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Monday, January 24, 2022

Archive for the 'Pinterest Marketing' Category

Improve your Pinterest marketing with these tools

Along with Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest has stood out as a competent platform for reaching out new customers online. This photo sharing network allows you to reach out a huge user base. Shopify’s Ana Gotter has shared ten tools that can help brands enhance their Pinterest marketing efforts. Gotter says, “Here are 10 apps and tools that can help you take your Pinterest game to the next level. 1. Tailwind Price: $9.99 USD per month (billed annually) You can save a ton of time on social media marketing by scheduling your content in advance to be automatically published. Tailwind... [...]

Pinterest testing wide-format video ads

Pinterest is testing wide-format video ads with advertisers such as adidas, Kohl’s, American Express, Tropicana, Chevrolet, P&G, and Paramount Pictures this summer. The format is available in16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios so brands can try new and existing creative. Pinterest’s Nancy J says, “With Promoted Video at max. width, your video stands out to drive impact and brand awareness. The format is easy to spot; it spans wider than our standard format in feeds and in search on mobile, so people can sit back and watch your story. People on Pinterest really are more interested in videos... [...]

Strategies to increase your Pinterest followers

Sizable number of followers on any social network can work as a great asset for any brand and network like Pinterest has its immediate benefits for e-commerce retailers. Shopify contributor Desirae Odjick has shared some useful strategies to help marketers increase their followers on Pinterest. Odjick says, “Getting more followers on Pinterest is all about understanding the platform and how it works. Do hashtags matter? What’s really working these days? How do you find your audience? Luckily, there are a few straightforward tweaks to your Pinterest strategy that can help you grow your... [...]

Pinterest’ small business advertisers grow by 50% year-over-year

Pinterest has announced that its small business advertisers have grown by 50% year-over-year since 2017. The company has stated that more than 1.5 million businesses use Pinterest to find customers, share their products and get their ideas out into the world. Pinterest’ news release has highlighted Pinterest Propel which helps businesses grow. Jon Kaplan of Pinterest says, “For some businesses, self-service tools are enough. But we know that many companies prefer one-on-one support to help them get the most out of their time and marketing budget. A year ago we launched Pinterest... [...]

Get more traffic to your site with these Pinterest strategies

Pinterest is one of the most successful social tools to grow your website traffic. Entrepreneur columnist Melyssa Griffin has shared three strategies to use Pinterest for getting more traffic to your sites. Griffin says, “Before utilizing my Pinterest strategies, I had about 2,000 subscribers. Twelve months after implementing my strategic Pinterest system, I was up to 40,000 subscribers. Now, after two years, I’m nearing 200,000 subscribers. It’s kind of insane. And this new surge in traffic and subscribers rapidly grew my business, too. Within one year of using my Pinterest strategies,... [...]

How to increase site traffic with Pinterest

Social media plays an important role in getting more traffic to your websites. Pinterest is one of the platforms which is proved effective in generating traffic. Entrepreneur guest writer Melyssa Griffin has shared three ways you can use Pinterest to boost your site traffic. Griffin says, “Check out these three essential Pinterest strategies that will help you turn this often-neglected platform into your own marketing powerhouse — no matter which niche or industry you’re in. 1. Create a profile that attracts the right people. When you initially create a blog or business, what’s... [...]

Entrepreneur’s Facebook Live event on using Pinterest to grow your audience

The Entrepreneur team is hosting a Facebook Live event on using Pinterest to grow your audience with Pinterest expert Melyssa Griffin on Tuesday, August 15 at 1 pm ET. Andrea Huspeni says, “Griffin is also an experienced mentor. By offering an extensive library of free resources and courses, she has connected with 200,000 entrepreneurs. In a Facebook Live this Tuesday, Griffin, will connect with us. She’ll provide advice to side hustlers, including myself, on how to use Pinterest to massively grow their  audiences. Specifically, she’ll show us: Why you should use Pinterest... [...]

Explore and adopt these brands’ Pinterest strategies

The web is after video today and apart from video pictures matter. And when it comes to pictures  – it is all about Pinterest. Econsultancy’s Nikki Gilliland has shared examples of six brands who have explored great Pinterest strategies for their marketing needs. Gilliland says, “Last month Pinterest was valued at $12.3bn, and it’s predicted to generate more than $500m in revenue by the end of this year. This is mainly thanks to the platform’s growing potential for advertising, with new visual discovery tools and shoppable content driving interest. In turn, many brands... [...]

Mashable announces Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint course

Mashable has announced ‘Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint’ course. This course teaches how Pinterest works and how marketers can use it. Mashable team says, “One of the central challenges of marketing through social media is sorting through buyers and sellers to get a high conversion rate. On many platforms you have to invest big to get a sustainable conversion. However, the vast majority of Pinterest is comprised of buyers, which means well-targeted campaigns have a much higher success rate. This course teaches you how to use Pinterest as a powerful marketing channel and... [...]

Pinterest Introduces Autoplay Video Ads

Marketing Land has reported that Pinterest has started adding autoplay video ads to its users’ feeds and search results. These promoted soundless videos will start playing automatically. The autoplay video ads are seen on the accounts of Adidas, L’Oreal, Toyota, Universal Pictures and Visa. Tim Peterson says, “Since the video ads play automatically and are therefore more likely to get views, they will likely also cost less for advertisers, as has been the case with Twitter’s autoplay video ads since it relaxed its viewability standard. Pinterest will charge advertisers based... [...]