many sections you would like it divided into 3. Click... [...]

‘How to Create Profitable WordPress Themes, Plugins, and More’ – Copyblogger

Brian Clark says, “A business powered by digital products is ideal. It’s still hard work (naturally), but you don’t have the particular headaches of dealing with clients or shipping physical goods. If you’re considering building a digital business (or adding to your existing one), the premium WordPress market is definitely something you should consider. WordPress powers more than 25 percent of the websites in the world, and there’s a constant demand for themes, plugins, hosted solutions, and more. The key to success is avoiding the common mistakes that entrepreneurs commit when entering... [...]

Fortune 500 companies and celebrities drive traffic for you #ad

The new social media site Periscope is full of opportunity for marketers, but most marketers haven’t caught on to it yet. This new site adds 10 years of content every day, and virtually all is free for you to use for your own marketing. Not only that, people watch 40 years of the historic content every day. This is a big deal, if only you could exploit that bounty of content in your marketing. Cindy Donovan Bettye saw the potential, studied how to take advantage of it and produced a training program that shows you all she learned (and software to implement it.) She calls this package WP Scope... [...]

ScrollTabs WordPress Plugin: Scrolling messages get attention #ad

A moving “ticker tape” style message, scrolling across your home page; what a way to attract people’s attention to something important. Ken Reno has a new WordPress plugin, ScrollTabs WordPress Plugin, that will do just that. In fact, it will add a scrolling message, not just to WordPress sites, but also to HTML pages And not only do you get the right to use this feature on your own sites. You also can sell the plugin.. You can even sell the right to sell the plugin. For less than $10, you can use it yourself on all your sites. And you can earn money from your subscribers by... [...]

’21 WordPress Backup Plugins to Protect Your Blog and Site’ – Small Business Trends

Matt Mansfield says, “It’s 9 a.m. on a Tuesday and one of Tom’s regular customers just called to let him know that the website is down. Jumping into action, Tom calls his hosting company only to find out that his website database has become corrupted thanks to the new plugin he added last week. Their advice? Restore his site using the latest backup. As he hangs up the phone, reality hits: he hasn’t backed up his company’s website for over eight months. He knew it had to have it done, but it just kept getting put off in the face of more urgent-seeming tasks. Head in his hands, Tom... [...]

Sell WordPress websites without WP branding #ad

If you are a consultant who sells websites to your clients, WordPress is both a blessing and a curse. If makes it easy for you to build sites, but it also makes it easy for your clients to take their upgrade and maintenance work to someone else. Neil Napier‘s new Press Label software let’s you build sites even easier, while customizing the so they don’t have a “cookie cutter” feel. Using this new software, you can easily: • Rebrand WordPress with your own brand • Customize the navigation for the site • Custom-Build login pages for your client sites •... [...]

AliExpress: Become an affiliate for world’s biggest merchant #ad

Yes, Alibaba’s AliExpress is bigger than Walmart, bigger than Amazon, bigger than Shopify and bigger than McDonalds. Last year UPS and FedEx handled 5 billion packages from Alibaba. And it invites affiliates to help it make sales. It costs nothing to become an affiliate and it’s simple to join. Here are some key facts about the Alibaba online empire: • With the right software it’s easy to set up a store in just minutes. • There is less affiliate competition than Amazon and eBay, • The Global Reach of AliExpress lets your one affiliate site handle requests from... [...]