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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'WordPress Plugins' Category

Tailor your online ads to your reader’s location #ad

There’s a new piece of software that we just learned about. Check it out today because the price will rise at midnight EST Wednesday. Anywhere on your WP website, in your text, as a link for a graphic or in a sidebar, footer or header (literally, anywhere), you can make your advertisements specific to the country or city of your site visitor. It’s all done by the power of Covert Geo Targeter. This plug-in is very clever but super simple. It does one thing only, but it does it well. Covert Geo Targeter lets you insert your visitor’s location (country, city, state/area and country... [...]

WP Optimiser Boosts Conversions For WordPress #ad

It’s a fact that slow loading pages turn away impatient visitors and increase bounce rate for those who stay. The result is that you don’t get the benefit from the traffic you get: ► Your conversions are lower, ► Your bounce rates are higher, ► Your advertising costs are higher. This has been proven over and over in real life. According to if your site takes 3 or more seconds to load you are losing 50% or more of your traffic due to visitor impatience. The problem is especially great for your mobile users since their phones usually have slower connections than... [...]

WP UltraPop: Surprising and Intriguing Attention-getters #ad

It’s harder than ever before to turn visitors into sales. They’re getting jaded and becoming blind to your banners, popups, and call to actions. Your ads need to get the attention of people whose attention is being pulled in a dozen directions. That’s why WP UltraPop was invented. It is a unique, innovative tool to display popups over your WordPress pages and posts. It offers ■ Multiple templates, ■ Multiple trigger events and ■ Multiple kinds of popups. In addition, Ad Blockers are now extremely common, bringing your sales and affiliate commissions even lower. But WP UltraPop isn’t... [...]

Now Anyone Can Create Stunning Website Like a Pro #ad

Moto Theme, version 2 is a premium WordPress theme created by the Himanshu Softtech Company, a ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Elite Author (where they are known as “KamleshYadav”). They have worked behind the scenes for over 20 6 Figure IM software launches. This impressive theme makes it easy to create: ► Sales Pages ► Landing Pages ► Blogs ► E-commerce sites ► Company websites ► Portfolio Pages ► and much more. They are offering Moto Theme, version 2 with a Developer’s License that lets you build as many sites as you want, for yourself or for your clients. (That’s important... [...]

Site Ranker Pro: New WP Plugin Improves Local Business Rankings #ad

If you assist local marketers in their online marketing, this new software may be something you should include on the WordPress websites you build or maintain for them. Site Ranker Pro is being released at 10 am EST. Its job is to rank local businesses for hundreds of highly targeted longtail keywords with just minutes of work. These long-tail keywords can create real “foot traffic” for local businesses. You may be able to charge $1,000/month and up for this service, according to the software developer. The developers of Site Ranker Pro have been using it for years, and they report... [...]

All the content you need for your business #ad

You know what your website needs to succeed. Things like videos, articles, a blog, podcasts,, etc. Instead of creating your content from scratch, suppose you could take any piece of content you think is valuable for your site’s visitors and publish it as your own. And suppose you could do it in less than 3 minutes and then use this content to start building your business. Well, Paul Donahoe has a tool called Silent Siphon that has been doing that for him and can do it for you. Watch his video and you’ll see exactly how to do it. Donahoe reports that this new tool allows you to: ■... [...]

WP DigiPro: New WP Plugin to Sell Your Digital Products #ad

Now you can start selling your digital products in a matter of minutes. Whether you sell eBooks, software, membership, online courses, graphics, or any other information product, the new WP DigiPro plugin (being announced today) can set up your online sales process in just minutes. There are just 3 simple steps to place your products online using WP DigiPro. You can even build your own “Digital Product Empire” without having to create products of your own. If you have been struggling to sell your own digital products, this new software may be a lifesaver for you. It allows you to run... [...]

WP Total Audit; We bought, installed on IM NewsWatch #ad

All sites have some risk of hacking, but WordPress sites are especially prone to hacking because they are all, by default, organized the same way so crooks can write software to explore the site, mine its data and plant malicious code. That’s a problem because, right now, your site may be at risk. But you can make your site an exception, making it hard to hack by not using the default behaviors, instead changing your site in ways hackers aren’t prepared for. WP Total Audit not only shows you how to harden your site, it also includes a WordPress plugin you can install to automate most... [...]

Use These WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

The WordPress Plugins page features 50,706 plugins. Many bloggers publish list of great plugins for various categories. These plugins make your blogging journey smooth and fruitful. AWeber’ Sam Hollis has shared a list of seventeen WordPress plugins that help marketers improve their email marketing efforts. Hollis says, “If WordPress is your Content Management System (CMS), there are a ton of ways you can use the tool to level up your marketing and achieve greater success. With WordPress plugins, you can do things like supercharge your list building efforts, make your website more... [...]

WP DigiPro: Enables eCommerce, keeps out crooks #ad

At 10 AM EDT today, Tantan Hilyatana announces his company’s latest software: WP DigiPro. This is a WordPress plugin to handle sales and delivery of digital products; • Payment gateways integration (most importantly, Paypal, but also 2Checkout) • Automatic product delivery • Email notification • Member access • Autoresponder integration • Download link protection from theft • And much more. WP DigiPro can support sale of your digital products, whatever they are, for example: ■ Software ■ Web Developer services ■ An Online Course ■ A Membership Site ■ Graphic Design... [...]