Email subscribers are the lifeblood of digital marketing, providing a direct channel to engage with interested audiences. They represent a loyal audience base, essential for nurturing relationships, driving conversions, and fostering brand loyalty.

Copyblogger contributor Megan Mahoney has published an article featuring 10 useful tips to get more email subscribers.

She says, “In this post, we’ll discuss not just the basic strategies to get more email subscribers, but more importantly, how to effectively execute each of these strategies like the top 1% of newsletter and email marketers.

1. Improve Your Lead Magnet

If you already have a lead magnet, increasing your conversion rate by even a small amount can significantly boost email signups.

In fact, before executing any of the steps below, spend time optimizing your lead magnet, as this is the 80/20 of earning more email subscribers.


The relevancy of the lead magnet for that visitor is how specifically it addresses a pain point that the visitor feels.”

How To Get More Email Subscribers (Fast and Easy)

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