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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Archive for the 'Twitter Marketing' Category

Ask & Answer Questions About Marketing on Pinterest [Twitter Chat]

Social Media Today is hosting a live Twitter chat on ‘Ask & Answer Questions About Marketing on Pinterest’ on Tuesday, September 8 at 12 pm EDT.The SMT team says, “#SMTLive brings together social media marketing professionals from around the world every week to connect and talk about hot topics in the industry. Join us for an insightful and live-ly chat on Twitter every Tuesday from 12-1pm ET”.Ask & Answer Questions About Marketing on PinterestSocial Media Today [...]

Strategies to Engage Audience on Twitter

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter is one of the most important marketing tool. It is a powerful social networking tool that helps you to find the latest information about any topic.Sprout Social contributor Chole West has published a new article highlighting some useful ideas to create engaging Twitter posts.West says, “Not sure what to post on Twitter? With every social media platform needing different strategies and content, it can be difficult to pinpoint what types of posts perform well on each.Twitter is a unique platform. And while several types of content tend... [...]

2020 Twitter Marketing Calendar

Twitter has published the ‘2020 Twitter marketing calendar’ to help businesses and marketers plan their marketing campaigns. In its marketing calendar, Twitter has outlined tweet ideas to help marketers plan what to post every day.The Twitter team says, “Twitter is a place for people and brands to connect with what’s happening — and while new conversations are constantly unfolding, there are some buzzworthy dates and events you can plan on.We’ve rounded up 2020’s most anticipated events that will unfold on Twitter — from the Olympics to #WorldEmojiDay... [...]

Twitter Algorithm in 2020 – Major Changes

Twitter was launched in 2006 and then onward marketers have been utilizing it in different ways. This platform has made several changes to its policies in past few years. And by coping with its rules you can achieve best marketing results. Sprout Social’s Cole Nemeth has shared an article highlighting the Twitter algorithm changes in 2020.Nemeth says, “The biggest recent change to the algorithm happened in 2017 with the introduction of the relevance model, and replacing “While You Were Away” with “In Case You Missed It”.As mentioned above, when you’re following... [...]

‘What We Learned When Our Tweet Went Viral’ Webinar 2.00 pm ET [Webinar]

A well-crafted Twitter marketing strategy can help you to give a boost to your online business. You can use Twitter to generate leads and sales, increase customer loyalty, build brand awareness and decrease customer support team is hosting a webinar on ‘What We Learned When Our Tweet Went Viral’ on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 10.00 am says, “In this webinar we’ll focus on:What viral Tweets all have in commonHow brands should react to get the most value out of a viral TweetWhy the WWF-UK’s Tweet worked and what happened because... [...]

Increase Your Twitter Followers with These Tools

When people follow you on social networks, they do not just follow your Tweets — they also take actions that provide value to your business. Having more followers on social network expands your reach and increases your chances of more and more sales. Search Engine Journal contributor Jon Clark has posted an article highlighting five Twitter tools to increase your followers. Clark says, “Let’s take a look at five of the best tools to increase your Twitter followers.1. OwleadThe platform works by categorizing, filtering, and finding the most valuable accounts that match your target... [...]

Twitter Introduces Conversation Insights and Upcoming Features for 2020 [Podcast]

Twitter Media Studio has a new tool called Conversation Insights which enables publishers to see tweets they may have missed on a customizable dashboard. With this tool you can see what’s being said about your tweets by other Twitter users. Social Media Examiner’s Grace Duffy has published a new podcast episode titled ‘Twitter Introduces Conversation Insights and Upcoming Features for 2020’.The podcast features the following information:Twitter Adds Conversation Insights Tool to Media StudioTwitter Rolls Out Option to Follow Specific TopicsTwitter Shares List of Upcoming... [...]

Complete guide To Twitter Hashtags [free guide]

Proper use of hashtags in social media can be fundamental to generating exposure and audience engagement. Hashtags on Twitter allow you to reach more people online who are interested in the products or services you offer. Blogging Wizard’s Kim Lochery has published ‘The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags’ to help you rightly employ hashtags in you marketing. On creating specific hashtags, Lpchery says, “The more specific your search term, the higher the chances you’ll find something you’re looking for. You wouldn’t trawl all of Google’s results for “cake” when... [...]

Twitter Marketing in 2019 [Guide]

The HubSpot team has published a new guide called ‘Twitter Marketing in 2019’.This guide will teach you the following;What is a Twitter marketing strategy; andHow to use Twitter for business.Talking about the guide, Kristen Baker says, “The thought of reaching hundreds of millions of leads through a free social media platform sounds intriguing, right? But how do you actually ensure you’re generating fantastic content those people will want to interact with?In this guide, we’ll answer that question along with some others including what a Twitter marketing strategy is,... [...]

Analyzing the impact of Twitter Threads to increase reach, engagement and referral traffic

You must be aware of Twitter Threads by now. Tweet Threading allows you to tell a developing story or resurface a related Tweet. The Threads help you effectively promote your brand over Twitter.We can create Tweet Threads in two ways.Buffer contributor Alfred Lua has shared the results of an experiment that revealed how Twitter Threads can increase reach, engagement, and referral traffic.Talking about the experiment, Lua says, “The objective of the experiment was to test if repurposing our blog posts into Twitter threads can 1. increase our Twitter reach and engagement, and 2. drive... [...]