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Monday, May 25, 2020

Category Name: Marketing Automation Tips

‘5 Ways Marketing Automation May Be Doing Your Business More Harm Than Good’ – Entrepreneur

AJ Agrawal says, “Brands on the cutting edge of technology often enjoy an advantage over their competitors. In 2016, 60 percent of marketers surveyed by Black Ink said they believed that business intelligence would become the most in-demand technology. And one area that is significantly influencing business intelligence is marketing automation.But marketing automation in and of itself is not going to give your business a new lease on life. Sometimes, the top marketing tools can do your business more harm than good.That’s not to say that when you you automate your marketing tasks, you... (Read More ...)

‘5 Top Marketing Automation Tools for SMB’s’ – Entrepreneur

Matthew Torren says, “Marketing slowing you down? Tons of small to mid-sized businesses are using marketing automation tools to boost productivity, increase revenue and get rid of monotonous day-to-day tasks.1. GetResponse.GetResponse is an all-inclusive marketing automation tool made to truly get stuff done. SMB’s love it for its email automation features. GetResponse’s “workflow builder” makes it super simple to create the ideal conversion funnel by clicking and dragging filters, actions and conditions into place. Once set up, the workflow builder will send welcome emails, coupons,... (Read More ...)

‘Marketing Automation Can Be Made In Europe’ – Forrester

Peter O’Neill says, “Many new marketing automation solutions are now available to help B2C marketers manage customer engagement, B2B marketers manage leads, and marketers of all ilk manage other marketing processes, such as campaigns and digital asset management.European marketers are traditionally more hesitant about investing in technology projects, leading to a perception that they are late adopters. But in 2014, we observed a new European propensity to invest, and this trend continues with an increasing sense of urgency. In Forrester’s Global Business Technographics® Marketing... (Read More ...)

‘How to Prepare Your Organization for Marketing Automation’ – MarketingProfs

Andrew Davies says, “For anyone working in B2B marketing, it’s hard to ignore the rapid ascendance of marketing automation over the past few years. If you take the time to dig below the undulating praise, however, you’ll see that the joys of marketing automation are not as clear-cut as you might first believe.Only 2.8% of B2B enterprise marketers say marketing automation-powered campaigns achieve their demand generation goals, according to the Annuitas 2015 B2B Enterprise survey of 100+ B2B enterprise marketers from organizations with annual revenues exceeding $250 million.B2B... (Read More ...)

‘Marketing Automation Defined in 60 Seconds’ – Copyblogger

Demian Farnworth says, “Ever find yourself in a conversation with your boss or a client and she mentions implementing marketing automation?Did you understand her request, or did the conversation grind to a halt because you’re not familiar with the term?If you fall into the second category, you’re not alone.Marketing automation is a hot topic these days, and its popularity has grown rapidly since 2013, but it can be tricky to define.What exactly is marketing automation? “.Marketing Automation Defined in 60 SecondsCopyblogger (Read More ...)

‘Technology’s Worker Bees: 7 Marketing Automation Tools for Startups’ –

Tamar Weinberg says, “In the startup world, an entrepreneur wears a lot of hats.From business operations to sales to marketing to customer communications, it’s a busy task especially for smaller lean teams that may not have the budget or revenues to support additional manpower.And that’s why automation is a great way to help minimize the workload, if just for a bit (or with some other tools, pretty substantially).We’d like to walk through a list of marketing automation tools that are sure winners for startups, but as small businesses, they’d be great for you too.1. AutosendAutosend... (Read More ...)

‘Marketing Automation: From Shiny Marketing Gadget to Powerful Sales Tool’ – HubSpot

Ed Marsh says, “You’re probably familiar with the typical implementation of marketing automation. You might even be part of the 19% of B2B companies which SalesStaff recently reported use the tools – and if so, perhaps you’re among the elite 37% of that group which they found actually leveraged some of the personalization capability which is at the core of today’s marketing automation.Most commonly, marketing automation is used to automate steps in the process of converting website visitors to contacts and nurturing contacts to leads until they’re ready to be handed off to... (Read More ...)

‘Five Ways Small Businesses Are Powering Growth With Marketing Automation’ – Marketing Land

DMD team says, “We know from experience that working with a small marketing team is great for communication, but the workload can be a bit overwhelming at times. Small business marketers are often juggling myriad tasks on a day-to-day basis, from email marketing to social media monitoring and more.That’s why so many marketers start looking for a solution that can help them do more with less. Marketing automation is a game-changer for small businesses. This white paper from Salesforce-Pardot outlines five easy ways to drive growth with marketing automation. You’ll learn how to:Maximize... (Read More ...)

‘3 Steps To Choosing The Right Marketing Automation For Your Agencys’ – Marketing Land

DMD team says, “What does it take to find the right marketing automation solution for your agency? A good platform helps marketing agencies be more effective. A great platform can do much more — increase efficiency, improve intelligence, expand your reach, enable targeted real-time action, and most of all, create a key competitive advantage for your agency in a crowded marketplaceIn this white paper from Act-On, you’ll learn the core competencies, options and must-haves you’ll want to consider if you’re seeking a marketing automation solution“.3 Steps To Choosing The Right... (Read More ...)

‘Kickstart Your Marketing Automation Success With This Five-Step Starter Kit’ – Marketing Land

DMD team says, “Whether you’re just starting to research marketing automation or you’ve signed a contract and are wondering what to do next, this starter kit from Salesforce will walk you through a step-by-step process to ramping up an automation platform and setting yourself up for success.In five straightforward steps, you’ll learn how to:Prioritize your goals and plan for implementation successStreamline your workflow for a more focused and strategic approach to marketingDrive real results fast, and build out more advanced capabilities as time allows”.Kickstart Your... (Read More ...)

‘Using Sales and Marketing Automation to Improve Your Bottomline’ –

Daan Pepijn says, “Regardless of industry, marketing and sales can take up a huge chunk of the operating budget.As the saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money.”While that may be true, using modern IT solutions can amplify and automate your marketing efforts while reducing cost.After all, 78 percent of successful marketers say their marketing automation systems are the most responsible for improving revenues.Improved Workflow and EfficiencyBetter lead nurturing means a shorter workflow overall. You’re focusing your time and effort on the prospects you know are most... (Read More ...)

‘Marketing Automation 101’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Malinda Wilkinson says, “There is no denying that marketing automation delivers results: a 10% increase in marketing contribution to pipeline, a 20% increase in generated sales opportunities for nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads, and converting 53% more leads to Marketing-qualified leads.So, why do just 5-10% of companies under $500 million in revenue use marketing automation?The most common reasons given for reluctance to adopt marketing automation range from lack of time or budget to the inability to get executive approval.One less-talked-about objection, however, is the most... (Read More ...)