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Monday, October 19, 2020

Archive for the 'WordPress Tips' Category

Quick Sprout’s List of Best WordPress Directory Plugin – 2020

Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has published a list of best WordPress directory plugin for 2020. He says, “OUT OF 95 DIRECTORY PLUGINS, THERE ARE 5 TO CONSIDER ADDING TO YOUR WEBSITE Want to jump straight to the answer? We suggest Business Directory Plugin and GeoDirectory for the best WordPress directory plugin.  The Internet is full of directories. In fact, your website might already be listed on some directories right now. Directories like Yelp help consumers find a restaurant or service in their area. While a directory like Angie’s List connects people with contractors for... [...]

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 2020 [Video]

Ahrefs has published a new video ‘How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 2020’ to help you improve your WordPress site speed. In this video, you’ll learn how to speed up your WordPress website in 3 simple steps. Watch the video here. Ahrefs  [...]

QuickSprout’s List of Best Web Hosting for WordPress

QuickSprout’s Lars Lofgren has published a list of the best web hosting for WordPress. Lofgren says, “OUR TOP PICKS FOR THE BEST WORDPRESS HOSTING IN 2020 Want to jump straight to the answer? The best web hosting for most people is definitely Bluehost. So you’ve decided to build your site with WordPress. Great choice! Your next step is to find the best web hosting for your WordPress site. A WordPress-specific web hosting solution is absolutely worth it for the better service, performance, and support for WordPress installs. We’ve gone through all the hosts and ranked the best... [...]

WordPress Plugins You Need

WordPress is the most popular content management system as it controls more than 60% of the of the CMS platform market share. You can improve WordPress site performance with right plugins. Quick Sprout‘s Lars Lofgren has shared a list of  best WordPress plugins across 13 most essential categories. Lofgren says, “I’ve already created extensive guides for each one of these 13 categories. Every guide contains a list of the best WordPress plugins in each segment. And if you’re after something specific, you should check out that post — many of plugins I recommend are for particular... [...]

WordPress (WP) Training Kit (with rights) #ad

You have probably heard of WordPress. It started as a blogging platform, but now it is a complete is a content management system (CMS) for websites. Use WordPress to build any kind of website you like and use its build-in power to manage: ■ All your pages of content ■ All your graphics, videos and other media ■ All your members, if you have a membershp site ■ All your download pages when you sell something ■ And lots more Yes, it’s powerful. But do you know how to use that power? Now, there is a complete, step-by-step WordPress video training encompassing everything you need to... [...]

How to set up SEO on WordPress [Video]

Search engine optimization tools and strategies are vital in growth of your WordPress blog. You get a variety of plugins to optimize your blog content. Zima Media’s Mike Zime has published a video ‘How to Setup WordPress SEO’ to help you correctly set up WordPress SEO. Zima says, “This course has five sections. Please use the navigation to bookmark your favorite parts and rewatch them later. The most important sections have a next to it. Read the FAQs and ask a question to be featured in the FAQ section. This is a course will teach the fundamentals to setting... [...]

SEO Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the Internet. Search Engine Journal’s Julia McCoy has shared 10 reasons why WordPress scores high when it comes to SEO. McCoy says, “What are the reasons behind WordPress’s popularity? There are many. But to you as a marketer, there’s one that stands out: WordPress is the best CMS for SEO. Here are 10 reasons why. 1. WordPress Focuses on User Experience WordPress’s themes and plugins work together to make websites professional,... [...]

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site [E-book]

Website speed is the number one concern your visitors would have. To continue getting them back to your website you should keep taking necessary measurements to provide good site loading speed. ClickZ team has published a new e-book ‘How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site’ to help you boost your WordPress site speed. Download this e-book to learn following: How having a fast site can help boost your rankingsHow to improve your site’s crawl ability for search enginesHow to improve your conversion ratesHow to increases time on your siteHow to decrease your bounce rate. How... [...]

Strategies to Boost WordPress Performance

When it comes to providing great user experience through your website, the first thing that your audience look for is site speed. WordPress powers millions of websites today. And to optimize the WordPress sites what you need is right set of plugins and strategies. Successful WordPress speed optimization can help you to improve your conversion rate and SEO to establish a successful online presence. ClickZ contributor Tereza Litsa has shared eight tips to help you boost your WordPress site performance. Litsa says, “This is the perfect  time of the year to explore the best ways... [...]

8 Plugins to Skyrocket Your Rankings and Traffic [Video]

In the process of getting more visitors to your WordPress website, various plugins play a vital role. You can simplify all your SEO tasks using WordPress plugins. Neil Patel has published a video ‘The Perfect SEO Setup for WordPress: 8 Plugins to Skyrocket Your Rankings and Traffic’ to help you use right plugins for improving your rankings and getting more traffic. Patel says, “WordPress made it easy for anyone to create a website. It’s easy to use, it’s fast, it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Heck, even someone like me who’s... [...]