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Friday, August 7, 2020

Archive for the 'Lead Generation' Category

How to Generate Leads via Video Marketing, June 30 [Live Event]

Jeff Bullas is hosting a live event ‘How to Generate Leads via Video Marketing’ on Tuesday, June 30 at 1.00 pm EST.Bullas says, “It’s all about generating leads with video marketing…On the training, you’ll learn:Why video MUST be part of your marketing?What are the key elements of a successful video marketing strategy?How to create professional-looking marketing video in minutes?As a special BONUS for joining us on the live training, you will get a HUGE 50% discount on InVideo – an easy-to-use platform for creating stunning videos for your business”.How... [...]

‘Driving Leads and Sales Through Pinterest’ Webinar June 9 [Webinar]

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to generate more leads. Pinterest has a unique place in the social media domain. By optimizing your presence on Pinterest, you can grow your business.Social Media Today is hosting a webinar ‘Driving Leads and Sales Through Pinterest’ featuring on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 12.00 pm ET.The SMT team says, “#SMTLive brings together social media marketing professionals from around the world every week to connect and talk about hot topics in the industry. Join us for an insightful and live-ly chat on Twitter every Tuesday from 12-1pm ET.Our... [...]

96% Of Your Landing Page Visitors Will NEVER Convert [Video]

Your website’s landing pages are a crucial element for improving your marketing performance. According to Marketing Land contributor Khalid Saleh, companies having 10 – 15 landing pages have gained 55% growth in the total number of leads.Neil Patel has published a new video ‘96% Of Your Landing Page Visitors Will NEVER Convert (And How to Improve That)’ to help you improve your landing page’s conversion rate. Patel says, “You’re selling a product or service, you hire a designer, a web developer to build amazing landing pages for you. You pay... [...]

Lead Generation Metrics to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

Data collection and measurement can help you to improve your content marketing performance. With correct analysis of the data you can improve your content marketing performance. Databox contributor Elise Dopson has shared an article highlighting 13 lead generation metrics you should measure to improve your content marketing ROI. Dopson says, “We’ve already discovered that marketers find it difficult to track the ROI of their content strategy.While increases in organic traffic are great, the way you truly connect the dots for reporting on the ROI of your content marketing... [...]

Seven Ways to Get More Leads on Social Media

Lead generation is one of the biggest priorities for businesses. An effective social media strategy can help you to do this. Hootsuite contributor Katie Sehl has shared seven useful tactics to improve lead generation on social media.Sehl says, “Before starting a social media lead campaign, make sure you are familiar with the demographics of the different platforms. If they line up with your target market, it’s probably a good fit.Check out these stats for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.How to get more leads on social mediaHere’s... [...]

How to Use Instagram to Generate Organic Leads [Podcast]

Lead generation has become easier with the emergence of popular social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram with their combined user base have formed a huge possibility for the brands to earn more leads from social meida Search Engine Journal contributor Michael Stelzner has published new podcast episode featuring Jenn Herman.Stelzner says, “Are you using Instagram to connect with new prospects? Wondering how to generate leads without using Instagram ads?To explore how to use Instagram for organic lead generation, I interview Jenn Herman on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.Jenn is... [...]

‘The Art of Converting Webinar Leads Into Pipeline and Revenue’ Webinar December 3 [Webinar]

By hosting webinars you can connect with a wider audience and promote your business by the act of sharing knowledge. Webinars also help you to establish yourself as an authority.Webinars can also be a key to driving more leads and converting them. MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar on ‘The Art of Converting Webinar Leads Into Pipeline and Revenue’ on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 2.00 pm ET.MarketingProfs team says, “The best webinars not only generate great leads but they also help turn those names into customers.Join ON24 and MarketingProfs for “The Art of Converting Webinar... [...]

Four Ways AI Can Boost Lead Generation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology helps you to manage and analyze data sets that include multiple data sources in real-time. You can use AI to better understand how your prospects and customers are responding to your offers and plan your future campaign Inc. contributor Andrej Kovačević has shared five ways AI is enabling marketers to improve lead generation. Kovačević says, “Although we’re still in the earliest stages of AI development, there are already a variety of real-world applications for the current technology in the lead generation process. The... [...]

‘Tips and Tools for Better Managing Lead Flow and Converting Sales’ Webinar November 7 [Webinar]

Lead generation is a key to continuous business growth. To get more people to your websites, you need to understand what they want and offer it to them. It could be done with data analytics. Entrepreneur Magazine team is hosting a webinar on ‘Tips and Tools for Better Managing Lead Flow and Converting Sales’ on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 9.00 am PS.Entrepreneur team says, ” This webinar will be moderated by entrepreneur, business consultant, and author Peter Gasca, who will facilitate an insightful conversation with seasoned sales professionals who have learned to maneuver the deluge... [...]

2 Easy Ways to Increase Site Leads and Turbo-Charge Conversions [Podcast]

Exposure Ninja team has published a new podcast episode ‘2 Easy Ways to Increase Site Leads and Turbo-Charge Conversions’ featuring Tim Cameron.Listen to the podcast to learn:How to build credibility and trust on your website to encourage interest The benefits of crafting a buyer narrative that sells, and how to do it The true power of social proof when it comes to sellingHow to enhance credibility without any prior experience/testimonials/credentialsTips for getting customers interested in your productHow to build a lead generation tool that works for your brandThe golden... [...]