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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archive for the 'Video Software' Category

Revyoo: Help people decide which smartphone to buy (New) #ad

There’s an opportunity for you to become an affiliate for large companies selling physical products, such as mobile phones. If you are successful at it, there’s good money to be made.Here’s how it works:Say a Mom wants to buy a new smartphone for her daughter’s 16th birthday.1. She wants to do her due diligence, so she searches for a video comparing the most popular smartphones.2. She finds your video that compares the different brands of smartphones in a professional, succinct, informative and is easy to watch.3. Based on what she learns from you, she makes a decision,... [...]

Animaytor creates animated explainer videos, perfect for non-techies #ad

You may recall that last year Brett Ingram and Mo Latif teamed up to release new software called : Pixamattic, easy-to-use graphics software.They just announced a new product for online marketers. This time their software is designed to easily create animated videos for online marketing, and it’s called Animaytor.It is so powerful and easy because of the first-class tools it includes:• A Collection of Made-For-You Animation Templates• Animated Videos on Demand that present your message and connect with your target audience.• Automated Video Generator: just choose a template,... [...]

85% of all web traffic comes from video. Animaytor stakes your claim #ad

Video is taking over the internet. This isn’t surprising when you consider that every day YouTube has 5 Billion video views and every day Facebook has 8 Billion.This isn’t actually surprising considering the emotional power contained in a good video.A single good video can tap into the viewer’s emotions, keep them engaged, and urge them to take action. That makes videos the fastest and the easiest way to get leads, sales and buyers quicklyIf videos weren’t so expensive to create they would be the number one tool in your marketing toolkit.We regularly get email from... [...]

Quality traffic at less than 3 cents a click #ad

YouTube is becoming a leading ad platform for online marketers. Facebook had better start worrying.The key to successful ads on YouTube is getting the ads in front of likely buyers. That’s how to get a return on your investment in advertising costs.How do you find likely buyers in your niche? They are the people who watch the popular videos in your niche. By placing your ads on these popular videos, you reach the right people.Now, with software just released by Cyril Gupta, called TubeTarget, you have a simple way to select the top performing videos for your ads.TubeTarget was just launched... [...]

InstaVid: Create High Quality, Traffic Pulling Videos in Minutes #ad

Art Flair, Declan Mc and Zeeshan Ahmed have just released InstaVid, software that will let you create a high quality video without either filming anything or editing anything.It takes just 2 minutes to make a video to bring in you no cost traffic. And it works for any niche.You are making quality text-based videos, including voiceovers by realistic native-sounding male and female voices in your choice of many languages.InstaVid automatically creates high quality videos from text, and its automation makes it a snap to use.You will be able to use this innovative piece of software with a few clicks... [...]

PointRank: Sell to the highest-converting traffic on the Internet #ad

If you are going to make a living on the Internet, you need to present your product offer (your own or a product you have rights to sell as an affiliate) in the right way to the right audience.People are persuaded by what they sees. To get a demonstration in front of large numbers of people, it takes an online video, and the most-visited site for people seeking videos is YouTube. Often, people visit YouTube specifically to find demonstrations. There’s a reason why YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. You can find out any information you are seeking there, in an easily consumed form.However,... [...]

Sketch Maker Pro: Create Whiteboard Videos in the Cloud #ad

Today, Sketch Maker Pro is being released. This is a video development tool that can simplify your work beyond your expectations.With this new software you can create whiteboard videos in about 10 minutes.This is SAAS software. There’s nothing to download or set up. You just open your browser, login and start creating lively videos.In your videos, you have the option to add your own images, write your own text, add backgrounds, and more.Second, besides the easy visual creation, Sketch Maker Pro lets you add an audio track from:► A voice file you had created by an announcer on Fiverr... [...]

Create by Vidello: You don’t need Premiere or After Effects #ad

New video creation software, Create by Vidello, offers you seamless video recording, fast ‘drag & drop’ editing, pixel perfect video publishing (even 4K resolution).In fact, the new capabilities are breath-taking. Take a look (yeah, there’s a lot to read, but at least glance at this list) for this new desktop app that is fully compatible with both Mac OS & Windows: ► A full feature drag and drop timeline editor. Make cuts, resize duration by dragging, move media onto different tracks, add new tracks, zoom in and out of timeline, lock media, hide media, delete media.►... [...]

New Covert VideoPress WP Theme; Big Discount #ad

The IM Wealth Builders team has just released version 3.0 of their best selling Covert Video Press theme. The team has been working on this WordPress theme since 2012, and each revision has made it easier and better. If you invested in one of the earlier versions, you can upgrade at no charge by logging into your member account and downloading the latest version. Covert Video Press 3.0 is a video theme for WordPress. (They call it s “tube theme” since it makes your site look a lot like YouTube.)It allows you to build unlimited highly optimized, attractive video sites. And it integrates... [...]

Create Videos from Your Blog Posts in 1 Click; Get Free Traffic #ad

Today, at 10:00 EST, Ankur Shukla is releasing software that will make it simple to create videos to improve the results of your marketing.He calls the software WP Video Machine, and it is a fully automated video creator for WordPress.He has put a lot into this new app, and it shows. Look at what it can do for you:► Turns any blog post into a Video (with 1 click) to get you free traffic and backlinks from Youtube► Create long or short videos for each article► Automatically fetches images from your post; finds more images based on tags; searches 1,000,000+ free images► Automatically... [...]