The Copyblogger team has published a guide to the best WordPress tools. The guide also covers information on WordPress hosting, themes, plugins, SEO, security, and more.

Talking about the guide, the Copyblogger team says, “With this foundational expertise, Copyblogger knows WordPress as well as anyone. We know which hosts, themes, and plugins you should trust to power your website — and which ones you shouldn’t.

This Buyer’s Guide answers questions like:

  • What are the best options for WordPress hosting?
  • Which WordPress themes can you trust?
  • What kind of security tools will protect your site?
  • Which SEO tools deliver benefits that are worth the price?
  • How do I know which plugins provide the best functionality

We’ve distilled our best and most current WordPress recommendations to answer all these questions and more. If you’re using WordPress to build an audience or support a business (or planning to), this is your one-stop-shop for all the basic tools and services you absolutely must have”.

The Copyblogger Guide to the Best WordPress Tools: Hosting, Themes, Plugins, SEO, Security, and More


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