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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Archive for the 'App Development' Category

‘Google Search Extends Deep Into Apps With Android 4.4 KitKat’ – ‘ReadWrite’

On ReadWrite Web, Adriana Lee says, “The problem that developers face when building an app as opposed to a website is that an app is often left out of search results from Google. Given that Google is the single biggest driver of traffic on the Internet, being left out of search results is kind of a problem. Google is fixing that. Google announced a new feature for developers in Android 4.4, KitKat, today that allows for apps to show up in Google’s search results. “App Indexing” is new feature that puts handy links (or “deep links”) to a user’s mobile apps... [...]

Treasurecoach GameApps 2.0: Get started in the mobile games industry #ad

If you have a best-selling game for iPhone or Android, you can do quite well financially. But when getting started, you may want help from someone ho has been there, done that. Max Vysochanskyy fits that bill. He’s the creator of Angry Tank, a top 50 iPhone family game. He wants to show you how it’s done, and give you some software to help you. He describes his offer this way: “In my crash course you will learn my super tricks and awesome methods to make and market applications.” He calls it Treasurecoach GameApps. He includes: 1. 6 weeks of “underground training” 2.... [...]

The Mobile App Theme: For mobile app developers to show their products #ad

Adrian Niculescu just released The Mobile App Theme. It is specialized for use by developers of mobile apps. It is intended to advertise a new app in a professional-looking website, so that people see the value of the app when they visit the site. Custom content such as “Reasons to buy” or “Testimonials” can be enabled and customized with just a few clicks. Background color for the site can be changed easily. In addition, The Mobile App Theme offers: • Custom images for mobile devices • Rotating testimonials area • Dynamic content area in homepage • Multiple content... [...]

You can build smartphone apps; no tech skills needed #ad

No doubt: the smartphone app market is growing by leaps and bounds. And some people are getting rich by providing simple apps that a lot of people like. The problem is that most of us aren’t programmers. Usually, there’s nobody here but us marketers. So what can we do to participate in this opportunity while it is still growing? A well-known marketer, Matt Rhodes has created Easy App Formula, a blueprint for marketers who want to build apps. Rhodes says, “I couldn’t write a program or develop apps myself if my life depended on it. Yet, despite that, I’ve sold over $100,000... [...]

BizAppGenerator: Builds professional apps for your offline clients #ad

Local businesses increasingly are looking for ways to keep their customers engaged. With the mobile surge in recent years, they need to make their business visible on mobile devices. Mobile apps are the way to do this with some sophistication and customization, and because of this, mobile apps are big business, billions of dollars annually. Unfortunately, programmers have been needed to create them and they can charge more money (usually, thousands of dollars) than many marketers can afford. Now, with the new BizAppGenerator you can create a custom app for any business, an app that runs on both... [...]

Android Domination: Create apps for Android even if you aren’t a programmer #ad

Android apps are big business. Thousands are sold or given away daily. And it’s a market that isn’t going away. Businesses, organizations like clubs and churches, medical offices and more will be using apps to keep in touch with their clients, members and patrons. Now, you can participate in this rush to use Android apps in marketing and sales. And you don’t have to write code to do it. Chris Wakefield has just released Android Domination to show you how. This new training goes beyond the mechanics of creating an app; it also shows you how to handle the business side of the app... [...]

Create Cool Apps for local businesses and bigger corporations #ad

Businesses want to get their message out to their customers and potential customers. These businesses know that mobile devices are growing in number daily. A great way to get their story in front of people is to provide customers with a free app that the customer finds helpful, but also gives the business a chance to promote their sales, specials and news. Amber Jalink has a tool that will let you build these apps and reap the immediate rewards as well as establishing a long-term relationship with your client. She calls it Create Cool Apps. Jalink shows you how to build apps for Android, iPad,... [...]

Mobile App Revolution: Sell quick, useful apps you create #ad

SmartPhone apps are big business (about 30 Billion downloads of Apple iPhone/iPad apps and Android apps and growing daily). The definition of a smart phone app is rather broad. It could refer to a sophisticated Java program that takes months to create, or it could be a simple HTML or PDF document converted to run as an app. The main criterion for a successful app is that it be useful and that it be available from the major app stores (and choosing a clever name couldn’t hurt.) These simple apps could be, for example, a cookbook, a training guide, a restaurant’s menu or a work of fiction. Mobile... [...]

Android List Building: Build Your List Super Fast #ad

Major companies are turning to Android to build their customer relationships. Small internet marketers need to be doing the same since more and more traffic is coming from Android smartphones and tablets. The rise of Android devices is creating a marketplace bigger than Facebook, Twitter Pinterest or even YouTube. Smart marketers aren’t ignoring this “sleeping giant,” they are changing their strategy and focusing more energy on the Android market. Warrior Faraaz has just announced Android List Building, which is designed to start gathering customers from Android. IN this new training,... [...]

“Android App Invasion” shows how a typical marketer can become an app developer #ad

If you keep up with tech trends, you know Android is the first alternative to give Apple’s iPhone a serious “run for the money.” This has created a sizable market for applications (or “apps”) that run on the Android platform. Savvy marketers have rushed to this new marketplace and are creating apps for fill this market need. Even marketers without any technical knowledge can become a winner in this gold rush. Over 15 Billion apps have been created for Android. You don’t have to be a programmer to create apps. There are planty of programmers you can outsource... [...]