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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'Affiliate Marketing Software' Category

Three Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to make #ad

Affiliate marketing can be a good way to earn a living online. Some affiliates even progress in their business to be quite prosperous. The other thing that makes affiliate marketing so attractive is that it can be started “on a shoestring” by beginners. As a result many people try their hand. But not all of them find the success they expected. Often, the reason is that they didn’t take time to do the little things that can turn a marketing campaign from a failure into a success. The cut corners and make mistakes that leave them with less satisfaction in their work. Here are some... [...]

Commission Gorilla: Help for affiliate marketers’ sales #ad

In many marketing situations, more than one business is promoting a particular product. You have seen it, no doubt. When you are faced with a dozen rivals also promoting a product you want to sell, how do you stand out from the crowd? Often, the buyer chooses which seller (or affiliate) to buy from based on the lagniappe or bonuses. Many people will continue looking if you don’t offer them an incentive to buy from your link. If you have good bonuses to offer, you are a step ahead of the crowd. Today, at 11 AM EDT, Promote Labs is opening the doors on a new version of there well-respected... [...]

Do you own a copy of Commission Gorilla?

Almost 2 years ago, Promote Labs released software that was a big help to affiliate marketers. it was called Commission Gorilla, and it boosted sales for affiliates by making it easy to create custom web pages offering bonuses to people who buy through your affiliate link. We used this bonus page builder to advertise Commission Gorilla in 2015. You can see our bonus page here (the link no longer works): Bonuses for the Original Commission Gorilla. There will be an announcement later this week (Thursday, most likely) that there is a new improved version 2 of Commission Gorilla. If you invested in... [...]