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Monday, May 17, 2021

Archive for the 'email marketing tips' Category

Plain-Text Emails Vs. HTML Emails: Here’s What You Should Know

There are different opinions on the performance of plain-text emails and HTML emails. People have their own choices when it comes to reading emails, some would prefer plain emails and there would be other set of people who would love to read HTML ones. AWeber contributor Liz Willits has shared an useful article highlighting performance of both the forms of email marketing. Willits says, “In this post, I’ll debunk the common myth that plain-text emails reach the inbox more than HTML emails. Plain-text emails are NOT more likely to reach the inbox. I interviewed email marketing and anti-spam... [...]

Learn to Improve Your Email Subject Lines

You email marketing success begins with an expressive subject line which tells your subscribers what’s inside for them. Impact contributor Ramona Sukhraj has shared 16 email subject line examples to help you improve your email marketing campaigns. Sukhraj says, “To help you get the most out of them and win your readers over with your next campaign, I’ve compiled 16 brilliant email subject line examples and the strategies behind them. Email subject lines examples Brevity: The key to getting any email clicked is piquing curiosity or interest. One of the easiest ways to do that is by... [...]

Five Step Guide to Creating Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can help you to keep your target audience updated about your blog, eCommerce store and small business. Effective newsletters help you to keep your audience engaged and connected with your business. MonsterInsights contributor Aazim Akhtar has shared an article highlighting five steps to create effective email newsletters. Akhtar says, “Here’s why you need an email newsletter: Increase Returning Visitors to Your Site – One way of bringing visitors back to your website is through email newsletters. Make Your Brand Memorable – Did you know that more than 75% of the... [...]

10 Ways to Grow an Email List in 2019 [Video]

Practical Ecommerce team has made available a video recording of their recently held webinar ’10 Ways to Grow an Email List in 2019′. Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools for ecommerce merchants. But attracting new subscribers in 2019 can seem daunting, with an ever-increasing number of competitive newsletters and email offers. It can be done, however. In this 30-minute online seminar, which first aired on January 8, 2019, we’ll review 10 innovative ways to grow an ecommerce email list, to help merchants accelerate revenue in 2019. 10 Ways to Grow an Email List... [...]

Five Tips for Creating Holiday Email Campaigns

Holiday season is approaching fast and it’s time to sharpen your marketing tools. Email helps you to achieve your marketing goals. According to Shopify, email marketing was responsible for 24% of holiday sales during the 2018 holiday eCommerce season. Merkle’s Patricia Kendall has shared five ways to create outstanding holiday email campaigns. Kendall says, “Here are five keys to leveraging data and a test and learn agenda to make sure you are optimizing your email campaigns throughout the entire holiday season: 1. Start with what you know about your customer If you do not have... [...]

Six Ways to Write Persuasive Marketing Emails

Email marketing helps you to interact with your audience and increase sales by promoting your products and services. 90% of emails get delivered to the intended recipient’s inboxes. On the other hand only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed. We trust and use email to achieve marketing goals due to these reasons. But it is important to make your email content compelling to persuade the audience to take an action. Jeff Bullas has shared six tips to make your email copy persuasive and improve your email marketing performance. Bullas says, “Through understanding... [...]

2019 Periodic Table of Email Optimization and Deliverability [free guide]

Marketing Land has published ‘2019 Periodic Table of Email Optimization and Deliverability’, a guide to the essential aspects of email marketing.  This guide created for 2019, features strategic practices and tactical elements necessary for sending engaging email communications that can reach and be opened by recipients. It includes the following: technical elements content recommendations compliance factors, and creative and content guidelines. Marketing Land team says, “Email marketing is about more than delivery and open rates. Marketers invest heavily in email marketing,... [...]

Lessons learned from the world’s most successful email marketers [podcast]

The Exposure Ninja team has published a new podcast episode on ‘Lessons learned from the world’s most successful email marketers’ featuring Liz Willits from AWeber. Listen to this podcast to discover how the successful marketers have tried to come at front in the marketing domain. Stacey Overton says, “Liz recently conducted an INSANE study which analysed 1,000 emails from the top 100 email marketers in the world right now, in order to try and answer four of the most asked questions when it comes to email marketing: How long should my email be?How long... [...]

‘Email Marketing Automation at Every Level’ Webinar 2.00 pm ET [Webinar]

The Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar on ‘Email Marketing Automation at Every Level’ on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 2.00 pm ET. The CMI team says, “From welcome emails to a 36-point segmented email “journey” based on whether you’re progressing through the sales process, automated emails earn 2 times the open rate and nearly 3 times the click-through rate of batch-and-blast emails. And yet 51% of marketers still aren’t using marketing automation. Time to bring some return on investment to your great content strategy by building automated or... [...]

How To Start An Email Marketing Business [Video]

John Chow has published a video to guide people who are interested in starting an email marketing business. Watch this video to get basic information on getting into email marketing domain. Chow says, “In this video, I show you how to start a profitable email marketing business. Why an email marketing business? Because the money is still in the list”. Watch the video on following page. How To Start An Email Marketing Business  [...]