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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archive for the 'Twitter Marketing' Category

Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

By increasing your followers on Twitter, you can grow the chances of getting more prospects and an opportunity to convert them into customers. Twiends contributor Dave Sumter has published an infographic highlighting 15 useful tips to help you increase your Twitter followers. He says, “Get free twitter followers instantly using these methods. Don’t buy twitter followers and don’t get tricked into doing surveys. That doesn’t work. No more trial and error. These methods will get you real followers fast. Follow these steps to get free twitter followers instantly: Ask friends... [...]

Your Guide to Creating and Managing Twitter Lists

You can use Twitter Lists to customize, organize and prioritize the Tweets you see in your timeline. Lifewire’s Leslie Walker has published a detailed guide on creating and managing Twitter Lists.  She says, “Twitter lists are curated groups of Twitter accounts that can be grouped by topic, people, or however you like. Create your own Twitter lists, or subscribe to Twitter lists created by others. No matter how many people you follow, Twitter lists help you stay focused and organized. Here’s a look at how to create and edit Twitter lists as well as subscribe to other people’s... [...]

Twitter Professional Profiles, Updates to Twitter Spaces, New Twitter Stats, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has published a new video ‘Twitter Professional Profiles, Updates to Twitter Spaces, New Twitter Stats, and More’ featuring Madalyn Sklar. In this video, they cover the following: Twitter Q1 Earnings Call; Topics Updates, Ad Revenue, Curated Categories Twitter Professional Profiles Twitter Spaces Updates Twitter Tip Jar Twitter/NBC/Universal Content Deals Image Cropping Updates Twitter Fleets Updates. Social Media Examiner  [...]

How to Improve Engagement with Twitter Fleets

Fleets Fleets are temporary tweets that look like vertical Instagram Stories. They appear above the home timeline and give you the power to use and interact with Twitter in a whole new way. Fleets allow you to share fleeting or transitory thoughts, and after 24 hours, they’ll disappear from view. With Fleets, you can share personal in-the-moment thoughts with your followers free of public reactions. HubSpot contributor Pamela Bump has shared a useful article on using Fleets to boost engagement. She says, “Fleets, or fleeting tweets, are similar to Instagram Stories. Like Instagram’s... [...]

Jeff Bullas Shares Seven Ways to Use Twitter Influencers

By identifying and tappig the right social media influencers, you can give a boost to your business. Jeff Bulls has shared seven powerful ways to help you use Twitter influencers to promote your business. He says, “Let’s explore seven different ways a business can employ Twitter influencers to solve a variety of use cases. Use #1: Social shares Why: Amplify existing content such as previously written blog posts and hosted videos that exist outside Twitter in order to drive more exposure. Details: This is one of the easier of the use cases for most brands to grasp. Twitter’s share functionality... [...]

Twitter Spaces, Twitter Acquisitions, Twitter Fleets, and More [Video]

Watch Social Media Examiner’s latest video entitled ‘Twitter Spaces, Twitter Acquisitions, Twitter Fleets, and More’. Explore Twitter Spaces, Twitter acquisitions, Twitter Fleets, and Instagram integration with Michael Stelzner and Twitter expert, Madalyn Sklar. Watch the video here. Social Media Examiner  [...]

Ask & Answer Questions About Marketing on Pinterest [Twitter Chat]

Social Media Today is hosting a live Twitter chat on ‘Ask & Answer Questions About Marketing on Pinterest’ on Tuesday, September 8 at 12 pm EDT. The SMT team says, “#SMTLive brings together social media marketing professionals from around the world every week to connect and talk about hot topics in the industry. Join us for an insightful and live-ly chat on Twitter every Tuesday from 12-1pm ET”. Ask & Answer Questions About Marketing on Pinterest Social Media Today  [...]

Strategies to Engage Audience on Twitter

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter is one of the most important marketing tool. It is a powerful social networking tool that helps you to find the latest information about any topic. Sprout Social contributor Chole West has published a new article highlighting some useful ideas to create engaging Twitter posts. West says, “Not sure what to post on Twitter? With every social media platform needing different strategies and content, it can be difficult to pinpoint what types of posts perform well on each. Twitter is a unique platform. And while several types of content tend... [...]

2020 Twitter Marketing Calendar

Twitter has published the ‘2020 Twitter marketing calendar’ to help businesses and marketers plan their marketing campaigns. In its marketing calendar, Twitter has outlined tweet ideas to help marketers plan what to post every day. The Twitter team says, “Twitter is a place for people and brands to connect with what’s happening — and while new conversations are constantly unfolding, there are some buzzworthy dates and events you can plan on. We’ve rounded up 2020’s most anticipated events that will unfold on Twitter — from the Olympics to #WorldEmojiDay... [...]

Twitter Algorithm in 2020 – Major Changes

Twitter was launched in 2006 and then onward marketers have been utilizing it in different ways. This platform has made several changes to its policies in past few years. And by coping with its rules you can achieve best marketing results. Sprout Social’s Cole Nemeth has shared an article highlighting the Twitter algorithm changes in 2020. Nemeth says, “The biggest recent change to the algorithm happened in 2017 with the introduction of the relevance model, and replacing “While You Were Away” with “In Case You Missed It”. As mentioned above, when you’re following... [...]