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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

#ad Optimization Overdrive by Scott Henderson shares new in-depth insights on the art of SEO

Optimization Overdrive is a comprehensive SEO course that goes well beyond the usual SEO tips and tricks, offering a whole new perspective on the art of SEO. The course covers everything related to SEO, including keyword research, competition analysis, content creation, on-page and off-page SEO, etc., and the critical job of testing Optimization Overdrive is for anyone, newbie to experienced marketer. Methods work in any niche, WordPress and standard HTML sites are supported. Get the most out of any campaign with Optimization Overdrive. Read all the details here.  [...]

#ad The Emperor’s List Enlightenment System reveals a novel way to make squeeze pages for more optins

If you aren’t getting 30% optins, you need to read this training. The author says he was able to build a list of over 2479 people with this system, in a only a few months, and all on autopilot. You get example source files you can use, artwork links (and no Photoshop is needed), scripts and more. All to get your squeeze pages to work harder for you. You need to read all the facts about The Emperor’s List Enlightenment System here.  [...]

#ad How to get ad space on websites and blogs for almost free with “white hat” methods

This completely legal process is explained in Ad Space Snatcher by Jimmy Bredesen. He shows you how to locate suitable sites and blogs and then how to contact site and blog owners to get their agreement In Ad Space Snatcher you will learn how to get targeted advertising space on high traffic niche blogs for surprisingly low prices and profit from them by promoting affiliate programs. Be forewarned: This method takes the passing of time to do its work. You will may not achieve any results right away. But it’s very profitable in the long term. Jimmy explains the potential and the process here.  [...]

#ad Discover Unlimited Amazon Buyer Keywords with Exact Match Domains available in less than 2 minutes

This Amazon Exact match Domain WP plugin is far more widely applicable than the author’s chosen name implies. It finds exact match domains for any keyword, not just Amazon products. Watch him demo this keyword domain finder tool: Then go here to get your own copy of Amazon EMD  [...]

#ad The new “WP SEO Crusher” shares “white hat” techniques to improve the rank of your blog

Discover how to have your blog posts rank higher in your niche. The tweaks you will learn in WP SEO Crusher have been tested 100’s of times, and they work. You will find: Learn How to Get Tag and Category Pages ranking as high as your main blog posts. Learn How to Spread Your Blog Post all over the Place for Free Traffic. Discover the most important free plugins that your WordPress Site cannot live without. Learn how to get quality backlinks for free and even learn where to get your own .edu blog It’s all found in WP SEO Crusher, available here.  [...]

#ad Build an Amazon affiliate store with “Fresh Store Builder” for excellent SEO, easy maintenance, and better sales

Carey Baird has released an automated tool to build Amazon stores called Fresh Store Builder. It allows you to create great websites with unique and useful content. If you are looking to get organic traffic to your websites from search engines, there are no shortcuts – you must create a useful website with great unique content- unlike most other Amazon store builders. Fresh Store Builder allows you to put your own useful unique content in any area of your store. Your store can have specific value to your visitors, so Google will give it more love than stores made with cookie cutters. In fact,... [...]

#ad Aaron Danker announces a free report and video on how he uses resale rights to run a profitable business

Once in a while, the Warrior Special Offers forum has a free WSO. Once in a great while that free WSO is really worth getting. Follow the techniques provided in the report and make use of the resell rights products provided and Aaron says: * You will understand why marketers place so much importance on list-building * You will build your own mailing list of subscribers in the internet marketing niche * You will understand the concept of the auto-responder and know how to fully utilize it * The resell rights products I provide will make your first sale online * You will have the confidence and ability... [...]

#ad He calls it “Outsourcing Miracle” and it’s only 99 cents

Learn to outsource strategically, not just tactically. When you do, you will: Work less Increase your bottom-line Deploy new sites and market them rapidly Make internet marketing easy and fun Diversify your income by adding recurring streams In Outsourcing Miracle you learn the strategies to getting the day-to-day operations of your business outsourced so you can focus on what’s important.  [...]

#ad Amazon’s forgotten “print on demand” service can make you money

Everyone is talking about the profit potential of Amazon’s Kindle store, where you can sell your electronic books. But Amazon offers another custom book store that also can make you good money. It’s called “CreateSpace”. Alan Petersen has created CreateSpace Cash to show you how you can leverage CreateSpace into a good steady cash stream with “print on demand” books.. Click here to learn more about CreateSpace Cash.  [...]

#ad SEO Panda Dundee reveals how one man climbed to the top of Google search in 14 days for a highly-competitive keyword

p>If you want to dominate really competitive keyword searches, you need to update your SEO to account for Google’s latest changes. This requires a new way to approaching your task, making changes your competitors haven’t thought of. You will need to consider the variety of types of links Google is now considering in its ranking. You need the kind of backlinks that Google will not slap. Your backlinks need to be a natural looking as possible./p> SEO Panda Dundeetraining shows you how to handle your SEO needs in under 30 minutes a day and still move up to the upper reaches of Google... [...]