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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Category Name: Ads

Commission Robot: 3 minutes is all it takes, they say #ad

You need to earn sales commissions from your websites in order to pay the bills and earn a living. It’s that simple. Billy Darr and Justin Opay have worked together to create a new software solution that helps you do it with minimal fuss and bother. It’s called: Commission Robot.Commission Robot lets you tap into top affiliate networks to quickly build affiliate sites offering multiple products for sale. They say it takes 3 minutes, but that assumes you have already created s list of the products you want to include on the site and have your affiliate links ready to paste into the... (Read More ...)

[NEW] Get page 1 video rankings in with Tube Charge #ad

The Zamurai Warrior team, headed by Joshua Zamora, is releasing a new marketing tool, Tube Charge allows you to dominate page 1 a novel way by :► automatically creating dozens of videos for you at a time► automatically optimizing those videos for you► automatically uploading those videos for you on a daily basis► even automatically creating video playlists from those videos – 100% hands freeZamora says that the result of all this automatic work is video rankings in 48 hours or less!.You can see a demo of the process here: Tube Charge.With Zamora’s help, we have arranged a... (Read More ...)

Local Business Consultants: New PLR marketing aids #ad

Most local businesses don’t know the power of press releases. Also, even if they know the value of press releases, they, for the most part, don’t know how to create one and distribute it to the press.That creates a business opportunity fo a marketing consultant.P.D. Laughlin has created a complete Consultant’s Press Release Marketing Kit to set you up in this business. For example, to bring clients to you, he includes what he calls “a powerful, professionally written 1,700+ word lead-gen report, ‘5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Press Releases!'”. You... (Read More ...)

Flip Magic: Build online business selling unusual items #ad

Flip Magic was just released by Art flair and Vick Carty.If you’ve been looking for a reliable way to build your online business, this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for.With Flip Magic, Carty and Flair say, you don’t need a website, a mailing list, or even know how to generate traffic. You can get started now and possibly have sales as soon as tomorrow.The key to this kind of speed is to let other people do all the time-consuming (and difficult) work for you.The idea is that you are the “middle-man” between the person with the product(s) you are selling and the... (Read More ...)

Graphic Facebook ads, ready to use (or sell) #ad

Facebook ads can be a beneficial marketing channel, but unless done well, they can be a big money pit, as well. (We know this from sad experience.)There’s a new package of colorful graphic ads for many niches that you can add your own link and headline to, and deploy them in moments, Facebook Ads Template Boss.This is a professional Done-For-You PLR collection which consists of 900+ Facebook Ads Templates that can be easily edited for your business or your client’s business using PowerPoint.The advantage of this collection (apart from the obvious advantages of the large size and... (Read More ...)

VidScribe AI: transcripts, subtitles & translations automatically #ad

Over the weekend, the product development team headed by Cyril Gupta released VidScribe AI. This new software lets you convert your videos, that you recorded in your own language, into local language videos for all around the world. That makes your video usable by almost anyone world-wide who might be interested in your product.Here’s how you can benefit from the artificial intelligence built into VidScribe AI. It will:► Automatically Subtitle any video in the language you choose.► Automatically re-dub your video in the language of your choice► Get local language captions (SRT)... (Read More ...)

VidScribe AI: Transcripts, subtitles and translations #ad

On Sunday, the product development team headed by Cyril Gupta will release VidScribe. With this new software, you can convert your videos, recorded in your own language, into local language videos for all around the world.It will let you add subtitles in any language, add local language captions (SRT) for your videos, and automatically re-dub the video in any language, getting you access to a worldwide audience.Gupta, in an information release, says VidScribe will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into any language you want, not just the text, but also the audio.These... (Read More ...)

[Price Rising] Build Travel Site in 5 minutes ($4 off coupon)#ad

If you’re looking for an interesting niche, one that has a long history of wide audience appeal and filled with people willing to invest in their goals, it’s hard to beat Tourism and Travel.If you are interested in marketing in this niche, there is a new WordPress site package that can get you started very 100% self-updating WP travel site:WP Travelsite was just released. It will build your travel website in just moments, and then it will maintain itself, including adding new content, automatically.The creator of this “done for you” website is only holding... (Read More ...)

Birthdays come once per year. This one has a Birthday Firesale #ad

Paul Counts and his partner, Shreya Banerjee are offering their $1997 training course on successful online marketing (plus a collection of bonuses) for an amazingly low investment, to celebrate Banerjee’s birthday.Yes, they have successfully sold this course at $1997. But today and tomorrow only, they are offering it for less than 2% of that.This Birthday Firesale gives you one of Counts’s most in-depth courses for anyone wanting to be a serious online entrepreneurThey call the course Impact Income, and it teaches you all about generating real income online by generating revenue... (Read More ...)

VideoFXPro launch ends today; discount coupon #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have been promoting their new online “software as a service” (SaaS) tool, VideoFXPro for the last 7 days. Their launch period is ending today.This is a powerful creator of hybrid animations (sometimes called “cinemagraphs”). It aims to give you more engagement, clicks, leads & sales.Video is your go-to tool for improving your results because your content must be compelling and credible in order to get attention. If you don’t get attention, your results will suffer, and video is the top way to get attention.You won’t need any technical... (Read More ...)

SocIgnitor: Automated Facebook Messenger marketing #ad

SocIgnitor is an brand new ‘all in one’ tool for:► Facebook Fan Engagement,► Lead Generation,► Marketing and► Messenger management.It allows you to collect leads directly from Facebook and then send bulk messages to these leads and to all your Facebook Fan Page Members.SocIgnitor is online Software as a Service(SaaS), so you don’t have to download and configure anything.It includes many tools to automate your Facebook marketing:■ A Facebook Messenger ‘autoresponder’ that allows you to send messages and automated responses to your leads and your fans... (Read More ...)

Lazy Affiliate Method by Kevin Fahey, Plug and Play #ad

Lazy Affiliate Method is a complete Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System. Fahey provides the templates, squeeze pages, thank you pages, email copy, the offers and everything any beginner or seasoned affiliate needs to start banking passive commission without doing difficult work.This new edition of proven software brings in sales on complete autopilot.Here’s how it works.Step 1 – Download and upload the Lazy Affiliate Method template to your website with a few clicks.Step 2 – Connect the list to your autoresponder.Step 3 – Import the 50-day follow up email series with one click.Step... (Read More ...)