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Monday, August 10, 2020

Archive for the 'Video Marketing Creation Software' Category

Animaytor creates animated explainer videos, perfect for non-techies #ad

You may recall that last year Brett Ingram and Mo Latif teamed up to release new software called : Pixamattic, easy-to-use graphics software.They just announced a new product for online marketers. This time their software is designed to easily create animated videos for online marketing, and it’s called Animaytor.It is so powerful and easy because of the first-class tools it includes:• A Collection of Made-For-You Animation Templates• Animated Videos on Demand that present your message and connect with your target audience.• Automated Video Generator: just choose a template,... [...]

Need an easy way to make video presentations? #ad

You may have heard of Prezi. Prezi lets you create presentations online, using the built-in transitions, fonts, etc. It’s used by lots of people. They have a free version and several upgrades for various monthly fees.Jason Oickle saw the value that Prezi offers smaller businesses, as well as some medium-sized businesses. But he also saw a problem: how could people discover all the non-obvious features that Prezi offers?His answer was to create training videos, called Easy Engaging Videos, showing you how to easily use Prezi to make video presentations that people love to watch.As you would... [...]

Animated Marketing Videos Popularity Growing #ad

Last week, we told you about the new animation software Animation Studio.It has caught the imagination of online marketers around the world. In less than a week, over 8,000 copies have been sold.It’s no wonder. Not only does it have all the tools you need, along with a large collection of video components that you can use to create a fresh new marketing video. It also has a collection of pre-built marketing videos for a number of local marketing niches. Just customize them and sell to the local businesses that are looking for a website that will promote their services.Here’s a Vimeo... [...]

Groundbreaking video animation app lip-syncs cartoon characters #ad

Animated “explainer” videos that introduce a new product have become a way of life for many marketing introductions, but there has always been a drawback. It was not commercially practical for a small to medium business to make the movement of the on-screen avatar character’s lips to the words being spoken. Disney has the budget for it, but the average marketer doesn’t.The new software, VideoBuilder, now lets any business bring more-life-like videos into their marketing.And that’s not the end of the innovations in VideoBuilder. You now have a fully flexible animation... [...]

Motion Mascots bring sales videos to life #ad

If you have been using videos that contain slides with plain text or even with text and static graphics, you’re not grabbing as much attention as you can. Adding relevant motion to your videos can increase their drawing power.Graphic artist Lucas Adamski has just released his fourth volume of people in motion, Motion Mascots, volume 4, with 450 animated characters.Included in this new set are general business people, as well as people in skilled occupations, such as plumber, architect, barber, and more.Each character comes in 3 skin tones and in varieties of actions. These will be ideal... [...]

Video Wave software builds videos & ranks them #ad

New Video Wave software is what many marketers have been waiting for.When you use this software, you can quickly and easily:1. Research profitable keywords for your chosen niche2. Build attractive animated videos to target those keywords3. Syndicate your videos to high page rank websites.4. Reap the rewards of your new video campaign.Video Wave is the product of a collaboration among four experienced marketers:• Mo Miah• John Gibb• Paul Ponna• Tommy HatcherTheir new software build a video marketing process for you that, they say, has brought them a stream of laser targeted visitors.And... [...]