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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Archive for the 'Video Content Marketing' Category

Avatar Builder: Powerful AI 3D Animation Video Maker #ad

Today, at 3 PM EST, Paul Ponna is releasing his new animation software: Avatar Builder. This new video creation tool has incorporated three crucial technologies needed for effective animated marketing videos: ■ 3D Animation, ■ Artificial Intelligence, ■ Automated soundtracks in any language Together, these technologies allow you to create natural-looking and natural-sounding 3D animated presenters, and to do so without any technical skills. As we mentioned yesterday, prior to the release, at 2 PM EST, he is holding a webinar to show off what this new tool can do for you. Introductory Webinar To... [...]

VisuaLab: Powerful whiteboard videos from PowerPoint templates #ad

VisuaLab is a powerful, all-in-one tool for creating stunning graphics and videos for all your marketing campaigns. You won’t need to buy any fancy software. Included in VisuaLab are all the professional templates for dozens of projects, and they can be effortlessly edited using Powerpoint. ☝ No tech skills ☝ No learning curve ☝ Everything you need is included, even music. Actually, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, according to research by We have said it before: for the best results online, you need to use video. The sad fact... [...]

Video Resource Club: Tens of Thousands (& Growing) Video Resources #ad

Videos add spice to your marketing, causing people to stop look and (sometimes)listen to what you want to present. Video Resource Club, a new service for marketers, offers you unlimited access and all the downloads you can use to Tens of Thousands Ever Growing Video Resources for One Affordable Price This is one of the biggest video resource libraries on the web, housing tens of thousands of stock media and video resources, including ► Stock videos, ► Spokesperson videos, ► Niche video templates, ► Story video templates, ► Motion transitions, ► Motion animations, ► Motion backgrounds, ►... [...]

Video Dashboard gets free traffic for your business #ad

Any online business needs customers; that’s obvious. You need a way to get potential customers to see and respond to your offers. Without these actions, you are just pursuing a hobby, not building a business. In the last 20 years, there has been one proven, evergreen way to get more customers for any business, online or offline: finding and using the latest trending platforms and topics before they become mainstream and popular. Find out what is just starting to become widely discussed and then use that knowledge to customize your content to take advantage of the novel and the exciting, in... [...]

Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Video Marketing #ad

If you are seeking a clear introduction to how to take advantage of video in your marketing, take a look at Successful Online Video Marketing. This fresh guide introduces even the newest beginner to the processes involved in adding video marketing to your marketing tools. In Successful Online Video Marketing, you will find: ► An introduction to effective video marketing in a nutshell ► Effective video marketing in detail ► How to let your competitors do your video marketing homework for you ► How to use the various types of Video Marketing ► Article-to-Video Marketing: An easy way to... [...]

Video Joiner Pro merges multiple videos into one #ad

Exoerienced video marketer, Jimmy Mancini, has launched new software that will improve your videos dramatically and with just a few clicks. He calls it Video Joiner PRO. It will merge up to 3 videos into a single video with ease. If you should need to merge more, just repeat the action to merge all your videos into a single video. A typical use would be to add a introductory clip (for example, an animated version of your logo that you want at the beginning of alll your new videos) at the beginning of a new video you create. Just give Video Joiner PRO the names of your two video files and it will... [...]

Five ways to improve your marketing with great video content

Video is an integral part of any marketing strategy that is created today. It is a tool that helps you to deliver a personal message to your target audience. Entrepreneur contributor Aaron Price has discussed five strategies to help marketers create exceptional video content for marketing. Price says, “Do you need to produce video content if you want a future in media? Chris Williams (Chief Product Officer of iHeartMedia), Jesse Hertzberg (former CEO of Livestream) and Hope King (anchor at Cheddar Media), all think so, and they aren’t alone. More than 500 million hours of Youtube videos are... [...]

Marketing Week’s guide to video marketing

Marketing Week has published a beginner’s guide to video marketing. This guide covers: Creating a video marketing strategy Choosing a video format Choosing the right screen size Autoplay and no sound Measuring video Video on a budget On creation of a video strategy, MW team says, “Devising an effective video strategy is no mean feat. Although the barriers to entry are lower for brands compared to other media channels such as TV or cinema, marketers must think carefully about the type of video content they produce, the audience it is aimed at and the platforms on which it is shared. Although... [...]

4-Step guide to creating great marketing videos [Video]

The Entrepreneur team has published a video ‘4-step guide to creating great marketing videos’ featuring Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel who shares four steps you need to take to improve your video marketing strategy and make more sales. Entrepreneur team says, “In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel describes the four steps you need to take to improve your video marketing strategy and make more sales. For example, you can make a much bigger profit by finding complementary pieces or products you can offer at the time of checkout. Think of a pizza restaurant... [...]

CMI’s tips to maximize video content investment

Video is an integral element of your content it it reaches out to everyone over multiple channels. Most marketers see it as one of the most important weapons to strengthen their marketing and branding. Content Marketing Institute columnist Jodi Harris has shared ten tips to maximize video content investment. Talking about video’s value proposition, Harris says, “Videos are among the most versatile of tactics content marketers can leverage, since they can be cooked up, loaded up, cut up, and served up in a wide variety of ways. For example, they: Work well in both long and short formats... [...]