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Monday, April 19, 2021

Archive for the 'email marketing tips' Category

Strategies to get high-paying customers and clients

In email marketing click-through rates help you measure the performance of your campaigns. Also the clicks give you an opportunity to get more sales done. Business 2 Community contributor Kaitlin Wernet has shared five ways to help marketers improve their email click-through rates. Wernet says, “While the end goal for your email marketing may be to improve your click-through rates, remember that the best way to get there is to concentrate on your customer and what they’d most like to receive in their inbox. Focus on the following five areas as tried-and-true ways to increase subscriber... [...]

Create a great Black Friday email with these expert tips

The holiday season is coming closer and you need to sharpen all your weapons to win at the game this year. We use multiple channels to reach out the customers and get more sales done. Email is one of the most preferred channels for this. The AWeber contributor Liz Willits has shared seven ways to help marketers create a successful Black Friday Email. Willits says, “U.S. retailers earned a record $7.9 billion on Black Friday in 2017, according to Adobe Analytics. That’s an increase of nearly 18% from the prior year! A Black Friday email campaign is a great way to cash in on all this spending.... [...]

Improve your email marketing with these personalization strategies

Email marketing has been one of the most used and successful weapons that the marketers across the globe have been using. Its reliable performance has made it one of the most trusted marketing tools. Personalization is the key to successful marketing. It helps you better connect with the customers and get more sales done. Marketing Land columnist Kyle Henderick has shared five personalization tips to help marketers improve their email marketing performance Henderick says, “Before we dive into personalization strategies that can give your email marketing program a competitive edge, it’s... [...]

Create outstanding newsletters with great content

Publishing newsletters is one of the most successful tactics that helps brands to stay in touch with their prospects and customers and promote their products along with the advice they pass on in the newsletters. AWeber columnist Kaleigh Moore has published a comprehensive article on creating quality content for the newsletters. Moore says, “What are the best email newsletters made of? Captivating copy, engaging visuals, and a clear call-to-action, right? Well, yes, but there’s more to it than that. The number of emails flooding inboxes these days is staggering. According to DMR, the... [...]

Improve your sales and customer retention with transactional emails

Email marketing has been the key driver of sales for several years now. One of the email marketing forms is transactional emails which is a series of emails with customers after the purchase. Transactional emails are a great way to stay connected with the customers and generate further sales. Shopify contributor Mark Macdonald has shared tips on using four types of transactional emails that can help you improve sales and customer retention. Macdonald says, “There are four key types of transactional emails: cart abandonment, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and soliciting customer... [...]

Five tips to correctly optimize your email list

Your email list is a treasure that helps you reach out the people who fall in your brand purview. To make the most out of your email list you need to run the campaigns that turn out the desired response. Marketing Land columnist Jessica Foster has shared five useful tips to help marketers optimize their email lists for best results. Foster says, “Your email list is one of your most prized possessions. With users becoming increasingly skeptical of subscription pop-ups and “freebie” opt-ins, getting people to join your list has been difficult for business owners and marketers alike. Once... [...]

Do you CAPITALIZE your email subject lines? read this.

In email marketing we try different tactics to get more opens and convert more customers. AWeber contributor Liz Willits has shared a case study explaining the impacts of normal text in the subject lines vs. capitalized text. Willits says, “Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right tactics to market your business? John Oszajca did. He’s the founder of Music Marketing Manifesto, an online consulting business that teaches musicians how to sell and promote their music. To test his assumptions about subject lines, Oszajca set up an email split test. He created two identical versions... [...]

Case study highlights increase in website traffic with a subject line split test

The AWeber contributor Liz Willits has shared a case study highlighting the impact of a subject line split test on website traffic. Willits says, “You can set up an email split test in 1 minute that could nearly double your click-through rates and website traffic. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Because that’s exactly what happened when Light Stalking, a photography sharing community, split test their subject lines. In this post, discover the simple change that increased their website traffic from an email by 83%. The subject line split test Every weekend, Light Stalking hosts... [...]

Here’re some ideas on email content that can generate more sales

Entrepreneur contributor Lou Casale has shared some useful ideas on the kind of email content that helps marketers get their subscribers’ attention. Casale says, “To figure out what makes an email successful, I took a look in my own inbox. I looked at emails I’ve recently received from businesses to try to understand what works and why. The emails that earned my attention and didn’t get quickly sent to my junk folder fell into the following categories. In with the new Installing hardwood floors is something most homeowners only do once. Yet, the company that installed my... [...]

Improve your email marketing performance with right subject lines

In your email campaigns the first thing that the subscribers see is the subject line. To achieve optimum success in the email marketing you should work hard on crafting subjects lines that help you capture the attention of the recipients. Marketing Land contributor Len Shneyder has shared an useful article on crafting the subject lines that help you convert more customers. Shneyder says, “Subject lines have evolved thanks to the natural evolution of the channel. As heuristic filters gave way to more sophisticated Bayesian filters, which in turn evolved into machine learning algorithms designed... [...]