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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Twitter Marketing ’ Category

Analyzing the impact of Twitter Threads to increase reach, engagement and referral traffic

You must be aware of Twitter Threads by now. Tweet Threading allows you to tell a developing story or resurface a related Tweet. The Threads help you effectively promote your brand over Twitter. We can create Tweet Threads in two ways. Buffer contributor Alfred Lua has shared the results of an experiment that revealed how Twitter Threads […]

Generate more clicks with this Twitter strategy

Buffer’s Alfred Lua has shared an retweeting experiment he conducted on Twitter. He claims that the experiment helped him generate 90% more clicks. Lua says, “The goal of our experiment is to see if retweeting our best-performing tweets could become part of our Twitter strategy. We had two success criteria: Retweeting our own tweets should […]

Quality Traffic from Twitter on Autopilot #ad

Hashtags that will get you likes and retweets

Hashtags help you develop user interest in you social media accounts. Hashtags help you get your content categorized and also in getting it popular. HubSpot columnist Chris Sabanty has shared fifty-eight most popular Twitter hashtags that can get you likes and retweets. Sabanty says, “Recently, we analyzed millions of tweets and found that some Twitter […]

Tweets with more characters perform better [Study]

A recent  theEword research has revealed that longer tweets lead to greater attention from users. Utilizing the maximum character limit allowed on Twitter can help you generate more sales. Talking about the findings, theEtord’s Michael Palmer says, “We were right in our prediction about tweets with media receiving more attention than those without. But to […]

Improve your search rankings with Twitter

Social plays a pivotal role in getting you on top in the search engine results. Twitter is having its own space and works in an influencing manner. If you could properly utilize the Twitter power, it can positively help you secure good SEO ranks too. Entrepreneur contributor Syed Balkhi has shared three tips to use […]

Optimize Twitter’s advanced search with these four tips

Twitter’s advanced search feature helps you find highly specific information on the social network. HubSpot’s Caroline Forsey has shared a four-step guide to using advanced search feature on Twitter. Forsey says, “Let’s say you want to find a specific @elonmusk tweet about machine learning, but can’t find the tweet when you scroll back in your feed. Or you’re hosting […]

Prepare for 2018 Twitter marketing with these stats

Along with Facebook, Twitter has been one of the widely used micro blogging site having a monthly user count of 330 million. Knowing Twitter demographics can help you plan your Twitter marketing campaigns right. Hootsuite columnist Christina Newberry has shared twenty-eight Twitter statistics to strengthen your Twitter campaigns. Newberry says, “Here, we dig deep to uncover […]

Improve your Twitter marketing with CinchTweet, just released #ad

Cindy Donovan has just released an Artificial Intelligence Twitter marketing tool called CinchTweet. Your Twitter account has the potential to be a powerful free marketing tool because it lets you build your audience. Now, with Donovan’s new software, you can connect with that audience in an automated way, but without looking like a robot. CinchTweet […]

Four marketing advantages of Twitter’s new 280 character format

Social media site Twitter has expanded its character limit to 280 characters format for helping users easily express themselves. This change will invite mixed expressions from Twitter’s user base. But marketers too are going to get an advantage from this change. Econsultancy columnist Tom Dibble has shared four ways marketers will benefit from this change. […]